The Secret Relations Between Disney Movie Princesses [Documentary]

The Secret Relations Between Disney Movie Princesses [Documentary]

No movie universe has shaped young minds or
found a place in kids’ hearts like the decades of Disney’s animated adventures. So it’s
no surprise that fans have spent time and energy trying to prove that every film connects
to those around it, sometimes looking a bit too closely at a random easter egg. With the
surprise success of Disney’s Frozen, fans have come up with a theory that is out of
this world, claiming another Disney hero is a long lost sibling of the starring sisters.
With Disney keeping quiet on any official canon, the theories are all in the name of
fun, and using a bit more imagination in between releases. We’ve done our best to lay out
the theories that work – and the ones that don’t – in our first Docu Series exploring
The Secret Family Relations Between Disney Movie Princesses. Frozen IN-Tangled By now, every Disney fan knows where this
theory starts: with a single split-second cameo from two other Disney stars. But before
we get to Queen Elsa’s coronation, we’ll have to explain why the throne is empty in
the first place. It’s nothing new for a Disney hero to be without their parents, so
seeing the King and Queen of Arendelle leave the picture was less than shocking. That doesn’t
make it any less tragic, with Anna and Elsa bidding farewell as their parents head out
to sea for a two week roundtrip journey. The ship is lost at sea, leaving the girls
without their parents – and Arendelle without a monarch. After three years Elsa is old enough
to claim the crown, and the entire kingdom and visitors from far-off lands show up to
celebrate. The doors are opened, and Anna heads out to greet the guests – two of which
are instantly recognizable. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, the stars of Tangled are impossible
to miss, thanks to their hairstyles and clothing. It might seem like a tiny easter egg, but
it got fans thinking: Frozen would have to be set after the events of Tangled for the
cameo to make sense – so perhaps the two movies are more connected than they seem… Fans have spun some wild theories, claiming
Rapunzel and Elsa’s mothers look alike because they’re sisters, married to the kings of
two different kingdoms. One daughter is born with the gift of healing thanks to a magical
flower, while the other is born with control of icy magic. It’s impossible to actually
prove the princess is there to see her cousin’s coronation… but Arendelle should have sent
someone to celebrate Rapunzel’s return home, and wedding. Like, say, the King and Queen? Unfortunately, Frozen never explains where
the Royal Couple is headed, or why – only that their ship sinks on the way. But using
the countries that the fictional kingdoms of Frozen and Tangled were based on takes
this theory even farther. Disney’s animators took a trip to Norway to help create the mountainy
kingdom of Arendelle, and Rapunzel’s home of Corona is likely inspired by 18th Century
Germany, the same place the Brothers Grimm wrote their famous version of the story. That
would put the two films on opposite sides of the North Sea – with the ship being sunk
somewhere off the coast of Denmark. Why does that matter? Well, no Disney movie is explicitly
set in a Danish kingdom, but one of the studio’s most beloved classics was written by a Danish
citizen – a fact that takes this theory into time-bending, shared universe territory. The Little Mermaid The writer in question is Hans Christian Andersen,
whose version of The Little Mermaid was a bit darker than Disney’s version. But some
have claimed that the movie actually ties into Frozen directly, with the shipwreck explored
by Ariel in the opening scenes the exact ship that Elsa’s parents died on. The theory
can lose some steam with that twist, since it’s… a bit of a reach. But the biggest
problem is the climate: Andersen also wrote “The Snow Queen,” which Frozen was based
on. And that’s a better fit for the North Sea than a story filled with tropical fish
and sandy beaches. But don’t worry, conspiracy fans, the shipwreck
in The Little Mermaid can still come from Arendelle – it’s just nowhere near Denmark,
or the North Sea. When the directors of Frozen were asked point blank about Elsa’s parents’
destination on Reddit, they gave direct answers. Jennifer Lee said it was a wedding, with Chris
Buck clarifying that the King and Queen didn’t die on the ship at all. In fact, it didn’t
even sink. The ship, and the couple, survived weeks, possibly even months lost at sea…
until they washed up on a jungle shore, and had to build a home next to a family of gorillas. Tarzan That’s right, according to Buck, the King
and Queen of Arendelle were the shipwrecked parents of the boy who would grow up to be
Tarzan. They also learned the lesson that traveling at sea when you don’t know you’ve
got a baby on the way isn’t wise: “They get shipwrecked, and somehow they
really washed way far away from the Scandinavian waters, and they end up in the jungle. They
end up building a tree house and a leopard kills them, so their baby boy is raised by
