TOMICA Thomas and Friends Short 52: Wood & Peace (Draft Animation – Behind the Scenes)

TOMICA Thomas and Friends Short 52: Wood & Peace (Draft Animation – Behind the Scenes)

“DieselD199’s TOMICA Thomas & Friends
Short 52: Wood & Peace” It’s over Diesel Surrender and I’ll allow you to return to the Mainland You stinky steamies have frustrated my plans for rail modernisation for the last time But you’re not even a modern engine anymore Your class was first manufactured like what seventy years ago? Exactly That’s how long you’ve been frustrating my plans Then let’s finish this (strains) Huh? (strains) Huh? Woah Woah Ugh (growls) (growls) Ugh what’s happening? Ugh it must be the magnets Oh right I guess one of us has to turn around then Do you want to or should I? Well that won’t look very dramatic now will it? Eh I guess not Ugh this wouldn’t happen if we were Take-n-Play Cheap merchan- Phew lucky I found y’all Sitting around in water ain’t too good for wood (chuckles) I should know I’m made out of wood Well I’m actually made out of plastic but I’m made out of wood in the official TV show But I suppose in that you two are made out of metal Oh well anyway we wooden engines have to stick together So what kind of wood are y’all made of?
Subtitles by DieselD199

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  1. Marvelously Done Trent. Your Tomica Thomas and Friends Shorts never disappoints me at all and they always keep me entertained when I’m bored. ?????? ??? Keep up the Magnificent Work on YouTube. Plus You’re My All Time Favourite Thomas YouTuber!

  2. Curtis Parish had three community strikes and then he got his youtube channel removed. Please he needs a new youtube account.

  3. That was actually quite funny. Seeing Thomas and Diesel try attacking each other only to be pushed back by the magnets and then wondering about one of them turning around. It's cool how you have the merchandised engines acknowledge their flaws.

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