This One Habit Will Make You Rich And Successful (Animated Story)

This One Habit Will Make You Rich And Successful (Animated Story)

– There’s one trick that will make you rich, happy, and successful, and it can make all of
your dreams come true and I’m gonna tell you what this trick is by sharing with you a story about how somebody learned
this trick too late in life. This is Lucas. Lucas was born in the middle of America to a man named John and
a woman named Emily. From a very early age, Lucas
displayed signs of genius. People would watch him in shock as he solved these incredibly
complex math equations as if they were simple puzzle pieces that he could easily fit together. He had intelligence far
beyond the other kids and even most of his teachers. It became clear to everyone that Lucas would go on to do
great things in this lifetime. His parents were proud of him and they loved him with all their hearts. But one day, something happened to Lucas. It was something that would
leave a permanent scar on the bright canvas of his life. It was a moment that
was truly unforgettable. One foggy night, Lucas’ mother was working
late in her office. After she was done, she got
into her car and she drove home to see her loving family. As she was driving through a green light, she was hit directly
in the driver side door by an intoxicated driver. While Lucas was reading
a book in his room, his dad came in and said, “Son, your mother was in a car accident. “She’s in critical
condition at the hospital.” When Lucas was looking at
his mother’s unconscious body in that white bed, it didn’t feel real. This is something that
only happens in the movies in order to make you cry. It’s not something that is
actually supposed to happen in real life, Lucas thought to himself. A few hours later, Lucas’
mother was pronounced dead. Lucas did not attend the funeral. He didn’t really talk to anyone. It was all too painful for him. The next few weeks were
incredibly confusing for Lucas which was something that
he was not used to feeling. He felt like there was this
giant black hole inside of him that he had no idea how to fill. At first, he tried asking
his dad questions like, why did all of this happen? What happens to mom now? What is the meaning behind all of this? But the only words his hurt
father could really say were, “Son, sometimes horrible things happen “and there isn’t always
a clear reason why.” But Lucas’ logical brain was
not able to accept this answer. He needed to uncover the
why behind his mom’s death and uncover all the
mysteries surrounding death. There’s no problem that is unsolvable, Lucas thought to himself. So he started to watch videos, read books, read blogs, talked to people. He even began studying the work of Ancient Greek philosophers
like Aristotle and Socrates, but Lucas quickly realized that the concept of death is
not like his math equations where everything is made up
of simple 2D puzzle pieces but rather it’s made up of
complex mind bending 4D pieces that don’t even conceptually
make sense when you look at it. As the weeks and months went by, Lucas realized that no
matter how much he read or how much he studied, he never really found the
concrete undeniable answer that he was looking for. So he stopped searching. His mom’s death left Lucas
in a constant state of pain. So he set out on a
self-destructive journey to distract himself from this
pain in any way that he could. At first, it started off small where he began to watch more
TV and eat unhealthy food. He then started to use social media more like YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and he would just sit on his bed for hours just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling consuming a seemingly
endless amount of content. But the more distractions
that he consumed, the more he craved. Lucas began drinking on the weekends which led him to drink
on the occasional weekday which led him to drink on most weekdays. He soon began experimenting with drugs which led him to abuse drugs. There were even times where he thought about
physically hurting himself. Lucas used these substances because it allowed him
to temporarily forget about how hollow he felt. And one night when he was really in pain, Lucas abused so many
substances that he almost OD’d. It was so bad that he fell to the ground and he began to have a seizure
and then before he knew it, he became unconscious. The next thing he knew, he woke up in a hospital
to his dad by his side. “Son, we are going to
talk about this tomorrow. “This behavior is obviously not okay, “but I don’t have time to figure
this out right now, okay?” “Sure.” Since his mom’s passing, the money had been a little
bit more tight in the family so his dad had to work overtime. Seeing all the nurses and
feeling the white bed on his skin immediately reminded Lucas
of his mother’s death, but Lucas did not have anything to distract himself with this time. He had no social media, no junk food, and he certainly had no substances and those horrible dark feelings
came flooding back to him. Lucas reached for the
remote control frantically trying to turn on the TV. “It doesn’t work,” a
mysterious voice said. “Excuse me?” Lucas said. “The TV, it doesn’t work. “You can click those buttons all you want. “It still won’t work.” “Um, and who are you?” Lucas said. “Sarah, you?” “No, I mean like who are you? “Are you a nurse, a doctor?” “Oh no, I’m a patient just like you.” “Oh God,” Lucas said. “That’s not a very nice way “to greet your bed neighbor,” she said. “Yeah, sorry, I’m used to
talking to people’s faces, “not at a giant white
curtain,” Lucas said. “Ah, I see, so you don’t
spend too much time “in the hospital then, do you?” “Nope, not really and you do?” “Yeah, a little.” “Are you usually this chatty
