Top 10 Best Modern Cartoons

Top 10 Best Modern Cartoons

Alright. Now for the best! (Boo laugh.) It’s time to check out some modern cartoon masterpieces! Since 2010, we have been *bombarded* with a multitude of refreshing cartoons– that redefined Western animation as we know it! And we’re gonna explore those spectacular cartoons today! So let’s dive right into the “Top 10 BEST Modern Cartoons!” If it’s made after 2010, it’s allowed on this list! And as always, if these cartoons aren’t your favorites, that’s fine! I’m pretty biased. But hopefully there are a couple of cartoons on this list that you might also enjoy! Anyway, let’s do this countdown! Number 10! “Loud House” Nickelodeon is back! *With a vengeance!* After 20 years, they are hungry to rival Cartoon Network once again! Nickelodeon’s continued their climb back from the bottom with a simple, yet high quality, and fast-paced cartoon! “Loud House” is a return to the traditional Nicktoons that gave Nickelodeon its *good* reputation two decades ago! It just has a truckload of energy to give, and a massive entourage of likable characters all around our main character Lincoln! Lincoln lives in a state of constant chaos and madness with his 10 sisters! Lincoln: Guys! Guys, too fast! Too fast guys! Guys, too fast! I’m gonna hurl! (Proceeds to hurl.) It’s a perfect example of how something *brilliant* can be made from the simplest of set-ups. And for some reason, despite the very trivial, harmless story, the music is downright badass! Just listen to this guitar riff! (Music hits the foreground) Strider: Each girl has such a distinct, extreme personality, that I ended up remembering all 10 of them after only a couple of episodes. My only real criticism of “Loud House” is that it doesn’t translate quite as well to an older audience as some other cartoons. But it is still an exemplary cartoon, and there’s still a lot of stuff there for adult viewers to enjoy. I hope we get more Nicktoons like this from Nickelodeon in the future. Because young viewers deserve it! Nickelodeon has trashed the garbage, and now it’s back! Number nine… “Over the Garden Wall” Hang on a minute! Am I watching a cartoon? Or a Miyazaki anime!? The atmosphere of this cartoon is amazing! Technically, this is an emotionally powerful, gripping, beautifully voice acted cartoon! The only reason it’s so high on the list is my own personal bias. I personally found the old-timey animation, and song style a little.. discomforting, as artistic as it was. Despite the inherent beauty, detail, and atmosphere, this cartoon makes me feel like I’m in a musty, haunted antique store. Pumpkin Man: I sentence you to… A few hours of manual labor. Wirt: Wait, what? Really? That’s it? Strider: But I actually think that was the intention. The slight sense of unease is constantly there around you, just *gnawing* at the viewer’s soul! There’s something very off, and creepy about this world! But being able to set that atmosphere so strongly really shows what a sophisticated piece of animation this is! And holy crap! It’s Christopher Lloyd! Christopher Lloyd’s character: Don’t you know The Beast is afoot here!? Strider: Extra points of fitting Doc [Brown] in for a cameo! It’s only 10 episodes long, but it was 10 episodes I felt gripped, and invested in! Aaand for number eight… “Harvey Beaks” I have to mention “Harvey Beaks” again because– I personally think it’s one of the best cartoons Nickelodeon has done in a very long time! It’s another of those worlds that the viewer is slowly immersed in, and is easy to get lost in. Even this animation style has a way of just putting me at ease. Something about the animation is just so peaceful, and pleasant to look at. It really does look like the backgrounds of water colour paintings. Harvey, Fee, and Foo are simply wonderful main characters. Fee is always the bold sense of logic in the trio.. Foo’s just an endless well of energy… And Harvey’s, well, Harvey. He’s following that refreshing new trend in modern cartoons– of being strong simply by having a good nature. Harvey: This book is now 5 minutes late! (Slides it into the return) REVOLUTION!!!! Strider: With brief moments of insanity! He’s just a well-meaning, good natured guy. And sometimes, that simple character is refreshing to see. Like “Loud House,” my only real nitpick is that these new Nicktoons can be a little too wholesome sometimes. Even for me! But if you’ve got some cheese tolerance, “Harvey Beaks” is one of the best cartoons Nickelodeon has produced in over a decade! And I’m looking forward to what this charming, good-natured, but slightly psychotic bird gets up to in the future. And the seventh *best* modern cartoon is… “We Bare Bears” I just like the raw simplicity of “We Bare Bears.” It’s just three bears trying to fit in with the rest of modern society. Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear are just wonderfully awkward to watch! I just crack up whenever these guys enter a room! Grizz: (Kicks door) Hello library, take me to your Interne–(Shushed) All they want to do is fit in! But they just can’t quite seem to get the hang of modern society. And there just so wonderfully oblivious to the world around them! Grizz: FBI! Strider: Something just always goes wrong for these guys. “We Bare Bears” isn’t particularly epic. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s a cartoon that just knows what it is, and embraces its own zaniness! It’s just trying to give the audience a good, quick laugh! And for me, anyway, it does that spectacularly well! I really crack up at this cartoon, and really recommend it. (Grizz is intrigued by the Thumbs-Up)
