The Romantic Saga – Talking Tom and Friends (One Hour Episodes Combo)

The Romantic Saga – Talking Tom and Friends (One Hour Episodes Combo)

(splat) (pop) (cars honking) (yelling) (screaming) – Angela, get out of the way! – No! (yelling) (door opens) – Hey, Angela, what are
you doin’ here so early? I haven’t even set the
table for your surprise. – For my surprise? For my surprise what? – Uh, nothin’, nothin’ at all. (door squeaks) (gasps) – Ben! (cat groans) (whistles) – Angela, what are you
doing here already? We’re not ready to
start your surprise– I mean, birthday– – You mean my surprise
birthday party? – Aw, I blew it! Why can’t I keep a secret? Well, at least I
didn’t say anything about the chocolate
raspberry cake. – Chocolate raspberry cake?! (squeals) It’s my favorite! (screams) – Oh hey, where are Tom
and the guys anyway? Shouldn’t they be here by now? – Tom wanted to get
you a special new cake at that new bakery across
town, The Baked Dessert. They’re probably on their way. (bird crows) (gasps) – How in the world did we
end up in The Baked Desert? – Yeah, that’s weird. Unrelated question, how many
S’s are in the word dessert? – Oh great! Now we’re gonna miss Angela’s
party because Tom can’t spell? – Ah, ah, ah, ah,
no, no, no, no, we can still make it to
the party if we hurry. I’ll just reprogram the
GPSS to get us to the diner. – [Ginger] You know diner
only has one N, right? – I better look that up. (phone beeps) No! – Save your energy,
Tom, in the desert no one can hear you scream. – That’s space, Hank! In space no one can
hear you scream. – Yeah, well, that’s
’cause there’s a lot of space in the desert. – Okay, okay, let’s not panic. Now my scout boy
survival training will
get us out of here. Any good scout boy knows moss
always grows on the south side of a tree, so all we have
to do is find a tree. (bird crows) Which might be harder
than I thought. (huffs) (gasps) – Hold on for a second,
I found something! (uplifting music) (chewing) – The World’s Biggest Candy Bar! (record scratches) – No, Ginger, wasting time
at some roadside tourist trap is not gonna get us
any closer to Angela. – Well, I don’t know
if this is helpful, but I found a sign
with an arrow on it pointing to where the town is. – Good job, Hank. See? Now we’ll just follow this arrow and we’ll be at Angela’s
party in no time. Come on. – Ginger, let’s go. – No! (grumbles) (sign squeaks) (sighs) (hums) – So. – So? (sighs) (hums) – Write any new songs? – Nah, I’ve been feeling
kind of blue lately. Hey, you know what? Forget those guys. Let’s get this party started. Why don’t we order
some ice cream? – No thanks, I don’t
like to eat ice cream on an empty stomach. – Ronda! – Yeah, what do you want? – One scoop of strawberry
ice cream, please. – Strawberry? That’s my favorite! – Mine too. Make it a double. – You got it. (laughs) (popping) (soft music) – Oh man. (sighs) Now I understand why
cowboys wear such big hats. – You did it Tom, you saved us! – What do you mean, guys? Phew, oh the Cactus Network. – Howdy, Hank. – Hello there, Mr. Garden. (birds chirp) – Well, I guess we should just
leave him here, right guys? – No, Ginger, we’re
not leaving Hank. Hank! Come on, Hank! We are not home! That’s not the garage,
it’s just a mirage! Now let’s get back
on this trail, we’re probably almost there! Come on! (panting) (sparkling) Angela? (zipping) (yelling) (thud) (blinking) (gasps) This can’t be. We just walked in a big circle? – Well, Tom, that can
only mean one thing, we get to see the World’s
Biggest Candy Bar. – We don’t have time for that. – Give it up, Tom, we’re never
gonna make it back to town. Time to start our new
lives here in the desert, just you, me, Hank, and the
World’s Biggest Candy Bar. – He’s got a point,
Tom, besides, what
else are we gonna do? – Fine, maybe someone there can give us directions
to the diner. (yells) – I’m gonna take a
picture of the candy bar, I’m gonna ride the candy bar, I’m gonna get a
candy bar key chain! (mumbling) (crashing) – Ronda! – Yeah, yeah, what do you want? I ain’t deaf. – Another bowl, please. – Honey, I think
you’ve had enough. – You listen here, Ronda, it’s my birthday and I’ll have as much
ice cream as I want. Duh! – Yeah! (splat) (bird crows) (sighs) – [Ginger] That’s not so big. – See, Ginger? This place is not
just a tourist trap, oh no, no, it’s a closed
and abandoned tourist trap. – It says here that the whole
town shut down when a bigger candy bar was
discovered by villagers in the local mountains. This pamphlet is
full of fun facts. Did you know that they
got the candy bar here by putting wheels on the bottom? Too bad the way
here is all uphill. – Wait a minute! If the way here is uphill– – And there are wheels
on the candy bar, I think I have an idea. (wheels grinding) (grunting) (panting) Okay everyone, when I count
to three, let’s all jump on. One. Two. – You’re counting too fast. – Three! – Hey, wait! – Ginger, give me your hand! (panting) (shouting) – Maybe Tom forgot my birthday. I mean, we talked about it
yesterday but I guess sometimes birthday’s are hard
to remember, right? – Angela. – Huh?
