Top 10 Worst Cartoons

Here we go. It’s time once again to return to that… “Weird” corner of YouTube. Regardless of age, most of us have cartoons that we thoroughly enjoyed. However, there are also… *Abysmally* bad cartoons out there! Bubsy: What could possibly go wrong? There have always been cartoons with *garbage* animation… Stupid plots… Nail-bitingly bad voice acting… And unpleasant or just plain *annoying* characters. Most of these cartoons reach the point of being… *INSULTINGLY* bad! To the point where you desperately hope someone was *fired* for taking any part in making these cartoons! So this time, I’d like to take a break from mainstream animation — And take a look back at the “Top 10 *Worst” Cartoons of All Time.” Just a warning ahead that while most of these cartoons aren’t *too* grotesque… Some of them can get pretty vile. As always, I’ll try to give some warning if it’s gonna get particularly bad, but just an early heads up. Anyway, onto the countdown! Number 10… “Paddy the Pelican” Let’s go back a few years… And I mean *right back* to 1950 Have you ever wondered what it would be like… If a stuttering alien wrote, voiced, and a bunch of doodles that looked like smushed beetles? Well, this was that bizarre alien’s crowning achievement! Perhaps the first truly awful cartoon ever produced… It [was] all voiced by one person. Paddy: I haven’t done anything to you, I swear I haven’t done anything! Crow: You mean to tell me you have the nerve to stare– Strider: The voice acting is hilariously *awful*! I mean, it’s not insulting… In fact, it’s the most boring, lazy piece of animation I’ve ever seen. There [are] absolutely no sound effects! And there is barely any animation at all! It is so perfectly awful that this list simply wouldn’t be complete without it. I mean, look at this! The lyp-syncing doesn’t even *attempt* to match what’s being said! (The bear rambles about something with a boat and looking around in a way it’s nearly incoherent.) Strider: You’d swear this guy was just making the lines up as he went along! I realize it was made in 1950, but hell, we got Fantasia in 1940! So animation that doesn’t look like smushed beetles *was* possible! Credit where credit’s due though. This guy obviously did the whole cartoon himself on a 20 cent budget! And chances are, he blew that budget on paying some hobo to sit through the premiere! It’s bad, but hey, it didn’t leave me sick, so it’s pretty hgh on the list! And for number 9… “[The] Nutshack” This is one of those sad shows that thinks by slapping “adults only” on their product… They’ll get people to laugh at jokes about… (Uneasy) Molesting dolphins… Disgusting creep: And I like to give butthole pleasures to farm animals! Take the baby dolphin and I r**e him! Strider: Yeah… It’s one of *those* shows. One of those shows that’s stupid enough to be legally announced brain dead! At first, I wondered about this one. “Surely it can’t be *that* bad!” [I thought.] The animation wasn’t terrible, the female voice actor was okay, but by 5 minutes in… Something was beginning to dawn on me… Cyborg rodent: …evil ourselves. We know what we look like on the inside! Strider: I suddenly felt like slamming my fist into my computer screen! (Punch lands and glass shatters)
It was at that moment I realized… This cartoon was annoying! *INCREDIBLY* annoying! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the one same male voice actor putting on different accents for each scene! The “plot” is impressively stupid! Involving “revolutionary” concepts like encouraging girls to get breast impants — because they bother to take care of their appearance! While turning a bunch of guys into circus freakshows in the name of good looks! Or gay and incest jokes. (Sarcastically) Classy. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel of “adult” cartoons in this one. It is one of the most *low brow*, aggravating cartoons I’ve ever watched! There was only one voice in this show that *didn’t* make me feel like slamming my fist through my monitor! And that was the one female character in the show. Even the theme song sounds more like a mantra your friend repeats to you to annoy you on a road trip! Theme: It’s the NUTSHACK! Strider: Okay… It’s “The Nutshack…” Theme: THE NUTSHACK! Strider: Okay, okay it’s “The Nutshack.” Theme: IT’S. THE. NUTSHACK! Strider: (Annoyed) OKAY! Theme: It’S. The. NuTsHaCK! Strider: Alright, alright! (*Record scratches) Strider: Repeatedly stating the title of your show does not constitute as legit lyrics! It will far more likely send your viewers into berserk