Pan-Pan: Check the comment! Grizz: Oh! A real comment! Guys, this is great! We gotta celebrate! Strider: Aaand for number six… “Rick and Morty” Jeebus! This cartoon is still a mind trip! This cartoon remainds as what I consider the absolute *best* of Adult Swim! “Rick and Morty” still has that typical *dark* Adult Swim tone but uses this black tone to stylize itself! But gives itself a very nihilistic, but interesting look at the totality of human existence. Robot: What is my purpose? Rick: Yuh pass butter. Robot: Oh my god. Rick: Yeah, welcome to the club pal! Strider: And the settings they get into are just mindbogglingly creative! Rick, and Morty regularly cross dimensional time and space! And that’s just your ***AVERAGE*** episode! In another moment, they may be rewriting the time and space continuum in order to stop the apocalypse! Or just… Watching inter-dimensional cable. It’s always just so creative and unpredictable that it remains a really interesting watch! This is one of those cartoons I don’t watch regularly, but I’d recommend older viewers check out at least once. As long as they don’t mind a bit of dark themes, violence, exploding guts assault scenes! And… an interesting perspective of the universe as a whole. Morty: You know, you were right about the universe. It’s a crazy and chaotic place. Rick: Well, you know, maybe that’s why it could use a little leaning up every now and then, y’know? Number five… “Avatar- Legend of Korra” [televised as “The Legend of Korra”] This cartoon can’t *not* be mentioned! After “Avatar: The Last Airbender” finished, the writers realized their cartoon was *too* smart! In fact, they were aiming at a much older demographic at that point. So in the sequel, they just made an outright adult cartoon. Going into very mature issues like social unrest… Terrorism… Sexual Identity… And segregation! I was awe-struck by the sheer wonder and beauty of this sequel! There’s this real sense of scope, and vastness, to the world they’ve created. I just felt more of a sense of reality to Korra’s world than I did the original “Avatar” [series]. “Legend of Korra” was a deep, atmospheric continuation of an already brilliant cartoon With the same beautiful story, new deep characters, and just listen to this beautiful soundtrack! Sadly, I think “Legend of Korra” was a one-time treat for Nickelodeon– as it just didn’t reach that ever-loved 8-17 demographic Nickelodeon loved so much. I just can’t *ever* imagine Modern Nickelodeon ever making something this… *adult*! While most people seem to prefer the original, I personally think “Legend of Korra” *was EVEN BETTER! Korra: There’s our opening. And the fourth best modern cartoon is…. “Gravity Falls” One of Disney’s greatest crowning achievements *ever*! I still can’t understand how this came out of *DISNEY Channel*! But all I can say is “Yes! More of this, please, Disney!” “Gravity Falls” is a work of art! With endearing, likable characters… And a compelling, mysterious narrative! The pacing is perfect! The music is perfect! And I was always on the edge of my seat throughout this whole series, wondering what the next twist would be! The jokes are top-notch and appeal to both kids and adults in that masterful Disney style! And the character development is spectacular. Dipper, Mabel, and Grunkle Stan are all very believable, likable, relatable characters! When I see Dipper, I see an introverted guy struggling to find meaning in the world. When I see Mabel, I see an extroverted girl struggling to hold onto her personal joys as she approaches puberty. And Stan is one of the most interesting, funny older characters I’ve seen in animation in a very long time. They all feel like real people. I was sad to see “Gravity Falls” end, but they wowed us with an immersive, complex, epic ending that left me having now idea what was gonna happen! This cartoon started strong, and it finished strong! In my opinion, it’s easily one of the *best* modern cartoons! And the third *best* modern cartoon is… “Star Vs. The Forces of Evil” Wow. What did I just watch? Whatever it was, it was awesome! This cartoon just *brims* with energy! And I adored every absurd, dimensional jumping minute of it! I adore the animation! I adore the characters! I loved the cheery, energetic tone! The voice acting is perfect as well! Star: And you said there was no magic on Earth! Principal: Yeaaah… This isn’t gonna work. Strider: Technically, its story probably isn’t the best.. But I just get so caught up in this roller coaster of a world they’ve made that I don’t even notice! Star and Marco are the *perfect* main characters! I love them! Marco is such a wonderfully down to Earth character that is so damn likable that he works off Star perfectly! Star. How do you define this character? Star: (Gasp) I LOVE OPOSSUMS! They carry their babies on their backs! Strider: Imagine if Mable was about 6 years older, constantly high, and given control over time and space! Everything Star says is just bubbling with this endless pool of energy at is an absolute blast to watch! Even the villains are brimming with character! The freaking henchman of the bad guy has more character than your average cartoon hero! Villain: Is it Chad? Henchman: My name is Yfgini Bokoyaboff! Villain: Oh… So your foreign… Strider: My only real complaint with this cartoon is… There’s not enough of them! There’s unfortunately only 13 episodes so far. I *really* hope Disney does make more of these! It’s one of my *favorite* modern cartoons, easily! “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” is everything I love in a cartoon! The music! How do you describe