Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of 2020 So Far

Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of 2020 So Far

We did it folks! We made it to March!
Somehow making it through the slog that is January, and seeing some relatively neat stuff
in February, we’re in the clear now. Awards-season is over, the year-end dumping
of odds and ends has been completed, and now we can look forward to some fresh and fun
new horror as we rapidly approach the summertime. That’s not to say that the year has been
completely devoid of quality horror flicks. Far from it!
It’s just that the beginning of the calendar year tends to be slow in the cinema sphere.
Fret not! There were some good flicks to grace the screens big and small.
Let’s see if you agree with my evaluation of the movies thus far.
Hello horror heads, and welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube: Top5ScaryVideos.
I’m your horror host, Keegan Hughes, and today we’re counting down the Top 5 Best
Horror Movies of 2020 So Far. Keep in mind that I’m actively avoiding
flicks that I mentioned on the previous 2020 prediction lists for the sake of variety,
and also because I was wrong about a lot of them. Take that as you will.
Before we get started, make sure to give this video a big thumbs up, and subscribe for more
spooky, scary celluloid. Wicked, let’s begin.
NUMBER FIVE: BLISS This flick is a psychedelic trip, man.
All about an artist who decides that hallucinogens are the fast-track to artistic success.
Of course, dear sweet surly Dezzy rapidly spirals into the deep, dark, depths of madness.
To say that Bliss is visceral would be an understatement; you definitely feel like you’re
also on whatever the hell Dezzy is snorting. It’ll leave you reeling, maybe even exhausted.
A lot of folks are comparing to Climax or Mandy, and for good reason.
This flick elicits a lot of the same feelings you get watching those two wild rides.
Director Joe Begos elected to shoot on 16mm, which is always welcome in my books.
This choice gives the movie a very lively feel at the beginning, and foregrounds the
insane tonal shift later on as well. Once Dezzy inhales the bonkers powder, everything
changes. The colour palate becomes eye-scorchingly
red and purple, and the cutting becomes frenzied and jumpy.
It’s loud, abrasive, and wild. Also, there are blood orgies and cannibalistic
mayhem. All while Dezzy makes increasingly inspired
art. It’s hard to pull a clear message from the
flick, but not everything needs to be so black and white.
This flick is definitely not in greyscale. Give it a go, and get taken for a ride.
NUMBER FOUR: UNDERWATER It’s Alien! But underwater!
What else could you ask for? Anyone with a fear of drowning will find this
terrifying. Folks who don’t like lakes and oceans because
of hidden creatures beneath their feet will shudder in despair as well.
Now, like I said before, this is a flick doing its best Ridley Scott impression.
This makes it derivative, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s immediately bad!
Underwater is a solid, mostly effective horror movie.
We’re plunged into the thick of things almost immediately; an underwater drilling crew gets
thrown into disarray when a sub-aquatic earthquake destroys most of their facility.
Cracking glass, bursting airlocks, the whole nine yards.
It’s not long before people start to piece together the fact that it wasn’t just tectonic
activity causing them so much trouble. This is no disaster movie, if you catch my
drift. Kristen Stewart leads the cast, doing her
best Sigourney Weaver. Level-headed, and solid as a rock, she does
a majority of the heavy lifting here. Other characters are quite flat, both in writing
and delivery, and we’re treated to a past-due performance by TJ Miller doing TJ Miller things.
If you liked him in Deadpool, you might find yourself rolling your eyes a little here.
Can’t win ‘em all! Director William Eubank does a respectable
job taking all sorts of parts from the previously mentioned deep space series and implementing
them in the equally unexplored depths of the ocean.
From direction choices, to freaky, phallic monsters, to some surprisingly similar sound
cues, you name it. The water is always used effectively, thank
goodness. Could you imagine if they made a movie called
Underwater and biffed the use of water? It’s ever-present, leaking and dripping
and bursting through in murky torrents, ensuring that nobody can see too far ahead, keeping
the tension high. If you don’t mind a bit of big-budget schlock,
Underwater is a perfectly serviceable deep-sea monster movie.
NUMBER THREE: THE LODGE If you can trust a distributor to put out
consistently engaging stuff, it’s NEON. Between them and A24, there has been a veritable
gold rush of excellent small-to-mid budget horror, among other indie and arthouse goodies.
The Lodge Premiered at Sundance in 2019, but got released in February of 2020, so we’ll
count it. Any fans of Goodnight Mommy will be thrilled
by this next entry by it’s creators. This is a darkly atmospheric psychological
horror that rattles you deep within. It’s not going for cheap scares, or trying
to pay homage to all sorts of classic films. The Lodge just wants to make you as uncomfortable
as possible over a long period of time. The odd, irresponsible bottleneck plot devices
are easy to ignore once you let yourself get drawn into the weird web of gaslighting and
cult activities. We’re introduced to a man who wants a divorce
after a long separation. He’s found a new woman, Grace, who survived