– Angela. – Uh-Huh? (burps) – Tom definitely did not
forget your birthday. – Oh, well, is he invisible? Because I don’t
see him anywhere. – Angela, listen to me. I’ll be the first to admit
that Tom has his flaws but he always comes
through in the end. – Well, yeah, except it’s
always by doing something crazy and dangerous. – That is not true! – This is crazy! – And dangerous! (shouting) – You know, Hank and
Ginger are missing too, but it seems like you mostly
care that Tom isn’t here. – Pfft. Okay. Can I tell you a secret? – No, don’t tell me, I
can’t stand the pressure that comes with keeping secrets. – Right. You’re so right. I kinda like Tom! (gasping) (dishes crash) (gasps) I can’t believe I
said it out loud! – Angela! I can’t believe it,
this is great news. When Tom gets here,
let me talk to him and tell him that you–
– What?! No! Don’t you dare say anything! – But–
– Not a word! It could ruin our friendship. – But, why did you tell me? – I don’t know, I guess I
couldn’t stand the pressure of being the only one who knew. – So you told me?! I just told you I
can’t keep a secret! I can’t handle it! (yells) – Ben! (people chattering) But wait! (screaming) (cars honking) Where are you? (pants) Wait, what? (yelling) (cars honking) – Wait, what is that? (people screaming) (screams) Angela! Get out of the way! – No! (screaming) (crashing) (birds chirp) (groans) – Angela? No! (cries) – Is everyone okay? – Happy birthday, Angela! Surprise! – Tom! (nervous laugh) – Is he alright? – Tom, I have to tell you
something about Angela. – No, he doesn’t. No you don’t, right Ben? You just wanted more ice
cream, right here, eat it. – Ah, brain freeze! Oh, I’m passing out. (thud) (birds chirp) (nervous laugh) – Whoa, I guess Ben can’t
hold his ice cream, right? – Yeah, I guess not. What was he gonna say? – Nothing, he was just jokin’. – Well, happy birthday, I hope
you saved room for dessert. – Dessert? (stomach rumbles) That sounds… (thud) – Oh, huh. Hey guys. Thanks again for the
surprise party yesterday. (giggling) You guys are the best. Can someone fill me
in on what’s so funny? – Oh Angela, you really don’t
know why we’re laughing. No, I don’t know
why you’re laughing. – Hey Hank, give her a hint. – Tom, Tom, I love you so much! (smooching) (laughter) – Ben, how could you tell them? – I told you I
can’t keep a secret! – Dear Angela, is
what Ben said true? Do you like me? (slow romantic music) – Yeah. I guess now ya know. So? – I think you should leave. – What? – [Tom] Move to another
city or something. – But wait! – Well we can’t hang
out as a group anymore. – Yes we can! You guys, nothing has to change. – It already has changed. It feels so weird! – No, no, no, don’t say that! – Ginger’s right. I mean, having you around
now would take away from our focus on work. – [Angela] No, you guys! – Yeah, Tom has to focus. – No, no, no, wait, forget
I said anything, okay? – Too late Angela.