this music? Did my Game Boy just have an orgasm? And the 2nd best modern cartoon is… “Adventure Time” What is most amazing about “Adventure Time” is just how sophisticated it has become over the last few years. Every episode seems to reveal some new mystery about their post-apocalyptic universe. Sometimes the story is watching Finn travel through the spectral universe! Sometimes it’s a tragedy over 1000 years about the slow corruption of the mind! Sometimes it’s about watching.. a worm! Jake: What is going on there? With your butt. Shelby: It’s fine. I was goofing off. Strider: I personally feel “Adventure Time” has *only* gotten better. The characters have become so multi-layered, and it has a ton of very adult messages and themes! In fact, the new seasons seem to be specifically aimed at adults! “Adventure Time” has created a world that is expanding so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up with! And that’s my only possible complaint about this outstanding cartoon! So much is always happening that I feel lost from the story if I miss a single episode! But that really shows how sophisticated the show has become over the years! I don’t think there’s ever been anything like “Adventure Time”! And it began a cartoon revolution that inspired Disney Channel… Cartoon Network… And Nickelodeon alike! I *adore* this cartoon, and cannot recommend it enough! Jake: It’ll be OK, dude. Strider: And before we get to number 1, I’d like to give a couple of quick Honourable Mentions. “Wander Over Yonder” What is this? Dr. Suess on steroids? Wander: YOU ARE SO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT! TRADE! (Ding) Strider: It’s another incredibly creative step in the right direction for Disney Channel. Even if I don’t consider it their best, “Wander Over Yonder” is such a unique world that it has to be mentioned! Just a note, this one is a little more cloying, and colourful done in a very parodying, clever way. I’d probably put this at number 11. “Miraculous: Ladybug” France has give us some… interesting things over the years. French fries, existentialism, seductive romancing techniques, New Orleans… But so far this is one of the strangest things I’ve seen from France. There is some great creativity in the designs of these cartoons. And the English dub is pretty good. But to be honest, it’s aimed pretty specifically at a female demographic. But I do appreciate the innovation that when into this one. “The Amazing World of Gumball” I really like “Gumball’s” creative stories, fun animation, and just chilled atmosphere. It was purely a personal preference that I left it off the list. It’s still a *fantastic* modern cartoon, and deserves a mention. “Young Justice” This cartoon had 1/1000 of the budget of “Batman vs. Superman,” and it puts the movie to absolute shame! It’s better paced, more interesting, appeals to both children *AND* adults– And it isn’t completely lost in its undying need to dark and edgy! DC basically remastered “Teen Titans” original, boy, is it an amzing competitor! I love the stylized tone of this one! Spectacular animation *leaps* off the screen! Superb voice acting! And an incredible array of interesint characters! Give me this over “Man of Steel” any day! And with those said… Here we go! And the number one, *BEST* modern cartoon is… “Steven Universe” Some people probably predicted I’d make this choice. And I *really* did think hard over it! But however I’ve looked at it, “Steven Universe” just always ends up being the cartoon that I’ve just enjoyed the most! Every new episode seems like a fascinating new twist in the story! And if we’re not being immersed in the narrative, we’re just enjoying being around these incredibly likable characters! The songs are brilliant! The settings are creative! The world they live in is just such a pleasure to immerse yourself in! And I can never decide which character is my favorite, because they’re all just wonderful to me! Garnet is lovely, Pearl is endearing, Amethyst is a charming character who has only gotten more complex and likable! Amethyst: Group hug!!! Strider: And Steven is just a pleasure to watch! Even after two years, it still feels like a breath of fresh air when I check out an episode! And it feels like the creators are always trying to top themselves with every new season! There is just this emotional energy to this cartoon. That emotion comes from every part of this cartoon! The voices, the characters, the visuals, the colours, the backgrounds, the songs! There’s always another layer of depth under each episode. And even the tiniest details, like eye shifts between characters, can mean a world of character development. There’s just this endless mystery behind “Steven Universe” that keeps me not only invested and enjoying the characters… But itching to find out what’s gonna happen next in their world! I’m sorry to be predictable, but I just couldn’t help it. I’ve just enjoyed this cartoon so much over the years! To me, personally, “Steven Universe” is my Number One, *BEST* modern cartoon! If doing this list made me realize anything, it’s that we were right about a cartoon revolution beginning. We haven’t had such a constant stream of creative ideas in our cartoons in a *very* long time! And I’m looking forward to where these modern cartoons take us in the upcoming years. Do you think I missed a particular cartoon? There was literally too many amazing cartoons for me to list. So feel free to leave your own personal favorites in the comments. And as always, thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time! Subtitled by Jadrek Myers. Comissioned by Phantom Strider