rages! Fortunately, this one is pretty rare. But I’d definitely give it a skip if you find it. Number eight… “Breadwinners” Theme: Buckle up, duckies, cuz we got a rocket van! Strider: Oh, God! I thought “Nutshack” was bad… This show is just… the most annoying show I’ve ever watched! It’s like combining One Direction with rap music, fart jokes — And blending it all together into some executive’s grotesque, pink duck paste! Hell, this crap makes “[The] Nutshack” look like deep existential introspection. This. Is. The *DUMBEST* thing Nickelodeon has *EVER* produced, *BY FAR*! Something like “Invader Zim” might be considered controversial, but y’know what? It challenges young viewers! It both entertains, and manages to make people question their world! This cartoon is just some executive’s wet dream. There is just *no heart* in this show. The rapping is unbearable! I feel like a part of my brain died from just the first episode! I realize their primary demographic is probably less than 7 years old… But surely adults should be able to watch this with their kids without getting the sudden urge to go hunting — at the nearest duck pond! (Shotgun fires, duck quacks) And half the time, the two characters just continually shake their butts at the screen. I… *think* the show is about two ducks running a bread delivery van? Maybe? I know they can level up their butts to use them as weapons… That.. *probably* gives you an indication as to how much “intelligence” this show has… There is absoutely *zero* substance to this show. It’s like the equivalent of green fairy floss — It tastes like crap, it’s bad for you, & can only be appreciated by those [in] the 4-6 year old demographic I mean, listen to this ear sodomy for five seconds and tell me you *don’t* suddenly feel more annoyed! Theme: Quazy cuz we can! Quazy! (Quack) Quazy! (Quack) Quazy cuz we can! Booty-kickin! Party punchin! Shake ya feathers! Make ya pants da- Grif from Red vs. Blue: O-ho my god! Is it getting louder? Strider: It’s like giving a 6 year old a 2 liter bottle of red cordial and a duck whistle — And then sitting down with him to discuss algebra! Surely the new generations deserve better than this! There are *technically* worse shows out there, but this is by far the most annoying cartoon I have ever watched! I personally think kids, and parents, deserve better than this! Way better! [WARNING! PAUSE TO READ THIS PLEASE! The next entry contains gratuitous gore, openly sexual actions, drug use, and disgusting visuals. All of which is worse than “Family Guy” levels. Skip to 8:20 as a time stamp to avoid this entry.] Number seven… “Mister Pickles” (Strider sighs) Snobbish possible teen girl: It’s only been an hour since the abortion! Possible teen dudebro: It’s not just beer, it’s… (drinks some) Beer ROIDS!!! Strider: 14 seconds in… And they’ve already made two jokes so stupid that I think part of my brain just died! Oh *GOD* this episode goes for 11 minutes! (Voice cracks from stress) And this is the pilot! This episode is intended to *impress* executives! This show is… pretty vile. Another of those unfortunate cartoons made with the intention of being for… Quote-unquote… “Adults.” In other words, prepare for some pointlessly smutty, stupid one-liners spoken by stoners — With the intelligence of a cheese stick. The animation’s particularly lazy and ugly in this one. It has some of the cheapest shock value jokes I’ve ever seen! Even by “Family Guy” standards! Its colours all seem to be a very special shade of vomit. And every moment I look at it, I swear it’s gotten worse! There’s no real direction to the story, it just.. meanders along. Jumping from one thing to the next whenever it gets bored of itself. So it jumps to another scene ever 3 seconds or so. I definitely don’t recommend this one. Definitely give it a skip. And for number 6.. “Mega Babies” This show actually manages to make “Rugrats” look like “Citizen Kane.” Ever had one of those childhood memories that you weren’t sure was real? *And desperately hoped it wasn’t!?