(alarm beeping) Goodbye. (gasp)
(alarm beeping) – That dream must
have been a warning. I have to make sure
Ben keeps that secret. Okay Angela, you can do this. Just act like nothin’ happened. Hi guys! Just popped in to say hello. No reason, nothin’ special. Guys, hello? Okay, no need to panic. There could be lots of
reasons why no one’s here. Maybe they’re all at the park. (thunder booming) Yeah, great day for the park. – [Ben] Psst, psst. – [Angela] Ben! – Angela, are you alone? (ominous music) – What are you doing in here? – I’m hiding from Tom
so I don’t tell him your stupid secret. – Oh thank goodness. The important thing
is, you didn’t tell him my stupid secret. – Not yet but I’m tired
of living like this so, if you don’t tell
him today, I will. – No, but you, wait, are you kidding me? Can you imagine how bad
things could get around here if Tom finds out? – You know who should
wear more hats? Hats. Why shouldn’t a hat wear a hat? Well now, it can, thanks
to the revolutionary hat on a hat. – That is the stupidest
idea I’ve ever heard. – Nobody talks to
my man like that! All of his ideas are brilliant. – Thanks Angela. – Awe, I love my
sensitive genius. – Hmm. Hey Tom, can you come here? – In a minute, I’m a
little busy right now. – You said that three
hours and 35 minutes ago! Hmm. (groaning) – Hey sunshine. I was just thinkin’ about you. – [Angela] Can you
come over after work? – I’ll come over right now. – That’s why no matter what, you must keep the
secret from Tom. – Yeah, but how? – I don’t know! You’re the smartest
person I know! Think of something! – You think because I’m a
well, brilliant inventor, that I can just build a
machine to solve every problem? I’m sorry to tell you,
there’s no device that can reach into someone’s
brain and erase a memory. – But could you build one? – You mean a device that
could reach into my brain and erase a memory? (ding) (fast ticking) (intense music) Eureka! Angela, you’re right. I am the smartest guy you know. – I am so mad at Ben right now. I’ve called him like 100 times. He’s probably at some
nerd event looking at some geeky electrons and
can’t answer his phone, which is stressing
me out because today, we got a call from the CEO. Yeah, he called us saying
he wants to have a meeting with Tom and Ben enterprises and since there’s no
Ben, I have go with Hank. – Hi. I have here all the
smartest stuff that Ben has ever said. I’m ready to impress. – Great, what do ya got? – For example, “Hank, a
computer is not a bath toy.” “Hank, you cannot
smell a WiFi signal.” “Some people, you just
barge into the bathroom.” “A computer is not a bath toy.” “How many times do
I have to tell you?” – Yeah, I’ll probably
do most of the talking. – Welcome to the
Creepy Conspiracies
That Are True Channel. Today’s top story,
brain suckers. Are they in your neighborhood? Are they in your very house? Right now, an intergalactic
force of brain suckers is roaming your streets. Their aim, to find
local geniuses and
suck out their brains to steal their knowledge. I advise you to protect
your brain knowledge with the only known defense
against the technology. A sturdy hat made of
a thin, metallic foil. (ominous music)
– No way! I don’t believe it! – Still don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself. (gasp) It’s on the internet. That means it’s true! I better warn everyone! I just hope it’s not too late. (panting) (vacuum inhaling) – Why do we have to take
all this junk to my place? – Because if anyone finds
out that I’m making a device that can suck secrets
out of my brain, they’ll obviously wanna
know what secret I’m trying to suck outta my brain! – The brain suckers already
got to Ben and Angela? – Can I help you? – Uh, I hope. Your office called,
so here we are. – Name? – [Tom] I’m Tom. – Uh huh. – [Tom] From Tom
and Ben Enterprises. – Oh, ah, oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t recognize you. Mr. CEO, they’re here. – [CEO] Excellent. Alright, this meeting’s over. Everybody out, all of you. Yeah I’m talkin’ to you haircut. You too pinch threat, game over. Alright, bring em right in and cancel the rest
of my meetings today. – Follow me please! (intense music) – You are one
handsome looking guy. – (laughter) Hey,
my dear friends. – Hello sir. – Which one of you is
Tom and which one is Ben? – I’m Tom. – And I am Ben today. – How could I forget you guys after all the useless
apps ya pitch me? – He’s got a good point. – Well, I wouldn’t