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  1. Did you know that teen Titans keep some of the old style because in some episodes it is in the old art style and they always say :do you remember the old us

  2. this is just my opinion but dont compare invader world zim to loud house, their both great shows but character and over all feeling wize their nothing like each other invader world zim has a grim feeling to it while loud house is has its upbeat feeling and yeah i know that some loud house episodes have a grim feeling to it but most of them dont and i really dont see comparing them, it’s his opinion so i personality dont see camparing them

  3. Excuse me Mr. Why is Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir only on the honorable mention hmph? That is the best modern cartoon ever created. Who doesn't love Lady Bug/ Marinette and Cat Noir/ Adrien? The story is marvelous with an astonishing animation. That is not a show for kids since adults love it so much!

  4. Good cartoons that get cancelled goes too Cartoon heaven bad cartoons that get cancelled goes too Cartoon hell cartoons who are good and bad goes too Cartoon purgatory

  5. Top 10 best modern cartoons
    10 ok ko lets be heroes
    9 the amazing world of gumball
    8 milo Murphy’s law
    7 uncle grandpa it got better
    6 Harvey beaks
    5 gravity falls
    4 duck tales 2017
    3 we bare bears
    2 star vs the forces of evil
    1 Steven universe

  6. Over the garden wall was truly one of a kind I wish the series was longer and was a real full time series and I also wish it got a sequel to it