a mass suicide commiting cult. This prompts his current wife to commit suicide
herself, scarring their two children. Following a period of grieving, the father
convinces his kids to spend Christmas with his new wife at their remote cabin.
This, of course, leads to plenty of hostility between the kids and their new stepmom.
They’re rude and indignant towards her, often outright ignoring her.
This takes a toll on poor Grace, who finds herself in an unfamiliar situation full of
proto-religious imagery with people who don’t like her.
Things take a turn for the worse when papa heads back to the city for work, and inexplicably
leaves the three musketeers in the lodge together. Stuff gets weird fast.
Reality is questioned. Is there gaslighting going on? Or is something truly sinister happening?
What happened to the heater? Is purgatory real?
All of these questions compound, and slowly build towards an insane ending.
NUMBER TWO: COME TO DADDY I don’t want to say too much about this
one. There’s a twist, and everything spirals
out of control from there. Maybe just go watch the trailer.
I guess what I will say is that it stars Elijah Wood sporting a ridiculous haircut.
The plot concerns a rich, goofy musician, who just so happens to be a recovering alcoholic.
He’s invited to his estranged father’s lakefront estate for some catching up after
all those years lost. Things start out pleasantly enough, but soon
enough his dad starts acting strange and violent. He’s constantly making shady phone calls
under cover of darkness, and begins to actively undermine attempts to connect with his kid.
One thing leads to another, and some best-kept secrets are indeed revealed.
This all snowballs, and becomes ridivulous very fast.
I suppose I’ll end off by saying that daddy isn’t who he says he is.
Come to Daddy is funny and scary, without sacrificing one for the sake of the other.
It’s a wicked screwball of a movie, and once it gets going there’s no stopping.
Worth a watch for sure. NUMBER ONE: THE INVISIBLE MAN
How could I leave out the breakout horror of early 2020!
Blumhouse does it again! 100 million on a 9 million dollar budget!
Directed by Leigh Whannel, and starring Elizabeth Moss, this is a classic idea done very, very
well. We follow a woman haunted after the death
of her manipulative, dickhead partner. Even though he’s apparently dead and gone,
strange things keep happening to her. She’s passing out at strange times, and
her friends are being attacked by invisible forces, making them assume it’s her doing
the deed. Soon enough, she’s framed for a violent
crime, and committed to a mental hospital. So what is happening! Is she going nuts? Or
is there an invisible man creeping around in the periphery?
Well, considering how brank-spankin’ new this one is, I won’t say much more.
But seriously, this flick outperformed my expectations.
The other Universal Classic Monster movies kinda flopped, right?
I was expecting more The Mummy, more Dracula Untold, more The Wolfman.
But by keeping the budget tight, and the outlook fresh, Whannel and Moss were able to elevate
this one above its contemporaries. The sparkly new take on an older tale does
wonders. The Invisible Man foregrounds the suffering
of a woman at the hands of a manipulative abuser in a smart, non-exploitative way, and
it really uses the invisible aspect well to keep the tension high.
Every scene is shot in such a way that makes you think that the ghostly man could be in
the background at any given moment. It just works.
Moss gives a great performance, and Whannel steers the ship clear of disaster, and towards
pristine waters. This is one that’s getting a lot of talk
and attention, so you should probably go see it if you wanna be able to talk shop with
the general public. Plus now I wanna be invisible so I can mess
around with the people I’ve sworn revenge on. Watch your back, people in the comments.
OUTRO 2020’s got a SPICY outlook going forward,
but these are five fearsome flicks to keep you satisfied until the next big thing hits.
Also go see VFW, I just couldn’t fit it on the list after talking about it in another
video. What do you think?
Any 2020 flicks that I missed? What are you most looking forward to in the
coming months? Make sure you let me know down in the comments!
Speaking of comments, let’s take a look at some of your more modern ones from Top
5 SCPS That Are Absolute Jokes: Coup de Grace says “Lemme guess. You guys
couldn’t be bothered to put the procrastination rock on this list because you… couldn’t
be bothered…” Yeah, I dunno. I figured I could leave it
until next time. No sense doing it now if I can just get to it later.
Phantom Ironhide says “I’ve been a joke all my life, yet no one seems to laugh. Not
even the audience.” I’ll laugh for you, Phantom Ironhide. Hahahahahahaha.
Does that make you feel better? Java Bpalace says “Lucy – sticks to the
point. Little joke here and there. Keegan – jokes before the videos start. Brings up
a topic with more jokes and ends with another joke.”
I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe cry more?
Grace says “I HAVE THAT PEEP” Then you better stay the HELL away from me
and my family! YOU HEAR? That thing is an abomination and I want nothing to do with
it. Musical Melanie says “Helloooooooo”
Well helloooooooo to you too. And that’s all the time we have for today!
Before I try to take a bear cub away from its mom, make sure to give this video a big
thumbs up, and subscribe for more popcorn-spilling pop culture! Thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time!

