The Third Dimension

The Third Dimension

Y-You know what? I am so done with 2-D animation This time, we move to the third dimension yes…YES! With this, WITH THIS! I have unlimited potential! Look-Look at this beautiful work of ART! Yes, yes, my child! *laughing* What the.. what the fuck is this? *Laughing* Oh my god… (What have you done) This is what a beautiful little boy what a good boy really feel like our abomination needs some eyes really I really feel like you have to go now You look kind of like a frog can’t forever be living as some kind of fucking blob So it’s given some arms here. There we- there we go! Looking good there, not forget is This back legs. Oh my God look at that butt! I don’t mean to brag here But I’m pretty sure this is a the concept art for Venusaur *Burp* OOOHH i just learned we can paint in this- Now, as you’ve already gathered we’ve created such a good boy, We got really given that like boyish charms. We’re gonna add some some blushing cheeks right there You know really give him that that that childhood wonder give us give those soulless eyes some pupils Let’s fucking try. Oh my God. What are we creating Also I just realized the we didn’t give our little friend here a hat I really feel like we’d be uh fucking him over if we didn’t so let’s just, add that on, Oh my god tha- *wheeze* th- loo- AWWW No, that kinda turned into like a really fucking cool hairstyle. Whoo. I love it dude. Oh, I got you it’s so fresh What should we name this beautiful beautiful creature? Yo? Yo comment in the in the comment section down below what we should name our beautiful, baby boy And now we’re just going to pop our friend in here BOOSH! there he is so you know one big happy family Look how happy is that a new 3D friend and you a new beautiful? *laughing* (kill me now)

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