* “Mega Babies” was one of those memories for me. I thought I’d dreamt this cartoon up in some demented fantasy… (Disappointed and defeated) But no, it was real. And it’s a cartoon that makes me physically sick. Imagine “Invader Zim” with [one fourth] of the animation budget, non of the intelligence, & 20 times as annoying! These kids are just *nightmare* hellspawn versions of “Rugrats!” This cartoon is just so gross, snotty, and ugly! It’s like watching a baby sneeze up on someone and inserting a laugh track. This is actually one of the few shows on this list that I actually saw as a young child. And I still vividly remember being completely grossed out by this show! What executive actually thought it was a good idea to make a show about three infants — Sneezing, crapping, and screaming all the time? (Phone rings) This one is *terrible*! Skip this one *at all* costs. Number five… “The Brothers Grunt” Over the years, MTV has given us some *bad* shows. But this is easily among the most ugly, grotesque animation I’ve ever watched! It’s not only incredibly lazily animated… But the animations just unpleasant and gross at the same time! There really [aren’t] any *real* sound effects to this show. It’s more like this constant gurgling, and moaning, and groaning, emminating from your speakers. Every sound that comes out of my speaker sounds more like a duck being strangled or is a gurgling fart noise. Old voice: From water (mumbles gibberish). It will protect you in an emberassing situation. Fresh and mint. Strider: This is definitely one of the ugliest pieces of animation I have ever seen. There is no sense to this cartoon either. Every moment is just painful to watch, hear, and feel! It even has these bizarre moments where it’ll phase into life action while singing some gibberish song. This makes so little sense, I would say it falls into the league of anti-sense. These characters, these… *Abominations* of nature… I think they’re looking for their long lost brother named Perry or something? But, they don’t actually do all that much; they just.. mainly groan, and squeal, and flail their limbs. I’d say don’t watch this cartoon, but honestly, it’s near impossible to find. Even on VHS. And honestly, thank God! [WARNING! PLEASE PAUSE TO READ THIS! The upcoming entry has gore, openly sexual imagery, and *heavily* disturbing visuals. Skip to 12:43 for avoiding the entry.] Number 4… “King Star King” Okay, now we’re getting into some of the grosser territory. I don’t know how to describe this one. This tops the charts as the stupidest, grossest thing Adult Swim has ever brought out! The show’s, *APPARENTLY*, about King Star King — As he falls from a higher plane of existence to work as a fry cook in a waffle house. And to return to this higher plane of existence he must defeat the evil spring bunny. This is what the show claims to be about! But all I ever saw was a bloody, gory drug trip for bikers. It’s hard to know what to make of this phazy, ugly mess! “King Star King” is… *really* ugly animation. There isn’t a moment of animation you won’t feel like losing your lunch! But, the creepy part about this show is… I get the feeling someone’s actually getting… Personal gratification from this show… Rather than having the *normal* reaction of upchucking their lunch! Is this… All part of someone’s personal… Fetish? Their kink? I mean, I have no problem with that as long as they don’t hurt anyone. But did they really need to make a show about their… Body swallowing, eyeball, pancake, asphyxiation, teeth pulling maggot fetish? This reached a point where it was so insanely bad that it *crashed* my computer! This show is so *bad* that its vileness managed to break through and crash my OS! I… *DON’T* recommend this one. At all! At all. At all. AT ALL! And for number three… “[The] Drawn Together [Movie]: The Movie” I knew from the start this one would be *among* the worst. I saw it 5 years ago, and from then and there, that this was the most grotesque piece of animation I would… *Ever* sit through. Spanky Ham: What? I’m sorry. I got distracted. What were you sayin’? The guy at the video store gave me a strange look when I rented this. And, 12 seconds into the show, I knew exactly why! As I mentioned in my controversial cartoons video, I actually *really* like the “Drawn Together” series. True, it was gross and controversial, but it managed to use this gross humor to both shock and laugh — And in order to leave a lasting impact. And there was a sense of well meaning behind its humor. But this movie was, in its own unique category of, *bad*! *Nothing* is off limits to this show. All my mind all I remembered of this show was this hazy piece of grotesque imagery. Barbership sing: Why don’t you suck… Soulful church choir: Suck my taint! (Suck) Pastor(?): Such my taint! Soulful church choir: Suck my taint! Pastor(?): Suck my taint now!! Soulful church choir: Suck my taint! Strider: GOOD GOD! And it just keeps going! I probably should hate this show. But there’s no other show I know that can discuss turning a woman’s afterbirth into Popsicles– For terminally ill children, and still not make me hate