with your bed neighbors “as you call them?” “Just the ones who are in a bad mood.” “Well, I’m sitting here
with nothing to do, “with a horrible headache “so yeah, I’m not exactly
very happy right now.” “There are always reasons to be happy. “If you are bored, I can
lend you my favorite book. “Whenever I feel down, “it makes me feel a
little bit better, here.” A book came sliding under the
curtain towards Lucas’ bed. He picked it up. “The Power of Now,” Lucas said. “That’s right. “Most people hate what’s in that book “and they get really triggered “when they find out what’s in that book, “but I think every single
person on Earth should read it. “Anyways, I’m feeling pretty
tired so I’m going to sleep. “I didn’t catch your name?” “It’s Lucas.” “Well, it’s great to meet you Lucas. “I hope you feel better.” “Thanks, you too Sarah.” When Lucas got home, his
dad immediately grounded him until he could figure out
how to proceed with Lucas. So Lucas spent the next few
days glued to this book, but he noticed that it
wasn’t based on facts or data like he was used to, but rather it was based
on ideas and perspectives. He’d liked the book until
he got to the section called what to do when a loved one dies. The book said great loss ends with a great feeling of
emptiness and nothingness, but if you surrender into the nothingness, there is a fullness waiting for you there. But the only way to do
this is to fully embrace and accept all the pain that you feel. Lucas closed the book and he
immediately thought of the fact that he had not gone
to his mother’s funeral because it was too painful. He felt like the book was telling him to go to your mom’s tombstone
and surrender to the pain, but this was out of
the question for Lucas. The mere thought of doing this was almost unbearable for him. “I’m done with this book. “It’s time to return it to
Sarah,” Lucas said to himself. “Hi there, I’m here to see, um, my friend. “Her name is Sarah. “She’s in room 112,” Lucas said to the
receptionist at the hospital. “Sure, no problem.” She logged onto her
computer and then she said, “Um, you said you were her friend?” “Yeah, I’m here to return
the book she lent me.” “Uh, I’m not exactly sure how to say this, “but she passed a few days ago.” “She passed? “Passed where? “What do you mean?” “Sir, she had stage four terminal cancer. “She died.” Lucas turned around and sat
down in the chair behind him. “The girl who told me there
are always reasons to be happy “was dying of cancer?” Lucas thought to himself. He sat there for about 30 minutes replaying the conversation
with Sarah over and over and he deeply regretted
how unsympathetic he was. As a tear fell from Lucas’ face, he looked down at the book
and he knew what he had to do. The moment when he started
walking towards it, he felt immense pain. Every breath that he took
felt like somebody was placing a 10 pound weight on his back and every step that he took felt like somebody was
stabbing him in his stomach with a small sharp knife, but he just put his head down and he kept walking one
foot in front of the other. Finally, he opened his eyes and he saw the thing that
he had been fearing most, his mom’s tombstone. He immediately felt a hot
searing pain in his stomach that made him fall to his knees and then within seconds
this pain became so intense that his vision went blurry and his muscles began to seize up and all he could feel was
this overwhelming pain that echoed throughout
his entire mind and body. Lucas sat there for hours slowly
bleeding out his emotions. Eventually, he had
nothing left inside him. He felt like a soulless,
empty human being. And over the next few months, Lucas would go to his
mother’s tombstone everyday to put himself through this misery. But every time that he did this, the pain would slowly go down inch by inch and he would feel just
a little bit better. And eventually after
months of this torture, Lucas got to the point
where he could finally accept the reality that she was gone. He finally got to the point
where he could let her go. Every single one of us
have painful memories and traumas from our past. Some are big and some are small, but very few of us make the decision to consciously engage
with these bad feelings. We would rather choose
to forget about them or we bury them deep
inside our subconscious where nobody can find them and then we walk around in this
emotionally paralyzed state that we aren’t even really aware of. This is why we see people
who seemingly have it all. They have money, good looks, women, fame, yet they still aren’t happy. This is because they still
have issues inside them that they have not let go of. Maybe as a kid they didn’t
get enough attention from their parents so
now they are addicted to getting attention from other people or maybe a girl cheated on
them when they were younger with some other guy
who was way more cooler or way more muscular than they were and now the guy is addicted
to going to the gym seven days per week in order
to make himself feel good or worthy enough to
have another girlfriend. But most people will go their entire lives totally unaware of these kinds of things. So if you want to become
authentically rich or authentically successful, you need to let go of your past traumas. Otherwise, you will live a life where you are constantly
distracting yourself just like Lucas or a life where your traumas will dictate everything that you do. Letting go is the first and only step towards authentic happiness. If you enjoyed this video, I promise that you will
love the one on the screen. It will inspire you to do anything. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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  2. Of all pieces of content I've ever consumed, this is the most valuable video I've watched in my entire life.

