The Scary Mystery Behind The Denver Airport

The Scary Mystery Behind The Denver Airport

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head
over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. Denver International Airport or DEN airport
is shrouded in secrecy, riddled with weird statues and creepy art, and is a place of
strange stories and myths. People even question why DEN airport was built
in the first place. The current airport opened in 1995, but there
was a fully functioning one closer to downtown. This new version is twice the size of Manhattan,
and the development went $2 billion over budget! But even before the current Denver International
Airport opened, it was the subject of countless conspiracy theories. Is there any truth behind the rumors? That’s what we intend to get to the bottom
of in this episode of The Infographics Show, A cursed airport? The Denver Airport. A quick Google search on DEN airport brings
back numerous stories from both mainstream media and independent conspiracy sites. So something’s clearly going on. Before we get into the conspiracy stories,
let’s first take a tour of the inside of this creepy gigantic building. It’s famous for its terrifying, 32-foot-tall
(9.8 m) statue of a giant horse with fiery, glowing eyes. The Denver locals call him “Blucifer,” according
to media outlet Slate. But, even freakier, is the odd story of the
red-eyed statue called Blue Mustang that killed its sculptor, Luis Jiménez. It fell on him and severed an artery. And inside the airport, there are more disturbing
art pieces, including a mural of a devil jumping out of a suitcase and a statue of Anubis,
the ancient Egyptian god of death. Some of the more controversial art pieces
have now been removed, including a character that resembled a Nazi officer in a gas mask,
children in front of a burning building, and kids gathered around a knife. Not the usual style you would expect from
an airport terminal building! So what about the conspiracy theories that
surround DEN airport? One that’s talked about a lot is the shape
of the runways. An aerial view of the runways at the airport
shows that they resemble the shape of a swastika. And this is not a typical formation for an
airport’s runways. The explanation from an airport representative
is that the runways are designed that way so that they can be used simultaneously, regardless
of the weather patterns. She told the UK newspaper The Telegraph, “We
think the shape looks like a pinwheel.” But in the same Telegraph article it was also
pointed out that New York’s JFK and the Las Vegas and Miami airports all have very
different layouts, so this certainly gives us something to think about. There are also dedication markers and plaques
around the airport with some rather odd symbolism on them that looks like the Masonic square. This has led to other conspiracies claiming
that construction of the new airport was funded by The New World Airport Commission. However, when you search for that name, it
seems to come up only in connection with DEN airport, which has led others to draw the
conclusion that the airport is actually funded by the Nazi group the New World Order. The date of the airport’s dedication also
happens to be March 19, 1994. If you add those numbers together — 1+9+1+9+9+4
— you get 33. This is the highest level one can achieve
in Freemasonry, which represents perfection. And that Masonic square also links to the
Illuminati group, of course, so the book is out on this one. New World Order, Freemasonry, Illuminati or
just a coincidence? We wanted to find out the root of this conspiracy,
and it seems the theory of the airport being the Illuminati headquarters gained ground
when it was covered on Jesse Ventura’s “woke” TV show Conspiracy Theory in 2010. It gained so much ground in fact that many
of the mainstream news outlets have investigated the theory, and in 2016, the airport’s CEO,
Kim Day, had to make a statement in response to it. She said, “Whether it’s because of our
impressive size, expansive infrastructure or robust public art program, Denver International
Airport has long heard the rumors, innuendo and internet chatter about being the center
of conspiracies, from the absurd to the entertaining.” She also announced that the airport would
be dedicating “the month of October to embracing that strangeness and sharing in the fun.” The month-long celebration included all sorts
of odd conspiracy activities such as Conspiracy Art Tours, Conspiracy Theories Uncovered art
exhibition, and even a conspiracy costume party. Can there be any more strange rumors about
this conspiracy ridden airport facility? Well, actually yes…the plot thickens. There are also a number of theories about
what lies beneath the airport. According to Buzzfeed, a former airport construction
worker claims 5 multistory buildings were built underneath the airport. This, he said, was the reason the airport
was so far behind schedule. He also said that there was a complex network
of tunnels beneath the airport. This claim has been made by many others and
led to theories that these underground buildings were everything from New World Order command
bunkers to post-apocalyptic fallout shelters for the global elite, including billionaires
and politicians. One theory even claims there is a makeshift
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) concentration camp waiting to be used beneath
Denver International Airport. But the airport just isn’t set up correctly
for gassing people, so this theory seems far-fetched. There are so many theories on what’s beneath
the airport that it’s hard to know what it true and what is not. The most plausible theory seems to be that
these underground tunnels are used for the airport’s rail system and the overly huge
baggage system that was going to be deployed but didn’t materialize. So what is the truth behind Denver Airport? There are literally hundreds of theories online,
and many of them contradict each other. We know it is a huge and expensive construction
that didn’t necessarily need to be so big, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything
shady is going on at the airport. And compared to similar international airports,
it could be considered a bargain build as Hong Kong International Airport, which was
built around the same time, cost a whopping $20 billion. And though there is another airport, it is
much older and poorly designed to serve Denver’s growing needs. The tunnels, which have some conspiracy theorists
excited, are used for transport and moving baggage. But the artwork…that seems to have most
people stumped, as it’s certainly strange for an airport terminal. One thing that doesn’t have to stump you
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The Truth About The Illuminati Revealed. We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of The
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  1. “According to buzzfeed” buzzfeed can’t be trusted, also if anyone is wondering DIA ((Denver International Airport)) isn’t as creepy as it seems as they make it seem, I live in Denver and I’m always there and there is nothing creepy, just because this YouTube channel is suppose to educational, it doesn’t mean every video is gonna be true or educational, this makes me want to cry , because this makes Colorado look like a terrible state, please don’t believe these conspiracy theories , because none of them are true, also it’s not called DEN it’s called DIA

  2. Underground buildings and tunnels are underground parking garages and baggage handling tunnels.

    Runways are set up like that because of “prevailing winds” and according to the FAA an “ideal runway model”

  3. I live in Colorado and the building thing is not true. The so called buildings are actually just tunnels for the train. So please do not believe these fake theories. I have been in and out of this airport so I have been almost everywhere in it so don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories. Dont

  4. First off DIA and 2nd those tunnels were met so you could walk to all the concord in DIA but they ran out of money. That is why you have to take the trains to each one but concord A.

