This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

Welcome back to another episode of “DANCE DANCE DANCE” since I’ve been making videos on Low-budget movies over the past couple of months I’ve been getting this movie suggested to me a lot it’s called “Standing Ovation” it came out in 2010 It looks like sort of a High School Musically type movie or like a Disney channel type movie and I don’t know if it was that popular among kids when it came out so maybe some of you have seen it I don’t know But I got this movie recommended to me a lot so I wanted to watch it and I did *a pause that will cause someone social anxiety to double* 😏 and it’s really bad it’s just this really weird movie totally based on these dance competitions wear these kids sing and dance but all the music is really bad just lots of really weird plot details wear things that they mention at the beginning of the movie that you would think are going to come back and they never do and over all it just seems like a very lazily put together movie I just get the vibe that the film makers didn’t really care when making this movie they just thought ahh kids while watch it even if it sucks and we will make money and that is good so this movie starts off with a little dance competition or it’s like a singing competition or like a singing and dance competition I’m not really sure what event it is that these girls compete in it’s like a singing and dancing competition wear they choreograph and write their own songs uh, and then perform them so it opens with these kids singing and dancing and jumping all over the stage and it looks like the main characters are running a little late because that’s what under dogs do at the beginning of movie they show up late to things we see them all hop out of a taxi there’s Britney that’s the main character and then her grandpa who’s the taxi driver (for some reason) he wishes them good luck (grandpa says) good luck you girls wish you the best (girl) “A” i got amazing “B” we’re the best “C” I told you, I told you I knew the alphabet (Danny) I told you I knew the alphabet you didn’t believe me you thought, you thought I didn’t even know the letters of the alphabet but look at me know I got all the way to “C” the music in this movie is really bad so in this opening this random group dancing but we do get introduced to a villain because when they are performing we see this creepy man back stage press some buttons on this circuit breaker. (weird zap sounds) and for some reason instead of turning off the lights it just sort of makes them flicker and buzz I’m not sure why flipping switches on a circuit breaker would just make the lights flicker and buzz like that but never the less it ruins their performance “a”, “o”, I smell a villain my little villain sniffer is sniffing a guy that’s up to no good so before were really introduced to the main characters we’re actually introduced to the villains so I thought that these girls were going to be the main characters since it was introduced to them first these are the wiggies there called that because there always wearing wigs there the daughter of this guy who the richest man in town and he owns a wig factory so that’s why there wearing the wigs you may remember this guy from a few seconds ago when he fucked with the lights ( zapping sounds) are you girls ready to kill some.. (girl interrupts) butt (laughing) do you have to be so crude Jeff I’m trying to teach them to be ladys (Danny) Jeff she’s trying to teach these girls to be ladys Do not tell them about butts ladys are not suppose to know about butts (Jeff) ladys I’m not raising ladys I’m raising what; (song in harmony exempt for Jeff) superstars (Danny) A, A (laugh) what the fuck god I think they should have turned the microphones down for that part (Jeff) singing but weirdly this movie has lots of really plot points and lots of weird characters and bad writing but it’s weird production qwerks like this, that really put the icing on the cake for this movie like was nobody monitoring the audio for this scene nobody noticed the bar like hitting the top of the audio levels because this scene is suppose to be shown off how good the rival gang is at singing but instead it just makes them all sound like Sh** Usually when movies have kid actors there like the weak point of the movie but in this movie I actually feel like the kids did a really good job. there very cute likable characters and it’s all of the things the adults were suppose to do in this movie that made it really bad loser (sung by the Wiggies in harmony) (girl from other gang says) yeah well at least we can sing (girl from rival gang) what did you just say O, Sh** what she should have said was at least we don’t clip the microphone every time we harmonies. so this is the first little altercation between the main characters and the rival gang. The main characters are called the 5 ovations and the rival gang are the Wiggies and is it just me or is there like way to big of an age difference between the 5 ovation and the Wiggies because it says latter on the movie that the 5 ovation are 12 and the Wiggies look like there like 20 like what kind of league is this that there in. what kind of dance competition is putting 20 year olds against littlerly middle schoolers how could these girls even stand a chance (girl from wiggies aka the rival gang) you heard me you better watch your mouth girl (random person) sss,sss do you want to do this or not come on no cat fights come (wiggies be like making these weird cat noises) (Danny laughing) okay fine no cat fights but were still going to hiss like little cats

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  1. Milokya (I don’t know how to spell it and the little girl said it wrong) is the evil eye. My Nana used to jokingly say she was gonna put the evil eye on someone.

  2. some of the songs in this movie:
    “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”

    “the music- the music- the music-“

    “and I can’t wait- wait- wait- wait- wait-“

  3. There is this movie called “Everyone’s hero” and it’s an animated (badly) and a confusing storyline and it’s all around bad.
    Check it out.

  4. the very goth people have such warranted reactions to britney sassing them like…..pov a middle schooler walks up to you and tells you to stop being friend with her brother because you have liberty spikes

  5. I watched the movie as a kid so many times and for some reason I loved it and I watched it again recently and it’s actually trash

  6. its a dimmer, but if you twist it all the way one way itll turn the lights on, all the way the other way itll turn the lights off. and in-between dims it. ofc slapping it won't do anything but it is indeed a real light switch. source: I had many of those in an old house

  7. Guys..I just saw where they were when they were dancing in the area when the dad pulls the lil girl out AND….it’s in Disney XD I’ve been there and I knew it looked familiar

  8. Kids these days will never know how hard this movie SLAPPED. It still does today, idc what anyone says 😭😭😭😭

  9. 8:18 the fact that the front girl in the pink dress and the girl in the white dress didn't switch costumes/places with eachother is grounds for disqualification. Making the formation they're in symmetrical would have been so easy but there they are, dissatisfyingly asymmetrical.

  10. Okay but think about it
    – The Wiggies are a group of young girls
    – Their boss/manager/person is a rich old white man
    – He calls himself their "dad" despite not being related
    – He puts them in wigs and makeup and costumes
    – They're careful not to upset him
    – He has them…perform
    – All so he can make more money

  11. I’ve watched this video about 5 times now, and I haven’t watched it all the way through yet because the film is so bad

  12. Wiggies: Actually make good quality music videos, choreography, and practice
    bratty 12-year-old girls: OmG tHeRe OnLy HeRe CuZ tHeRe DaD iS lOaDeD!!!( * Whines for 1 hour and 15 minutes*)

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