Things You Didn’t Know About Ragdolls! – Simon’s Cat | BREEDS

Things You Didn’t Know About Ragdolls! – Simon’s Cat | BREEDS

Hello, I’m Simon and welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. Today, we’re going to be finding out about
one of my favourite cat breeds – the big fluffy Ragdoll. Well these cats are called Ragdolls, because
when you pick them up they go all limp and floppy just like a real Ragdoll. Another trait of Ragdolls is that they follow
you around the house, a bit like a little dog. And so they’ve earned the name puppy cats. [Ragdoll Factfile] Well Ragdolls are big cats, I mean they are, really BIG cats. Some of them get three times the size of a regular cat. And another lovely thing about them is they
have intense blue eyes. When they’re born, as little tiny fluffy kittens,
they’re completely white. And they get their lovely markings as they
grow. And they don’t actually reach maturity until
3 years. Another thing that Ragdolls are famous for
is their lovely soft fur, which many people say is kind of like a rabbits fur. Really, really soft to touch! Ragdolls also come in a whole variety of different
colours. [Ragdoll Care] Even though these cats have got fur that’s
described as ‘non-matting’ the hair can still get quite long. Especially under those big fluffy pantaloons. So regular grooming is advised. And if they’re not groomed enough, of course,
this can lead to fur balls. Well Ragdolls are seen as being indoor cats
really, they’re very friendly and trusting cats. They haven’t really got a natural sense of
suspicion. Which could lead to them being quite vulnerable when they go outside on their
own. Because Ragdolls get to be such big cats you
have to make sure you get the litter tray the right size for them. Otherwise..this can lead to a few problems. [Simon Draws: A Ragdoll] Okay, so let’s draw the big fluffy Ragdoll. Can’t forget the big beautiful blue eyes. There you are, there’s my big fluffy fat Ragdoll. Now it’s time to have a look at some of yours! And there they all are. Thanks for watching!

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  1. My mom's ragdoll was the smaller kitten when she was born and the mother refused her, she survived because the owner of her parents took care of her…

    So now she is an adult but she is small, and we can see how small she is next to my mom male persian… she already gave birth kitten, but she got them prematuring, the vet told us it is because she is really small… also she is really clumsy!!!

    Her kitten, who is an adult now and belong to our neighbor, is a giant, even bigger that his father…

    We love my mom's cat even though she is clumsy and small!!!

  2. My Simmo is half ragdoll half tonkinese. He is a white, flame point with baby blue eyes. He also has the big soft fluffy fur and pantaloons. But unfortunately he only acts like a tonk.

  3. Dear Simon, in Brazil we have an expression for someone who is cute like yourself: "gatinho' which means "little cat".

  4. I have short hair ragdoll and my animal shelter I adopted her from said she was a Himalayan cat but I did
    Some research and she is a ragdoll and she was getting really big

  5. We have a four month old kitten named Bixby Blue. He is 80% white, but has a charcoal tail and ears, and a tan mask and some tan between the ears. He was called a snowshoe by the rescue center. He is developing a few stripes on his dark tail, and some on his tan forehead. The vet said he may have some blue point lynx in him as well. Has anybody heard of such a boy??!! Thanks. PS He does act like a Ragdoll, especially with me.

  6. My Ragdoll Kitten is just over 6 months old (Ramsey) and his Tail & Bum, hang over the litter tray… and i got the biggest one i could find.

  7. The other day my ragdoll, Lola followed my brother into the bathroom! She loves my family but adores him. She is very shy around strangers but she loves stealing pillows on beds!

  8. I remember once picking up a crying ragdoll kitty. As soon I picked it up and started talking to it how gorgeous he/she was, it stopped crying. I felt like a mother. ???
    Thats the only breed cat I would like one day to have. Because I dont care about breeds in general. But the ragdolls are indeed adorable.

  9. We have a giant black cat, 27 pounds, very floppy and was very fluffy as a kitten. Follows us around the house. Is our cat a ragdoll? And do they come in black?

  10. I grew up with a ragdoll (Ashes, for the grey spots on her fur) and this video brought back so many happy memories and strange little eccentricities I had forgotten.

  11. I have a beautiful 5 months ragdoll named Ceasar and it’s my joy. I always loved cats but this cat is something I can’t describe.
    Btw, I don’t understand the thumbs down…come on guys, what’s wrong with you??!

  12. Ragdolls are the best. I just got a second one and your kitten episodes are cracking me up because Im watching these things happen in my house right now ?

  13. Why does my rag doll love going outside. We don’t have a litter box because he just digs a whole in backyard and covers it up when he is done

  14. i own a himalayan cat is it still a ragdoll, personally i think my quite small compare to other cats but she just turned 1 year old in october

  15. Ugh! I want one but Im afraid cuz I might lose it just like my siamese cat??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. I have a blue point ragdoll, currently sleeping right next to me, and if i pick her up, she will bite and claw my eyes out. I call her "Ragdoll Gone Wrong".

  17. I have a few questions, I am looking to introduce a male ragdoll kitten to my 3 year old ragdoll tom. I was wondering if this would be a good idea and what the best way to do this would be? Thank you x

  18. I got a Ragdoll at the pound. Didn't know what it was at the time. Brought it home… and it was like. I think I got a cat with a dog brain… what type of evil science are they doing at the pound!?! But then we did some research. He is a Lynx Mitted Ragdoll he is 1 year old and bigger than my 7 year old cat.

  19. I laughed until I cried fluffy pantaloons ????? I've been saying that about our Ragdoll for years FLUFFY PANTS!!?????? Ahm, love Simon's Cat

  20. My cat is a Canadian lynx ragdoll hybrid mix but he is super duper friendly and I love him his name is Tommy and he is my fluffy baby boy

  21. Simon, thank you :o) I'm following one YouTube ragdoll with name Timo (Xiedubbel). He's dying of kidney failure. Your little video is soothing. Thank you.
    When will you make a full Simon's cat movie? Please please please?

  22. One of My cats is a mix of something else and a rag doll
    He is very big
    And he has a lot of hair
    But it’s short
    And I’m pretty sure he’s big because he’s very fat
    His body is also mainly grey with white undertones

  23. This is why i love the ragdolls ? ?????? and i got one now a colour point ragdoll, she’s so beautiful and acts dog like sometimes and we’re trying to make more videos. ?

  24. I have 2 ragdolls, a seal point and a lilac point and a half ragdoll black cat, and her son is the same but you could so easily think he was a purebred ragdoll kitten. And don't worry, he's spayed so he's not gonna be breeding with his mother.

  25. The drawings and animation are incredible. So very expressive.I’m a proud owner of a 7year old ragdoll and would agree that they are the greatest breed of cat ever.

  26. My rag doll is still just white and grey. And you are so right about them being big. The first time we took him to the vet when he was almost a year old he weighed 15 lbs

  27. I have a ragdoll that refuses to go limp but that's okay ❤️ she's wonderful and beautiful and honestly I'd never have her be any different

  28. Sooo handsome! All the marvellous fur of a Persian, but they actually have a goodlooking cat's face, with a real nose, instead of this pitiful pug-faced head Persians have. The best of both worlds!
    But…. these were really not things I didn't know about ragdolls. I knew everything. It's not rocket science.

  29. That painting on 1:07, the rabbit hugging the cat from behind is superb ?♥️

    Please upload it on your facebook page, please please please ?

  30. you could do a cartoon series with the way you draw cats, i was pretty focused on your drawings – there very cute.

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