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  1. Come to Daddy is a gem. I'm not sure how to classify it, but it was a great time. "Screwball" is a good choice of words, Keegan.

  2. Bliss was super weird, my hubby and I were like “WTF did we just watch”, definitely caused a discussion after!!

  3. bliss is LIT. as an artist i felt it in my bones. the invisible man was so tense and good too. i havent had the pleasure to see the others yet but i am excited. Come to Daddy sounds so uncomfortable though !!!

  4. What Underwater teaches us is that you can make horrendous comments, commit heinous acts but as long as you tow the Hollywood line, like TJ Miller, you'll still get cast in movies.

  5. Your interpretation of films is very intriguing World's Best Mom, you need a World's Best MILF Tee next.

  6. 5:40 THERE’S YOUR FREDDIE MERCURY RIGHT THERE!!!! Not that Baggy-buggy-eyed Rami!!!! Refuse to watch that Bohemian Crapsody because of him. Anyway, back to your countdown 5:46

  7. Love the shirt Keegan! "Worlds best mum hands down" Love it! Can't wait for the new content this summer I look forward to it buddy

  8. Aw, no love for Fantasy Island? Though I think you did mention it in that other video.
    I admit I've not even heard of some of these movies, let alone seen them! Gonna have to catch up!

  9. Invisible Man was fantastic. However, if you have ever been in an abusive relationship, particularly with a narcissist or sociopath,this movie WILL trigger you. be prepared.

  10. There was a thing going around for a while that Underwater was originally a Cloverfield movie, but with the lackluster Paradox outing they kind of scrapped a bunch of things.

  11. Keegan is definitely growing on me. At first I wasn't sure I liked his presentation style, but it's definitely working for me.

  12. Did you know that the monster at the end of Underwater is actually Cthulhu himself?

    The director confirmed it post-release.

  13. I went and saw gretel and Hansel. Had low expectations. And was for the most part it was fascinating.

  14. I was rather unimpressed by "Invisible Man". For me, it took a long time until it actually got interesting, and the ending was not very believable either (imho).

  15. I enjoyed The Invisible Man however the one con I had was they should have kept up the suspense longer, they sort of rushed through it.

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  17. Great shirt, very good list. Not sure if Color Out of Space would qualify as a 2020, but I want able to see or stream it until February. Loved it more than The Lodge, for sure.

  18. Thanks top five you gave some more ideas for movies to add to my amazon firestick. There's a third party app that I use called cinema hd and I'll be adding all those but underwater. Thanks for the list and yes please do a part 2.

  19. What about The Color Out of Space? I found it to be an excellent adaptation, and Cage's normally over the top, zany acting style worked here since the Color was affecting everyone's behavior. I found it to be wonderfully terrifying.

  20. I'll be honest, I haven't seen any of these yet but I really want to.
    Honestly I'm most stoked to watch the invisible Man, I usually steer clear of modern remakes of classics after the stinkers you mentioned, please Hollywood, stop screwing with my universal monster classics😠😠😠.
    Ok that being said, something about the new invisible Man trailer said that it was going to take the classic and make it's own monster, drive it into new territory that's fresh, and yah it didn't look like a big budget effects show, I'm excited and actually expect to enjoy it, that's rare for me.
    Still remember that lame attempt years back at an invisible Man ripoff called the hollow man🤢🤢🤮

  21. You may have seen it in festivals last year, but The Color Out of Space didn't get a wide release until this year. So that is easily my #1 of the year so far.

  22. Please bring back Jack hell even Danny Burke but get read of powder and the dull girl why Jack why oh yeah Lucy you are great

  23. I actually really enjoyed The Invisible Man. I went it extremely doubtful because the trailer was somewhat terrible; but it blew me away.

  24. I’m happy that “Invisible Man” hit the number 1 spot here. After watching it, definitely worth its position 🙂

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