them for it. Unlike “Family Guy,” there is no sense of malice behind what they do. And there’s a complete self-awareness that they’re completely bottom of the rung garbage! I’ve never seen such *vile* concepts done in such good humor. Every single minute of this 90 minute runtime is designed to offend you. There is *no limit* on this shows grotesque imagery. Captain Hero: Molly!!! D’oh, I love it when she does that! The creators make Seth [MacFarlane] look like a Catholic Priest during sermon hours! The creators openly admitted they had no ideas for this movie. So they just basically put together whatever came up from the top of their heads. This unfortunately makes the movie *unbelievably* tedious. To the point where I was *begging* to skip 30 minutes ahead the first time watching it. That being said, you can tell the voice actors really loved doing this show! You can look at the behind the scenes interviews and you can really tell they had a personal love for this show. I can see how much fun the voice actors were having in the studios. And strangely enough, it made be believe that this monstrocity was actually a work of love. As *absolutely* vile as it was! So, I don’t hate this movie, but by *God* I don’t recommend it! Cast member: So I do think this is it. This has gotta be it. Matt: This is the –The network will remember why they hate this show so much when they see the movie. And then that’ll be that. Strider: (Annoyed) Number two… “Brian’s a Bad Father” [“Family Guy” Season 12, Ep 11] and “American Fung” [“American Dad” Season 10, Ep 17] “Family Guy” & “American Dad” I’ve gone on about these in my worst [of] “American Dad” and “Family Guy” … So I’ll try to keep it brief. *But,* I really do hate these two episodes. The animation may be good, the budget of the show may be big, but these two episodes were despicable! At least most of these other cartoons had an excuse of having a $2 budget or miniscule team behind them. What *is* Seth’s excuse for these *things*? “American Fung” is *unbelievably* unpleasant, tedious, and just plain traumatizing at times! While “Brian’s a Bad Father” had what I [truly] consider the worst joke I’ve ever heard in animation to date! It made me lose the little respect I had for Seth after it. And it would be a disfavor to you to repeat the joke again. See my “Worst Family Guy” list if you really wanna see it. I realize “Family Guy” and “American Dad” aren’t meant to be high brow humor… But these two episodes well and truly cross that line… From going from “low-brow shock jokes” to cruel, spiteful, vindictive, and disturbing animation. Peter: Looks like somebody left their trash here. Quagmire: Jerome, can you tell that (beep) of (beep) to get out of here before I (beep) kick him in the face? Strider: And worse yet, it’s mainstream! And the creator has over a decade of experience with these! So there’s absolutely no excuse for them! But enough about these two episodes. I personally don’t believe they deserve *any* further attention! But before we get to number 1, I wanted to make a couple of quite [dis]honorable mentions. “Foodfight” It’s lazy, it’s got bad messages, it’s phoned in, and it’s kind of annoying. But “Nostalgia Critic” already covered this one *way* better than I ever could. So I decided to leave it off the list. “Felix the Cat: The Movie” This is among the cheapest animation that I’ve ever seen. All I see is the third world animators when I see this stock crap. It has annoying voices and *abysmal* animation! But again, Doug covered it *way* better, so I gave it a pass. And with that said, let’s get to number one. [WARNING! MASSIVE WARNING! PLEASE PAUSE TO READ THIS! The final entry has some of the worst things that have ever been animated. It has animal abuse, extreme gore, and it’s all very detailed! Watch at your own risk of nausea and nightmares.] And without a doubt, the number 1, worst cartoon I have ever seen is… [WARNING! MASSIVE WARNING! PLEASE PAUSE TO READ THIS! The final entry has some of the worst things that have ever been animated. It has animal abuse, extreme gore, and it’s all very detailed! Watch at your own risk of nausea and nightmares.] “Ren Seeks Help” “Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon” [Episode 2] This cartoon is *rotten to the core!