The Spiders and the Bees

The Spiders and the Bees

Mommy, why do humans hate us? I don’t know, Matthew. Our species is completely harmless to them. And we keep the mosquito population down, who are responsible for killing more humans every year
than other humans do. So humans have no rational reason to fear us, but they still do? I’m afraid humans aren’t that smart, Matthew. *MWAH* Sleep tight, don’t let the bed humans bite. Love you mommy! I love you too Matthew. Mom? I think the hate that spiders get is a tad bit undeserved. Okay, fine if you’re in the shower and you see a spider crawling up your leg like a fricking pervert then that’s an appropriate time to freak out. But other than that, spiders are most likely not going to hurt you. Their webs are to weak to trap you, they don’t know how to open doors, and there’s only like a fifty percent chance that they’re venomous. Ok, but for real unless you live in Australia the chances of you dying by a spider bite is pretty low. There are venomous spiders, yes. And if you’re having a negative reaction to a spider bite, then you should get treatment, but a large percentage of spiders are harmless. Even the black widow – – known as the most venomous spider in North America, won’t kill you if you’re a healthy adult. Their bite will be painful for a couple of days, sure, But like you’ll walk it off! That was, that was a joke, if you get bitten by a Black Widow spider, then don’t walk it off. Go see a doctor. And hey! If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get super powers. So wait, the two most dangerous spiders in North America are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow? What are you trying to say about dangerous colors, America? Oh wait the Great White Shark is even more dangerous, never mind. Technically sharks are like…. the second least dangerous animal out there, Besides puppies, cause like… They don’t wanna eat humans. I-I mean like if you had to fight a spider and a shark, The-the shark would win. Also spiders kill pests. According to this comic I made in 2014, and this National Geographic article, a single spider can eat about 2,000 insects a year. So if you are not a fan of flies, moths or mosquitoes, which incidentally kill 600,000 people a year, then you’re on TEAM SPIDER! Cause they’re also not fans of them. Well, they are fans of them, but they… …they are fans cause they eat them. I’m not saying you have to be roommates with arachnids, I’m just saying that if you see a spider. don’t put it through torture, continuously smashing it with a blunt object! Euuuuugh, it’s still moving, it’s still moving!! KILL….. ME SQUASH Instead, get a cup and carefully place it over a spider. They’re really dumb, so doing this will be easy. Then scoop up your new best friend
with a piece of paper, and yeet it back into the wild with the rest of God’s glorious creatures. THUNDERCLAP Yeah…actually, there is a high chance
that they won’t make it, being thrown into
a completely different environment. But they should have thought of that
before they decided to live in my house! Even though a spider has 8 eyes, they have terrible eyesight. So that spider that landed on your face did not do it intentionally. Some spiders that live in caves care completely blind. They don’t even have one eye! But even if they did have eyes, their whole world would still be pitch black. What a sad life to be a part of. Just every time you’re outside, seeing the sun, just think that somewhere there’s a colony of spiders, just in pure blackness, just never seeing the sun, never seeing their children smile or graduate college. They’re just sitting in a cave for all their life. So is nature’s. That is the way this- the cookie crumbles Also we’re forgetting the most amazing thing about spiders, which is that they are incredibly talented in “web design” LAUGH GIGGLES Proportionately the silk
that makes up a spider web is stronger than the fibers
that make a bullet-proof vest. So next time you go to a gun fight, put on a spider web instead. The amazing thing about spider webs is that not only can they save Wilbur from being slaughtered, but it’s just STUPID incredible that something so small Can make such an intricate shape from nothing but the material inside their own bodies. The Golden Silk Orb Weaker Spider has too many middle names and has enough silk inside of them to make three full spider webs. And it’s this guys job to pin that spider down and pull all it’s silk out like some type of spider predator. It’s okay though. The documentary said he was just harmlessly immobilizing the spiders. I can’t believe this is someone’s job. I don’t think telling people I’m a YouTuber is that bad anymore. “So…uh, what do you do for a living?” “I harmlessly immobilize spiders with thumb tacks and pull silk out of their abdomen to add to my ever increasing, collection. What about you? “OH! I, uh, make YouTube videos…” I see people with arachnophobia being irrationally afraid of these harmless little guys, And I just don’t see the sense of fearing something that ultimately does good things for the ecosystem. But you know what we should be afraid of?! BEES! BEES ARE TERRIFYING! Look, they’re sucking the blood out of this guy to make honey! HYPERVENTILATES Oh, they’re dying out at an alarming rate? GOOD!!!!! Okay, that was a joke, bees are without a doubt