  5. Another coloradoan here it’s called the DIA for short not DEN airport so maybe should of done more research

  6. Denver International Airport is not called "DEN Airport," just DEN, and I had a 4 hour (or some other amount of time) layover there just last august, and there were signs on blocked off areas saying stuff like "is this the location of a freemasons meeting? No, it is a project to make your airport better!" Yes, they don't care


  8. Well the part about the tunnels is partially true. They’re used for roads for the airport equipment, and there’s definitely lower levels that most airport employees aren’t allowed to access

  9. The “construction worker” that said those buildings were constructed is lying my dad knows several people who actually worked on the Airport and there’s definitely no buildings

  10. For one, The Denver International Airport is not called DEN airport. No one calls it that! The abbreviation is DIA. On every boarding pass it says DEN to (let’s say) PHL (Philadelphia) it may not because I only fly one airline. DEN means DENVER. DIA means DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!! I just wanted to get that out there. 🙂

  11. I have dealt with a very close head injury victim for 12 years… outside scumbags hiring scumbag artists, Jesse Ventura should be hospitalized… (((sad))) Min'Snowta develops these people.

  12. I live in Colorado and it is actually a very well run airport and not that Scary but it is creeper when you get there early in the morning

  13. So by getting to the bottom of these theories you just list them….kind of like those list channels do? You're slacking infographics.

  14. Shape of the runway is probably just to channel the vrill energy that the planes really use to fly. Same goes for rockets. You don't really think they use fuel and lift do you?

  15. When you hear the sentence, "According to BuzzFeed, a former construction worker claims…" you know not to take the video too seriously

  16. Wow, thanks for all the in-depth research that gives me the same info as a quick Google search would have.

  17. You said that there were five multi-story buildings built beneath the airport. I'm not sure about that but what I do know is that during construction a covered to 5-story buildings completely with dirt and built the airport on top of them

  18. Beneath the Denver International Airport lies a MALEVOLENT, SENTIENT "A.I" computer known as "THE RED ? QUEEN" … She works in conjunction with the DRACO~REPTILIANS in an attempt to BREAK through the 3D MATRIX which both IMPRISONS THEM here, on Earth …and, simultaneously… Serves as a means to CONTROL HUMANITY by limiting our Mental / Cognitive Function,, as well ? This 3D MATRIX is Projected onto the surface of the ? Earth from the ? MOON … Which is actually a STARSHIP that was towed into place by the Pleiadians … It was originally fitted with 12 Nuclear Computers … only 4 of which are currently projecting the 3D MATRIX.

  19. Video fails to mention that DIA is 7.5 hours north of Roswell, New Mexico. Space Aliens from Roswell have setup the airport to take over NORAD in Colorado Springs just before they take over the world. These devious Space Aliens now look just like us so watch out, the end is near.

  20. For them to play into the conspiracies and have a art exhibition and "costume party" is very bold and scary. The costume art parties will be a ritual right in our face!

  21. The buildings under the air port is a fossilized civilization abandoned as time went on volcanic activity started to rise creating a mountain

  22. Another rumor : The underground area is said to be a bunker for rich people when the world ends.
    Edit : I live near the airport, and I do a lot of traveling. The place is still under contruction, especialy in strange areas. like random corners

  23. I’ve been to DIA plenty of times and even stayed the night there once because I had an 12 hour layover and I can say the only weird thing about this airport is that birds fly freely inside ? other than that it’s pretty chill and clean

  24. I live in Colorado and have been to DIA many times there is currently construction going on a construction worker accidentally left some tarp and a door kinda thing open I looked in and saw shelves stocked with food and 2 doors one said “government offices only restricted access” the other said “president only restricted access” also the day a meteor was supposed to hit earth guess where oboma happened to be: DIA the pictures also represent a kind of apocalypse type thing I think under DIA is a government doomsday bunker

  25. I dont find anything strange about the art there. It shows oppressors destroying peoples homes and then it shows those same people burying the oppressors while doves signifying peace are perched directly on top of what looks like a coffin of some sort where the bad guy is laying. Its art nothing creepy about it

  26. I’ve been to the airport and they have jokes about lizard people on the walls next to where you collect your baggage after you land. I’ve never been on a plane and so I don’t know what these things are called. But my mom told me about the conspiracies. Mostly involving the tunnels. I even took pictures of the posters/paintings. It was pretty cool. But I didn’t see anything spooky while I was in there. Just the airport making fun of the conspiracies. The only reason I went with my mom to the airport was to get my aunt who flew in from Alaska. Also I’ve never heard it called Den Airport before. My dad always referred to it as DIA when he used to work for Coblaco and painted stuff for DIA. He calls it “Coblackhole” because he said it was a terrible job. Also the fact that it was a dead end job. So, that was funny.

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