  7. Me When These Shows Started
    Loud House – 8 years old
    Over the Garden Wall – 5 years old
    Harvey Beaks – 7 years old
    We Bare Bears – 7 years old
    Rick and Morty – 5 years old
    Avatar : Legend of Korra – 4 years old
    Gravity Falls – 4 years old
    Star vs the Forces of Evil – 7 years old
    Adventure Time – 2 years old
    Steven Universe – 5 years old

  8. Let me know what I actually kind of like Adventure Time Adventure Time Xbox 360 game I don't got one sadly there's only three bosses and there's a lot of chores to do and there's even a lot of the questions are kind of good but I just go for side like you know anyways I love Adventure Time I real and I'm really happy to see what comes next yeah it did ended though and for some reason I kind of don't like to come along with me version of a bunch of times beginning intro seriously it's a cat I can even say the whole thing watch Adventure Time come on and grab a friend we're going to a very distant lands with spoilers it's different besides it's different on like Jake the dog and Finn the Human now it's shermy and Beth the pup princess come on and grab your time and I'm really sad that I was actually the end so r i p to You Adventure Time

  9. Ah! All the amazing cartoons to freshen us up!
    I already love the video as I saw the Intro
    Edit:This video also makes me wanna watch TV again. I stopped watching TV cuz it keep repeating the same episode even after 6 month and it also make me glad that my friend and I are not just the biggest fan of Steven Universe 🙂
    What disappoint me the most is that My Little Pony is not in CN

  10. Mlb is one of those cartoon whose animation is the best the storyoine is great the love square is messed up which i love but sometimes get mad cuz omg they are te same person

  11. This was made a while ago, but know I think I'd add the DuckTales reboot on Disney, and Infinity Train to that list, or at least honerable mention

  12. Idk why many people are soooo into Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Gumball, and Steven Universe.
    I personally never got hooked onto those shows, but hey in an objective perspective,
    I can unserstand why. Plus I'm apparently in the minority LIKE REALLY am part of the small group.

    Cause my Favorite is Legend of Korra

  13. 11:22 Ok, i will be Positive Thinking. Not Best isn't means not Good. Maybe he think Stvfoe is have a Good Story but He have The Another one. Everyones Have their Opinion. I'm a Starfan too. So, just Calm.

  14. Hey, Strider!

    Here my Top 6 Favourite Modern Cartoons (2010s and a bit of 2020s)

    #6 Adventure Time (2010-2018)
    #5 Star Vs the Forces of Evil (2015-2019)
    #4 Modern Spongebob (S10 – S12 only, 2017-2020 sorry but I still love Spongebob!)
    #3 Steven Universe & SU Future (2013-present)
    #2 The Owl House (Disney Channel's Newest Shows, 2020-present)
    #1 The Loud House (2016-present)

  15. Is Jofgoni (O's have Umalats) GermanAny other country that speaks German.
    And is Marco Diez from Spain but transferred to Mexico.

  16. for me is easy, my favorites are
    -gravity falls
    -steven universe
    -the amazing world of gumball
    – early adventure time

    others i liked too but weren't that special for me.

  17. Mlp Friendship is magic not in the top 10? come on!!! this is a great series with fun characters, characters developments, good story and colorful characters…Farewell…you made of the Lord of Chaos a enemy!

  18. 10:I love that show
    9:I haven’t seen this it canceled?
    8:I haven’t seen it too actually.
    7:Who doesn’t love We Bare Bears
    6:I’m a kid so I don’t know about this show
    5:I haven’t seen it actually
    4:it’s not bad actually too bad it’s canceled
    3:Who doesn’t love it
    2:eh it’s not bad
    Honourable mentions:
    It’s not bad
    Who doesn’t love Miraculous
    Also not bad
    I haven’t watched it yet
    1:I love Steven Universe

  19. One of the best things about The Loud House is that it hasn't gone downhill so far! 🙂 My personal fave episode is Racing Hearts, the one where Luna and Sam go on their Scavenger Hunt and decide to be together! 😀

  20. seriously I like gravity fall but Im quite pissed off by mcgucket's backstory
    totally copying Simon's story from adventure time. even the way of backstory revealing are shown by Dipper and Mable watching videos.

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