call em useless. – How bout like this? – Hey, something’s wrong! (scream) – Put that in there. – What’s Ben doing? – The thermostat! (screaming) – Oh yeah, so
that’s yeah, that is how you would define useless. – Why didn’t you ever tell
me about the Talking Tom app? – Talking Tom app. – Because that app is
mostly just me repeating what you say. – Exactly! That’s why I love it! – That’s why I love it! (laughter) – Yeah! – Check out what
happens when I fire him. Talking Tom, you’re fired! – You’re fired. – This thing is a blast. I’ve played this thing
so much, I’ve missed breakfast, lunch,
and the secret meal rich people eat that we
don’t tell anyone about. – You mean brunch? – How’d you know about brunch? I mean, let’s talk business. – You want us to make
a talking CEO app. – No smart guy, I just wanna
help your company grow! – And? – That’s it, I don’t
want anything in return. Well, I like to hang
out with smart people, so I want us to be friends. Will you be my friends? – I don’t know what to say! – Great, that means yes! Okay, the first thing
I’m gonna do for you is introduce you tonight at
the Tech Stars Conference. (gasp) – Did we just get
invited to the most important tech
conference in the world? – Oh, not just invited. You’re gonna be the
featured speakers! – Well all I can say is, thank you Mr. CEO. – Hey, call me Carl. – Thank you Carl. Thank you so much Carl! – Oh you poor guy. Sorry for keeping you
waiting like that. Gentlemen if you’ll
excuse me, my Tom really needs to use the potty. And when you’re done, we’re
gonna play more games. Yes we are. – [Computer Tom] Yes we are. – Oh yeah! – Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy,
oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. – Woohoo! – We are gonna be tech tycoons! Oh yeah! Uh huh, uh uh. Oh yeah yeah.
(ominous music) Woah, what is that? – The sun? – Ben, is that you? – I’ll ask the
questions brain sucker!
– Ben, is that you? – I’ll ask the
questions brain sucker! What have you done
with Tom’s brain? – Nice hat, Ginger. I bet it really keeps your
thoughts fresh longer. – Whatever. Have you seen Ben? Because we need to par-tay to the max. – Party? You guys are clear. The brain suckers haven’t
figured out how we party yet. – What brain suckers? – The intergalactic ones! – Oh, knock it off, Ginger. There are no such
things as brain suckers. – Oh yes there is! And I have some bad news. They already got
to Ben and Angela but they’ll never get me! – Where are Ben
and Angela anyway? – Aww. I can’t tell you. It’s too dangerous. What?
– Okay. – Uh, (whining) give it back! – First tell me where they are. – They’re at Angela’s! Now give it! – Knock yourself out Ginger. (phone dialing) (phone ringing) – Oh I am not taking that one. Mmmm. Hey Ben? Can you give me an update
on that mind eraser thingy? – [Ben] I’m almost finished. – First Ben and now
Angela’s not picking up. Hank, I want you to go over
to Angela’s and tell Ben to get over here. And tell him that we’re gonna
party like the tech tycoons that we are. (militant music) (calm music) (drilling) (sawing) (hammering) (jack hammering) (door squeaking) – Behold the solution
to our secret. The mind eraser. – Oh, I thought it’d be more impressive. – You’ll be impressed
when you see it erase yesterday’s memories. But first put on these
protector shades. Okay, I’m ready. Hit me. (sighing) Things we do to pretend
we’re not in love. Well I mean, not love
but you know what I… Here you go. – Whoa! (gibberish) – Oh, okay. Can I tell you a secret? – No, don’t tell me I
can’t stand the pressure! – You’re so right. I kinda like Tom! (rewinding) Did it work? (blinking) (cow bell shaking) – Did what work? Hey, why aren’t we at
your surprise party? (screams) I mean at your surprise
birthday party. Uhm! – Yes! Ben, it totally worked. You’re a genius! – Yeah, uh. – Hey (blinking) (cow bell shaking) could somebody tell
me why I’m here? – Hank! Uhh, you, came over to
test out how comfortable my couch is! – Sure that makes sense. Let’s see. (springing) Nice spring power. Cushions are suitably cushiony. (dramatic music) Angela gets the World
Wide Soap Opera Network? (sigh) – Really I do? (chuckles) I would never watch them. (chuckles) – (Soap Opera
Announcer) Previously
on Hospital de Passion. Dr. Rosa y Dr. Manzana
enter the tango contest. Or did they? – I don’t know but I’m not
leaving until I find out! – Well, I can’t remember
