The Titans Dress Up As The Justice League | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network

The Titans Dress Up As The Justice League | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network

Slow down, there, Raven.
I’m Batman. Yo, I can be a bat.
Let me be Batman! I wish to be the Batman! I already called dibs.
I’m Batman! (GAGS) So sweaty. (GRUNTS) Ugh! Smells like vinegar. (SNIFFING) And the sweaty cheese. Of course he sweats.
He’s Batman! Or should I say, (IMITATING BATMAN)
“I’m Batman”? (GAGGING) -Beasty, you be
Martian Manhunter.
-Who? You know, the cool green dude
from Mars who hunts men
all the time. Sweet. I wanna hunts me
some mens. CYBORG: Raven,
you be Wonder Woman. Great. So, all I get is
a swim suit, some bracelets
and a rope? That rope is the Golden Lasso. Those bound by it
are forced to tell the truth. Really? Hey, Batman. Remember that wet spot
on your pants you said
was water? (STRAINING) It was pee. I said it was water,
but it was totally pee. You try fighting crime
after drinking too much
cranberry juice! (CHUCKLES) Cool. Ooh, who shall I be? How about The Flash? I am the Flash!
Flash, flash, flash,
flashety, flash, flash! -(CLAPS)
-Nice moves, Flash. Green Lantern approves. (ZAPPING) -(BELL DINGS)
-Booyah! -Sweet ring, bro.
-Thank you. This ring is the
most powerful weapon
in the universe. It can manifest anything
with your willpower alone. Witness its power! (GOLDEN GIRLS
THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Are those the Golden Girls? You know it. What up, Bea? That ring can manifest
any weapon imaginable, and you choose
the Golden Girls? These sassy old broads are
the toughest ladies around. When the chips are down,
you want the Golden Girls
in your corner. Wow. You’d make such a great
member of the Justice League. It’s okay, Bea. Not even your sardonic
one-liners can make him
a pal and confidant.

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  2. My birthday party Teen Titans and I really like your videos so please come over and I wanted you to come to my birthday party and have some birthday cake send

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  4. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls And Especially Ben Gwen And Max Tennyson From Ben 10 (2016) Enjoy Guest Starring On Teen Titans Go To Hang Out With The Teen Titans Even If Ben Tennyson Might Have To Enjoy Constantly Falling In Love With Raven

  5. (MARVEL Version)
    Robin: Slow down there Raven I'm Spider-Man
    Beast Boy: Yo I can be a Spider let me be Spider-Man
    Starfire: I wish to be the Spider-Man

  6. i dont understand why people hate on teen titans go. its actually super adorable and the jokes are fine. its in cartoon network its mainly targeted on children. yall can say im childish but i really enjoy this show a loooot and im 21. every single one of them is just the cutest. but yeah i guess everyone has their opinion so…

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  8. Do you know whats weird?
    This is teen titans go but if you want it to buy it on youtube they want you to buy teen titans


  9. A. Why did Raven chock when she put on the Batman mask?
    B. Why did Beast Boy say "Smells like Vinegar "?
    C. Why did Starfire say "Cheese"?

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  11. Martian manhunter is one ☝️ f my favorite superhero’s and look how much respect they give him only 3 seconds 🙁 😢

  12. Cyborg: This ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe.

    Thanos: I’m about to end this whole mans career.

  13. What do I do for the baby 👶 I love 💖 your baby and your kids love your family too and I love them and they are so cute I am very happy 😃 was that you have to make

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