Thrall v Rexxar: A Hearthstone Cartoon

Thrall v Rexxar: A Hearthstone Cartoon

The Innkeeper: “Woaaaah! Thrall Thrall vs. Thrall vs. Rexxar WAAAAA” Rexxar: “Let the hunt Begin!” Thrall: “For Doomhammer!” Leper Gnome:”I feel icky!” Leper Gnome:”I feel ick……..” Leper Gnome:”I feel…..” Abusive Sergeant:”Get in there and fight, maggot!” Thrall: “Attack now!” Leper Gnome:”GIMME A BIG HUG!” Rexxar: “I will hunt you down!!” Leper Gnomes:”GIMME A BIG HUG!” Abusive Sergeant:”Suffer my !” Leper Gnome:”HUG!” Sir Finley Mrrgglton”Who’s up for an adventure?” Sir Finley Mrrgglton: Mrglglglgl! Sir Finley Mrrgglotn: …glgl! Rexxar:”I hunt alone.” Thrall:”Doomhammer!” Thrall:”Doomhammer!” The Innkeeper: “Again!” Brian: “It’s sure been an intense duel between… … Thrall and Rexxar. Here at the caster’s desk is my co-caster and analyst: Jaraxxus What is your analysis of the match thus far Jaraxx?” Jaraxxus: “FACE!” Rexxar:”Well played.” Thrall:”You win this one, friend.” Rexxar:”My apologies.” Rexxar:” Astounding!”

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  1. Okay so I got really bored and decided to see exactly how much damage both sides are taking JUST from what is shown here, assuming what I remember about the timing of certain nerfs is accurate. The results:
    Rexxar: 4+4+2+4+7+3+2+2+2+2= 32 (2 over lethal)
    Thrall: 6+8+3+2+7(2 hero powers in one turn here, I notice)+2+2+2+2= 34, then a presumed +6 from unleash. If we're being honest here a match like this would never go past turn 4, so I think it's safe to call Rexxar the winner in regards to the face race.

  2. Just curious guys, but when the leper gnome holds the sign that says “will pay big hugs for +1 attack” is that a reference to the nerf or something? (2:41)

  3. I lost it waiting for Rexxar to fire his arrow, only to run up to Thrall and smack him with it ???? i hope there is more

  4. nice cartoon, but i would find it better if the games take place in a tavern, like the hearthstone trailer:

  5. I count at least 30 damage to Thrall's face on screen. Including presumably more attacks by the minions, if not then there should be deathrattle damage from the leper gnomes. Did he have healing? Or did he burn a hex on each leper gnome?

    Edit: There is a gnome alive at the end, did it never attack other than the times we saw on screen?

  6. I just got the joke for the design on eagle horn bow. It's a bow with an eagle with a trumpet coming out of its mouth

  7. The emotes are half the game, nothing worse that being bested by an opponent that doesn’t even have the decency to spam the “wow” emote until they get the spam timer.

  8. What does FACE mean when Jarraxxux said it? I have heard it EVERYWHERE but cannot find anything online explain.

  9. I will never forget this video, this is what made me start playing hearthstone years ago and I am grateful for that. Thanks wronchi

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