    I balled my eyes out from the halfway mark all the way until the end.

    Instead of going to Burger King and binge watching Netflix like I was about to do after I finished this video; I'm going to listen to The Power of Now instead.

    Thank you for this, Mitch.

  3. My dad died in my arms when I was 12 years old. I always just thought me and my mother went to his grave every weekend to light a candle in remembrance of him but this video made sence to me. The pain went away after each month and now, It doesn't bother me anymore. I like to visit my father's grave. I accept that he is not physically with me, but his influence on me reminds me of him♡.

  4. Well as a cancer survivor i have to say this touched me a lot… After 2 years i just full my program with gym school and friends, what do u suggest me mitch? Im chasing normality but now that i got there it is not enough tbh…

  5. What if you don't have any past trauma? However, I feel like I have no purpose in life. I recently saw the Passion of the Christ, it led me to believe that love is the answer to everything. I have yet to figure out what value I can provide the universe in order for me to be successful.

  6. But how do you let go? The comment about the guy getting cheated on really hit home. But it wasn’t even a fitter guy, it was a loser. Which almost seems worst!

  7. Oh Man, This is the first time I'm being emotional hearing a story like this. I really wanted to cry ,but i have to go to school, that I can't do it now 🙁

  8. I wanna ask something from all the persons…. Please help me on this to find my way…. With clarity … I motivated myself… Then i am happy and doing my way… I just do all the things that i want. Control every thing love everything… Buttt…. After some days i become again weak.. Without any problem…. Maybe i just have to control my brain.. And think positive…. Please answer… Guys… This one answer can alot help me
    .. I never shy… Yeah i do sometimes… But when i want it from my heart. I never shy…. I have no goal.. I have i mean i had a goal…with honesty i wanna be a singer but my parents want i'll be dr.. But i really don't but i promise myself then i quit my dream.. Bcz what i just make dream impossible in every possibility…. I just made my. Mind.. I work hard and be what they want but truly i am distracted… I watched alot motivational videos… Firstly i was just keep everything inside in my heart…. But now i have nothing to worry.. And nothing in my heart except love… I love others really i have big heart.. I am. Not telling it guys… Cuz i am just wanna show off i am telling bcz i want help… I wanna go above the earth… No matter how many times i sad… This nature make my day.. I dont wanna do something extraordinary i wanna do change i wanna be who i am… My heart is clear.. But my mind still aint…. Sometimes i control my emotions sometimes i cant… I made my mind I'll will do it then i just forget and lost my track i really #lovethischannel… Its just motivates me alot.. I thought i will be what i want in this #2020 but i dont… I know i can start now… Cuz nothing lost…. I still have time… I just firstly decide i wil do both my dream my parents… Tooo…. But i cant so i leave mine… I am very grateful that i am doing my parent's dream…. Its kind.. I am thinking bout those who gave me this life.. If the won't than i would not be here…. Well really after writing it feeling good…. I wanna astronaut.. I wanna do something.. My name will be on books.. Like elbert, issac, Galileo… I love em..u still dont know bout my life…. Its just what i am telling… Well think i dont need any motivation….. But i think… I need maybe it help me later… Just guys tell me… How to forget someone?? I motivates other but sometimes i need to… 2) just help me on my goal… I already tell..

    Thanks a million… I dont care if someone replay or not.. I just want.. U all deserve what u deserve in ur life💕😘🤗☺

  9. Hi Guys .I'm a small YT who is trying to reach 1K SUBSCRIBERS plz support me for 10 yrs of good luck …Plz 🙏🙏🙏

  10. Your animation skills are brilliant. Your story telling skills don't lag behind. Just change the title. It's inaccurate to the content. Even if there is any SEO reason for you to name it that way. Go for something like "how to get through tough times". I love your channel!