gorillas.” (Reddit) So the storm didn’t sink the ship, it just
tossed it out into the Atlantic, to travel south to Africa before bursting into flames
and sinking – something that happens pretty often in Disney’s universe. That might be
a hard trip to believe, but in a world of ape men and magical attacks, a storm being
really powerful is actually easy to believe. Just to be clear, weird family relations in
the Tarzan story aren’t anything new, either. In the original version of the story, Tarzan’s
real name would have been John Clayton – a cousin of the movie’s villain. Frankly,
we’re all for a different explanation. There are still a few problems with the theory,
but it’s what director Chris Buck believes happened – and since he also directed Tarzan,
he’s kind of an authority on the subject. It’s still an unhappy ending for the King
and Queen, but Elsa and Anna’s brother finds a family and happiness of his own. Even if
the details don’t match up, it’s what the director believes is the true story. As for the wrecked ship? For those who love
the idea of Ariel investigating it, who’s to say it couldn’t drift a bit farther before
sinking? After all, there’s another hint that these locations aren’t as far apart
as you might think. The Cinderella Factor To prove that these Disney kings, queen, princes
and princesses really do share the same social circles, fans can watch when Prince Eric is
almost duped into marrying the wrong woman in The Little Mermaid. A split second shot
shows the King and Duke from Cinderella, having traveled to see the Royal Wedding. And when
the doors to Arendelle’s castle are opened, the first few frames feature a woman sharing
more than a passing resemblance to Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora AND The Princess
and The Frog’s Princess Tiana. With all those details, it’s hard to believe Elsa’s
parents WEREN’T headed to the wedding of another Disney princess. It isn’t likely that Disney will ever confirm
or deny any official connections, and in the end, they don’t really need to. Since the
characters aren’t likely to ever meet, it’s enough to know that in the mind that helped
to create Tarzan and Frozen, Anna and Elsa’s long lost brother in a far away land was the
King of the Jungle. The ship that got him there… well, that’s just for fans to do
what Disney is all about: use their imagination. To summarize everything, the theory claims
that Elsa and Anna are actually the sisters of Tarzan, since their parents lived long
enough to deliver him as a baby to the gorillas who raised him. A part of their ship kept on drifting until
it came to rest on the ocean floor, where Ariel eventually explored it for trinkets.
The rest would eb used to build a treehouse… She would marry Prince Eric not long after
– a prince who was apparently close enough to Cinderella’s family to have her father
the King, and his right hand man the Grand Duke at the wedding. Disney royalty apparently make a point of
attending other royal weddings, and Frozen’s director confirms the King and Queen of Arendelle
were headed to one when they disappeared. It could have been Cinderella’s wedding to
Prince Charming, Aurora’s wedding to Prince Phillip, or even Tiana’s wedding to Prince
Naveen, since they’re both shown arriving for Elsa’s coronation. But if the Queen of Arendelle really was the
sister of Rapunzel’s mother, or they’re just neighboring queens, it’s a safe bet they were
headed to Rapunzel’s wedding to Flynn Rider when they disappeared. Not one to forget such
a sacrifice, Rapunzel and Flynn made sure to see Elsa’s coronation in person. It’s not as complicated as it may sound, if
fans realize that the characters may be familiar, or even friendly, with stars of other classic
movies. Which all lead to one big question: are all Disney films part of the same shared
universe? They may never give a clear answer, so until then, let us know what YOU think!

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  1. Tarzan parents werent the parents of elsa and ana and he wasnt the brother of elsa and ana elsa and ana parents died in the ship in the first the queen tried to help the king but they died i think you shold watch frozen 2

  2. I think all the Disney princesses are related somehow and may Elsa and Anna's parents were going to Rapunzle's wedding and then they were flown by the water to the island where Tarzan lives I guess .

  3. So rapunzel and euguene was on the correnation day and when everything froze all of the boats are stuck so did theyf got dtuck there on the castle?

  4. Nah bro you got it all wrong. Rapunzel is actually Mother Gothel, and she posed as the original Rapunzel, who was actually lady Tremaine. And Flynn Ryder was actually Captain Hook.

  5. Frozen and tangled (cousins)
    Frozen and tarzan (Siblings)
    Frozen and the little mermaid (Ariel found the lost ship)
    Frozen and Cinderella (Shes in the coronation)
    Frozen and princess and the frog (I already told it that she is on the coronation beside slenderman?)
    Frozen and sleeping beauty (I already said that they are in the coronation)
    Frozen and idk (Bruh…;-;)

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