Tina Nawrocki CUPHEAD Animator: Interview Clip

Tina Nawrocki CUPHEAD Animator: Interview Clip

Hi I’m Tina Nawrocki I’m a 2D
animator and I’ve been working in the video game industry for about 10 years
now and I was an animator on the video game Cuphead. So I studied illustration
back in Montreal and there was this one tiny little animation course and I always
loved to draw. I painted a lot when I was a kid I have
some paintings still in my apartment actually that I painted when I was 14
and 13 all oil paintings, traditional kind of masters type of looks and then I
took this one animation course, and I loved theater, and when I saw this it was
drawing and acting put together at once it was love and I could never stop. And
then Studio MDHR found me online, they saw my pencil tests, they saw that I love
doing 2D animation in my free time and they hired me. So Cuphead is very
interesting it’s a run n’ gun style video game what’s really interesting
about it and sets it apart from other video games is that it’s based on a very
specific animation style the 1930s rubber-hose
era of animation and Chad and Jared Moldenhauer were extremely adamant that we make it so that this video game was created as if it’s created in the 1930s. So by far my favorite character was Baroness Von Bon Bon which you see right here, she is the boss from the fight Sugar Land Shimmy and she is a
candy-themed princess and she was my first assignment actually on Cuphead
which is hilarious because I have a huge sweet tooth and Chad and Jared did not
know that. I got to research 1930s candy and I got to animate a really badass
female character who still looks extremely feminine, and she’s also
slightly psychotic and insane which is why I think I identify with her the most
because I have a little bit of that in my personality as anybody who knows me
so you know sweet on the outside kind of scary on the inside and this is one of
my favorite sequences where she’s chopping off her head she was inspired
by Mary Antoinette amongst other things so Mary Antoinette famously lost her
head at the guillotine so Baroness and willy-nilly chop off her own head
and then chuck it around so this this frame is really fun right here – chopping the head.

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  1. Love it! I'm thinking to make a short hand drawn animation and participate in the contest 🙂 Animation in Cuphead was awesome although the game is a bit tough for me to play. Tina, thanks for showing us your work. I enjoyed watching this clip. 🙂

  2. Great interview this was!!! Happy to hear Tina's voice for the first time which I'm grateful to see on this video! Also Baroness Von Bon Bon is clearly my favorite of all in Cuphead! 😀

  3. Wow, I found the video super cool and interesting but I wasn't going to write a comment, however I had to do so after listening to the few seconds of that piano music at the end. It's so beautiful and calm and reminds me a lot of the original The Sims OST and my countless childhood hours spent playing it. I'm assuming it's from the film's soundtrack?

  4. I had a huge pleasure of meeting Tina and I can asure you that Baroness is 100% of her xD Well, besides that chopped of head.

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