* I don’t know how else to describe it. It was *abysmal* in every sense of the word! It was the most abysmal piece of animation I have *ever* watched! By far! It is insulting. Ugly. Grotesque! Anger inducing! And it brings about every bad emotion a person could ever possibly feel! This episode was *traumatizingly* bad! Frog: Finish the job ya pussy! Strider: “Ren Seeks Help” *isn’t* a cartoon! It is just a *vile* nightmare from beginning to the end! The nightmare [for a real person, from the imagination] of a psychopath! It’s about mutilation, domestic abuse, torture, and just the exploration of a psychopathic mind — That take pleasure in the pain of others. There’s definitely a fine line when gross humor goes from comedy to just plain cartoon horror. And I can comfortably say this cartoon is unpleasant. From frame 1, to the very end. It even opened with what sounds like horror music! Followed by Stimpy bawling for three minutes. No, wait, it’s dragged out to five minutes! Where am I meant to be laughing at this? Look, now Ren’s in a miserable, depressed void. Jeebus, this is depressing to watch. It’s like watching some demented drug trip nightmare! It’s weird because it’s like they’re not even trying to make us laugh. How about we watch the complications of birth from Ren. Does this sound like fun? Then we watch the process of Ren becoming a demented psychopath that has the inherent desire — To inflict pain on others. This. Is. Awful! It’s just a fact you’ll feel sick after watching it! This show was clearly designed for the blind, and deaf! Because no adult or child could look [at] and hear this show, and not hurl up their lunch! Even my friend’s cat seemed to be insulted and angry after watching this show! (Angry cat growling) Yes, the original “Ren & Stimpy” cartoons could be gross, but it was also clever, edgy, smart. And very sharply voice acted. It helped mold modern controversial cartoons today. “Adult Party” is *NOT* to be watched. It is a forgotten piece of crap trash that is the most revolting piece of.. No! Garbage is too good a word for this show! Crap is too good a word for this show! It is *that* bad! I do not know what *WORLD* this cartoon was “good” in! What disturbed mind could find this horrible crap funny!? An interesting side note, this cartoon was apparently so *bad* that Stimpy’s [1st] VA refused to work on [this]. We then go on to discuss the process of assisted suicide. “Why is there happy music?” you ask? Because this creature is in so much pain that it wants to die! That makes it “happy.” That is disturbing and vile in every sense of the word. But Ren can’t kill the animal he mutilated because he wants to cause it further pain! What. The. Hell? Even if its content isn’t as controversial as the “Drawn Together” movie, it is *rotten* in every sense of the word! Oh god… This abomination just keeps going on! This has been the longest 20 minute cartoon I have ever watched! I took breaks ever 5 minutes to get through it all! And it turns out Ren can’t be helped… The psychologist brands him legitimately a psychopath and… (tired/sarcastic) Wow, we get more beatings… Only two minutes to go. Then mutilation… Decapitation…
[Subber’s note: This is actually dismemberment.] I’m almost through this… Cannibalism… One minute to go… We watch the tortured frog drag him mutilated body across the room… Oh just finish already! What more is there to say!? And we end with it finally committing suicide. It’s over! By Jeebus it’s over! Oh, thank you! I don’t *want* to understand the mind that actually finds this funny! While I do still cringingly say… If you (holds back disgust) do enjoy this, good for you, it’s just my personal opinion… I can’t understand the mind that could gain humor from this. Oh boy. There is no contest. This is the worst animation I have ever seen. Hands down. No contest. It is. I have never seen a cartoon get so *dark*, so deplorable, & so removing of any of the decency of humanity! It. Is. *vile*! And I *never*, EVER recommend anyone watch it. (Sighs now that it’s over) You really do have to look hard for these shows though. And to most of these cartoons’ credit, we quickly forget about them. They quickly fade into oblivion, where they belong. And we instead celebrate the beautiful, clever, funny , emotional — and thought provoking cartoons we were given growing up. And these cartoons truly change many of us for the better! That being said, I know there’s a plethora of bad animation out there. So if you do think there’s a particularly bad one I missed, feel free to let me know in the comments. I thank you for braving this journey with me. And as always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. Yakko: He may be small, but he eats. Subtitled by Jadrek Myers. Comissioned by Phantom Strider. Enjoy your day, take good self-care.

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