the most important insect on this planet Not only do they have the best work ethic
of any living thing on Earth, which is why none of them are YouTubers. They also pollinate 30% of the world’s crops Don’t ask me who pollinates the rest, cause I don’t know. Without bees, humanity would turn to pure anarchy. Bees are so important world-famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld made a documentary about the life of a bee, and what the world would be like without them. Ever since 2006, bees, just like the memes say have been “dying at an alarming rate”. The scary thing is that scientists don’t know exactly the reason for this bee-pocalypse. But they think it has something to do with new pesticides being used on farms, parasites that kill the bee, And global warming. So once we’ve figured out how to fix these three problems, we’ll “bee” in good shape! It’s a little bee pun. We like to have “pun” around here. Now what can you, a concerned citizen, to stop the dropping population of bees? Most likely nothing. Cause I don’t think anyone watching this makes laws about pesticides or stopping global warming. So we just gotta sit back and hope the people who make those laws know the importance of bees. But… maybe you should plant a couple of flowers, just to be on the safe side. The reason I have a fear of bees is that I have gotten stung by a bee, Not THREE times, Not FOUR times, BUT TWO TIMES! Two- two times. Now obviously as I’ve grown, I see the importance of bees and I know not to throw rocks at them. The first time I got stung, I was outside, and I guess I was too playing too close to a bee hive ‘Cuz I got stung on my arm, and I cried a lot. The second time I was in my backyard, barefoot, and I was walking around, and- You know how sometimes when you’re about to do something, and your brain realizes you’re about to make a mistake, but your body is already committed to the motion and you don’t have enough time to stop yourself? So I was in the middle of talking a step, and I saw I was about to step on a bee, But my body didn’t have the reaction time or the motor skills to avoid the step and… (and we can all guess what happened after the step) *James cries* I’m sure the bee was just acting in self-defense, but… ..MAN that scarred me! Some people may have an allergic reaction
to bee stings, and they should go to a hospital
if they get stung, but in my case, It just hurt a lot. And my Mom put baking soda over where I got stung, and I cried. When people found out
I was afraid of bees, they would always tell me
that bees are docile creatures, and they only sting you
if they feel threatened. They would say the same thing
about spiders by the way. So whenever I would see a bee, I would silently freak out, and would stay as still as a rock, ‘Cuz unlike spiders, with bees, you’re not allowed to fight back you’ll both lose if that happens. I gotta show this bee how unthreatening I am. They should be able to just look at me and know that. But then, when a bee lands of your arm, HOLY FRICK That’s true fear. You just have to quietly watch the bee, hoping it didn’t just have a bad day and decide to end its life on you. That never happened though. Ever since I took a calm approach to bees, I’ve never been stung, and I’ve never been bitten by a spider either. WASPS THOUGH!!!! THEY’RE JUST MEAN!! They can just pack up and leave
for all I care! I don’t give a crap about wasps. *Wasps attack James* So what did we learn? hmm…… Hey everyone, thanks you so much for watching this video about the spiders and the bees. I know it is kinda a weird topic but, I’ve been traumatised by bees, okay? And I think spiders aren’t as bad as the internet says they are. Me and my merch guys are doing a raffle for the month of March, and the winner of the raffle will get an all expenses paid trip to VidCon in July. And during the convention we can set time aside and have a lunch together, or something? So if your interested then check out the merch store or the link in the description to see how you can enter. Also since you’re here, make sure to check out all the people who worked on this video, they are all amazing and talented and deserve more followers. And I think it’s about time that I created a hashtag on Twitter for the fanart. so starting today if you make fanart then be sure to use the hashtag #ODD1SOUTFANART So I can find it easier! Also I am going to be doing a live show with Domics, Jaiden Animations, Egoraptor and Rubberross on April 26th in LA. The show is called ‘Scribble Showdown’ and we’re going to be playing drawing games live So if that is something you’re interested in, be sure to check out the link in the description. And lastly, I have to thank MatPat and Steph for doing some of the voices in this video. I remember watching MatPat’s stuff before I even started YouTube, and now he’s in one of my videos is just…really really cool! So thank you Matt! And that is it with the announcements. Thank you all for watching. but hey, that’s JUST A THEORY. A BEE THEORY! Wear your seat belt.

