Tom Gates Brilliant World

This is me, Tom Gates. I sit next to Amy Porter in class, who is very smart. And Marcus Deldrew. Who’s annoying. What’s that? A doodle. Looks a bit rubbish to me. Thanks Marcus. He’s still looking. I ignore him and keep drawing. Still looking. Here’s my drawing of my teacher Mr Fullerman, with different hair styles. This one’s my favourite. Tom. Huh? Mr Fullerman has spotted me doodling with his Big. Beady. Eyes. Uh-oh, extra homework for me now. Owh. Luckily, my best friend Derek is good at cheering me up. Look, I’m a turtle! Hahaha Derek lives next door to me and we like the same things. Look what I’ve got! Caramel wafers for a start. And Dude3! Only the best band in the whole world. We’re in a band together called DogZombies Band practice at my house is never easy, Need another band member? NO! Any homework to do? NO! You sound like cats wailing in pain. That’s my grumpy sister, Delia. She’s pleased to see me, I can tell. Get lost Tom! My grandparents or “the fossils” as I call them are always jolly and happy. Go, go, go! Woohoo! Granny Mavis likes cooking very odd combinations of food. Here’s her vegetable cake. Luckily, I’m not that hungry. No thanks Granny. But her vegetable cake has given me another idea for a doodle. A tomato splodge monster! What monster? I’m Tom Gates. Welcome to my brilliant world.

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