  11. Awesome video! Another great book to check out is Letting Go by David Hawkins and talks about the same lesson from this video. Hope this helps 🙂

  12. This is very valuable video and teach me a lot. One day I was thinking about meaning of life and I became interested in personal development, I even created my YouTube channel about personal development and take time to my parents, because time doesn't last forever.

  13. I don't know if I already have said this but your foot's characters are awful 😂 This curves makes it too weird

  14. WoW.Great video! Btw sir do you think of these stories by yourself? and what software do you use for creating these videos? Thanks 🙂

  15. Face confusions, pain and challanges
    Feed your Subconscious mind to success by having no insecurities, no pains and no "dark issues"
    Eg. Commit to it

    Change your subconscious programming by taking it and letting it go and being authentic by keeping away from distractions.

  16. Hey i watch almost all your videos.. good stuff. Try equilizing your voice.. you should cut some lows and low mids… All the best

  17. i can't stop my tears. yes we should let our past be gone and accept the reality. thanks a lot Mitch Manly for making this video as a reflection of us.

  18. Wise words once utter: "To live is to suffer. to survive…that is to find meaning in the suffering."

    Wiser words: "The is more to life than mere "survival". Life has pain, but it also has joy. A truly worthwile love brings us both."

  19. Hmmm, I know why it was in my suggestion. No one died thankfully, but I lost someone forever.
    Video was extreamly helpful. Great work man!

  20. "Today I am going to tell you the true secret to success." Yeah, okay. And I'm next incarnation of Jesus Christ. I love how everybody on the Internet happens know everything with 100% certainty. Every fuck-knuckle with a couple of brain cells and an Internet connection has the answers to all of the world's problems. The Internet used to mock this know-it-all way of thinking, now it's become the perfect embodiment of it. Every YouTube video, every article is presented with these terse, dumbed down titles like "How To Be A Perfect Mom" or "10 Things You're Doing Wrong at Work" or "No, CNN Is Not Fake News" etc, etc. I hate human beings so god damned much.

  21. Dude, God needs to patch this Glitch. I always Let go of the pain debuff by increasing my Wisdom Stats through Skill Points and in return I get 5k Money Per pain that i've gotten rid of. I'm now max level so dont tell god Lmao

  22. this is a bit superficial because theres a ton of rich and ''successful'' people who are still insecure and have not even looked into themselves to solve anything…I wish it was that easy..

  23. I gave you a thumbs up because of the positive message of learning to deal with your feelings/emotions instead of distracting yourself with negative influences; even if you deal with everything in your life and you're happy, that doesn't guarantee wealth. You already had it right when you said after you deal with unpleasant emotions that you either don't understand or they're just too painful or both and then finally deal with them and find happiness, that's it!

    I'm not saying you're done, but people nowadays, especially in the U.S. are obsessed with getting rich! Having tons of money won't bring you happiness, because if obtaining as much money as you can is your only goal, you'll never be happy! I'm not saying it's wrong to be wealthy, I'm saying money doesn't = happiness. We obviously need money to live and function and to do the things we want to do, but get into a job, a career where you're doing something that you want to do, while making money, because if you're not happy now (and I'm not referring to you specifically, I mean anyone) and you think money will make you happy, it won't. The same thing goes for believing that you need someone to be happy or (if you're a woman) having a baby will make me happy, it won't as the primary thing in your life. People enrich our lives so much, but the bottom line is this; you've got to be happy with yourself first. Then whatever you do in life is worth more than any amount of money!

    I can say this with certainty because I've seen it and lived it (in a fashion). Most pics, videos, movies we see on the internet are highlight reels. Life isn't a highlight reel. It's boring sometimes. I stole that last bit about life being a highlight reel and such from another Youtube channel called "Better Ideas" (who is not me, nor do I know him, just giving credit to who said it).

     The question then becomes, what is happiness? That's something I can't tell you, because I myself have been chasing that. I can just tell you what it isn't. I have several mental illnesses that predispose me to unhappiness, but I think "normal" people should be able to find happiness within themselves, provided they're not dealing with events like deaths and trauma in their life for example.

    While writing this, I looked up what happiness was. Happiness is the state of being happy. Right, I need a psychological definition for it, so I found this: "Research in the field of positive psychology often defines a happy person as someone who experiences frequent positive emotions, such as joy, interest, and pride, and infrequent (though not absent) negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, and anger (Lyubomirsky et al., 2005). " You should read this article if you're interested in that question!

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