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  1. James: Spider webs are too weak to trap you

    Also James: A spider web is stronger than the fibers that make up a bulletproof

  2. James: Spider webs are too weak to trap you

    Also James: A spider web is stronger than the fibers that make up a bulletproof

  3. Bees dont actually die if they sting.if you let it BEE it will find a way to detach its stinger and wont die


    Me: umm what

    James: no not really they are great

    Me: 3 2 1 Bee movie

    James: Jerry Steinfield

  5. Actually you should not be afraid of bees because Bay are what keeps Us a live they pollinate our food and food we need to stay a live

  6. A long time ago when I was in school a bee landed ON MY COAT,I WAS TERRIFIED,it was just looking at me like a frickin CREEP,Like 2 minutes later it got off me,I freaking jumped off what I was on and I ran for my life.XD
    Oh and when my sister was 6 she got stung by close to 100 bees,i was only 3 when it happened,then years later she told me what happened and I was like "*gasp* THAT MUST OF HURT!"oh and her cheek was swollen.

  7. for me i went into the shower and the moment i saw the big daddy long leggie started freakin out and wanted to hop out the shower right away

    edit: also i remember when i was in my back yard be landed on me leg and i just sat their for idk how long and ran back inside after it left

  8. Your actual more likely to die from a cat bite than a dog bite. Reason is cat's have more bacteria in their mouth from dogs.

  9. Start of video: I know right
    0:53 "And unless you live in Australia , the chances of you dying by a spider bite…"
    Me: what-

  10. Ok so uhm.
    I dont even like spiders
    So im trying to say was……
    Your (drawings) of spiders and bugs are cute
    . cough
    But in ReAl LIFE THEY LOOK SCARY. ;-;
    *sorry for those who love spiders and bugs*

  11. Hello I am not afraid of spiders I actually study these spiders for the amazing talent and their abilities and the same with bee's but wasp's are completely dangerous and not even trouble don't sit to them Stoney end are completely dangerous if they don't care about the state or anyting

  12. This video has not changed my opinion. However I think I have a permanent fear of all bugs. So there’s no helping me. Ladybugs are supposed to b adorableeee until they take off and there wings are the scariest thing to exist in that moment.


  14. But the thing is wasps barely sting u a wasp landed on my shirt and it looked at me and flew off. Wasps also pollinate plants so they help the world to. But mosquitoes are just cruel but male mosquitos are harmless they don't even drink blood they drink pollen females can kill humans by bitting and giving fatal disease. 👍🏻 Learning with baby Armadillo. YAY. Now that's off my chest u can scroll down to see better comments 👇👇👇

  15. My friend got stung at PE while trying to get a bee off her frisbee, and people were calling her stupid for trying to "play with the bee" but anyway I had to walk to the office with her and her arm got super swollen. That was last week too. Also I got stung by a bee when I was really little because I was swinging minding my own business and some bee decides to sting me right on the back of the knee. Anyway I ran home crying I pretty much got it pulled out by my mom and then my dad put neosporin on it and I was fine after that. No scars or anything

  16. That’s not what being blind is I am blind in one of my eyes there isn’t even black there’s nothing as if you never had eyes

  17. I laught sooooooo munch on spider on the leg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Honey bees the more common bees are invasive and they pollinate the plants but it was perfectly of before honey bees because their are different kinds of bees before honey bees and honey bees in the US is making it worse, if they stayed and went brought to the US it would be perfectly fine, heck it would be better!

  19. I was in PE at school and a girl saw a spider so screamed so I got me book and CAREFULLY shuffled it with my book, went all the way onto the field (the other half of the school) and put it outside. Spiders are my favourite animal

  20. Bees actually aren't as important as you think–Bat's pollinate a lot more than bees do, so if we did get rid of bees somehow, nothing would really change

  21. james: whats your job
    other guy: i harmlessley pin down a golden web spider pulling the web out of it like i said completly harmless

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  24. First time I got stung by a bee I was 9 (Im on my moms account) I was at Hollywood studios having the time of my life at StarWars land, and when we where going out, i felt something near my ear. Thinking it was a mosquito, I swapped my ear. But, it was a bee. I got stung on the hand :P. Your videos are amazing btw <3 keep it up!

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