The Voltron Show (Parody Animation)

The Voltron Show (Parody Animation)

How goes backyard barbecue, the Holts? Pretty good, it doesn’t seem. Next time you invite Krolia. Let me see him. Open it! Oh, oh gross! Oh, someone get me a napkin!
*retching noises* All the men I go out with take me to their mom’s house for a date. It’s OK Allura, all the guys I date have like… three lines. – I died for this?
– Hey, what’s deader: us or our love lives? Name’s Coran. Wimbledon Smyth if you’re nasty. NOPE NOPE NOPE 100% NOT. I have a class to teach. *door slams* At least put your dishes away! That’s how we get ants. Oh, wait fuck no- PIDGE! Stop writing Voltron Show fanfiction! Stop trying to inhibit my artistic muse, Shiro! – Come on Shiro, it can’t be worse than canon.
– Hunk, it’s like My Immortal in space. – The Blue Lion-
– Let me guess, takes the most handsome and best pilot of the bunch? No, takes the one most willing to have sex with an alien. *insert the Jurassic Park theme here. SO MAJESTIC* Get me to space hospital! Oh, wait fuck no, we don’t have space Medicaid. Fück. Giant metal husband, do not tell Texas
Shiro about our love. Did you fuck my mom, Kolivan? That is inappropriate.
…also yes. You’re half Galra? I’m half Galra! – We’re going to be best friends!
– Please no. – Takashi, it’s over!
– Is this because of Kerberos? No, it’s because you keep using the skater S to sign your name! You’re just jealous. *Josh Keaton saying “Stop, Frig, Negative” 4 times* – …Was that Josh Keaton?
– Oh, wait fuck no.

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  1. Adam: I have a class to teach.

    Shiro: At least put your dishes away! That's how we get ants!

    Me: Shiro, quit being a dad! I miss my mom already!

  2. Nice video! Oh I have a good news! I found a page about your channel at Korean wiki called namuwiki! And here’s the link I think Koreans are also enjoying your videos!

  3. YOU ANIMATED MY BABY ADAM AND I WHEEZED NOW IM IMAGINING THEM BEING SURROUNDED BY ANTS AND ADAM MAKING AN ANT FARM- THEY'RE BOTH SO CHAOTIC IM WHEEZE? ALSO I SPAT MY DRINK OUT AT ALL THE SHIRO CLONES. am i allowed to say this is my favourite video of yours ever? I haven't laughed this hard in so long and it brightening my evening honestly :,) ily Wazy thank you for sharing such gorgeous work to the world because you're honestly such a gift ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. 1:40 lol Texan Shiro
    Also when the blam blam blam showed after this I thought:
    …Aizawa…? Is that you…?
    Then I looked at it again and realized it was Shiro XD

  5. "Shiro oh please it cant be worse than canon"
    "Its my immortal in space!"

    So like I said it cant be worse than canon

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