Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Movies | GQ Sports

Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Movies | GQ Sports

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  1. I watch tons and tons of these. Today I learned that Tony is more passionate about his thing than some special forces soldiers and marines are about theirs.

  2. Was the board stuck to his feet because… he's… spider-man? Or did he not have his powers yet in that movie? Honestly it was so terrible I don't want to go and look.

  3. People are so surprised at how smart Tony is and how his thought process is just like a physics professor, but only real fans of skating know that Tony has an IQ of 144.

  4. Given the Vert runs at the end of Grind were impromptu and not official competition runs pretty much everything he is saying about the validity of it happening in a real life scenario makes no sense. It wasnt part of the actual comp.. once again Tony proves hes not all hes cracked up to be. Most over rated skater of all time!!!!

  5. 5:55 the 2nd guy to the right has a hookups deck and i spent like 30 min trying to google which graphic but i cant find it. must be rare because jeremy klein re-releases or revamps a lot of the same graphics

  6. I have nothing but mad respect for Tony hawk. Taking a hobby that he’s passionate about and creating a business empire out of it and still be a humble man.

  7. did anyone else scroll through the video to see if the extremely goofy movie was mentioned, and was hella disappointed that it wasn't?
    just me? ok.

  8. 14:31 how did the God of skating himself not notice the guys foot on the bolts and not the tail of the board!!!

  9. I think that's hilarious how they acted more nervous for more money. Knowing that the director doesn't know what's a big stunt and what's a stunt that's easy to pull off.

  10. do you all tink some of this is inaccurate, is because you don't hear a guy asking you for a double ollie

  11. Someone make a petition for tony hawk to be part of the olympics committee or whatever. (It must use those words)

  12. Tony hawk games are the reason us 90s kids interested in it even thou we don't know how to Ollie or even balance on a board

  13. He said that he wasn't in grind for obvious reasons. It's not obvious to me, can someone explain?

  14. You don't need to be Tony Hawk to know Hollywood Boarding scenes are Bull, just an old British O'Level in Physics will do.

  15. i was worried he wouldn't know about police academy 4 and not mention it all, and of course he brings it up within the first 10 seconds.

    that skate scene was so dope, it made sitting thru, the otherwise banal police academy 4 film, possible.

    lol didn't realize it was actually tony hawk in police academy 4 among others; makes sense.

  16. In defense of the Spider-Man board stuck to foot thing, he's Spider-Man and stuff sticks to his hands and feet.

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