anything important I have to do today. (laughs) This is silly. Move over! (spanish guitar music) (sighs) – Why hasn’t Hank
come back with Ben? This conference
starts in an hour. – Oh I think we both know why. (vacuuming) (phone dialing) – [Hank] Bueno. – Hank, where’s Ben? Ben’s right here. Well get him over here so we
can practice our speech for the Tech Stars Conference. – Yeah, right. Like you’re going to that thing. – Carl invited us. – Huh. – The CEO, you were there! – Oh, I get it. You’re prankin’ me. Good one Tom. – What? No. (sighs) – Hank, it’s back on! – Hey, I gotta go Tom. We’re binge watching
Hospital de Passion. – What? – Who’s that? – Oh, just Tom goofin’ around. (dial tone) – No, don’t hang up. Ah! What is wrong? It’s like he’s acting like… – Like he doesn’t
have his brains? (vacuuming) – Pass me the tin foil. (sneaking music) (calm music) – No Dr. Rosa! It’s haunted. (screams) (crashing) (screams) (sizzling) – Hot cheese! Hot cheese! – Queso! Muy caliente queso. – Sorry, sorry, sorry. (sneaking music) – Come in Brains of Stone. What’s your position, over? – Copy that. I’m at the east end of the
rendezvous point, over. – Copy that! I’m at the wall stand. Do you have eyes on me? – Copy that, I’m on your six. (twinkling) Let’s go teach these brain
suckers some earth manners. And I’m all out of bubble gum. – Whoa! We can’t just walk
through the front door. They’ll totally expect it. We have to launch a sneak
attack through the window. (sneaking music) – There’s Ben. And Angela. Huh. It almost looks like they’re… – They’re dancing. Ugh! – Uh, there. – Got it. – And there. – Got it. – You missed a spot. Right there. (sighs) – So this is why they’re
been acting so strange? – Ugh! The only way this could
get more disgusting is if they kissed. – Ugh, no. (intense music) Yuck! – Okay. I’ve seen enough. (sad music) – Come on! Don’t leave. You and me can have our
own tech tycoon party. But what about that
Tech Stars Conference? You know that thing you
wouldn’t shut up about. You can’t pass up such
a great opportunity. – You’re right. This is a great opportunity. – Yes! – To tell everyone about
my dishonest partner, Ben and how he destroyed
our company! And Hank. How could he be okay with this? – No, no, no. You totally missed my point! – Doesn’t matter! – Wait, don’t go! (sighs) (fun music) – Welcome to the Tech
Stars Conference. It’s a great honor to tell
you about our star speakers, Tom and Ben. Two young visionaries,
workin’ in a local garage with little money and
a lot of creativity, they revolutionized the tech
industry and spread their vision of fun across the globe! (calm music) – Stand back! – Hey, Ginger. Where’s Tom? – Ooo! I can’t tell you. (whining) Give it back! Give it! Tom went to the Tech
Stars Conference. Now give it! – The Tech Stars Conference? – He tried to reach you
all day but you and Angela were too busy. We saw you dancing and kissing! (gasps) – Uh-oh. (worried music) – Tom and Ben of Tom
and Ben Enterprises. (applause) – Mr. CEO, Carl. Thank you for inviting
us here and telling the world our story. Next slide please. My partner, Ben, is a
dishonest girlfriend stealer. (audience gasps) Next slide. And since my company is now
a painful reminder that you can’t trust anyone, not
even your closest friends! Next slide. I don’t want any part of
Tom and Ben Enterprises! (audience gasps) – What a minute, that’s Ben? – So to all of you in the
audience, congratulations it’s your lucky day. I’m giving away my company. Our inventions, our ideas,
our apps, everything. Use it, sell it,
I don’t even care. Just take it. – Wait, seriously? – Tom stop! What are you doing? – Oh look everybody, it’s Ben. I wish I could give him away. Ow! (grunting) Ow, quit it! (fun music) Get off me! (grunts) – Tom, Ben and I
are not together. – Can you even
believe these liars? – It’s true, Tom. We saw it wrong. – It was just a
snack spill, Tom. A snack spill! – What about not
answering my calls? It sure seemed like you
were trying to keep a secret from me. – Well actually we were but now I think I have to tell you. – Too late, don’t
care, not listening. I don’t even wanna…
– The secret is I like you, Tom! (sentimental music) A lot. – What? – Why is this so hard to say? – I don’t know. But now that you said it,
Angela, I like you too. A lot. – Really? – Yes. But wait. Why would you ever wanna
keep such good news a secret, it’s crazy. – Because, I was afraid it
would make things weird and would distract you from your
work and hurt your company. – Aww. – I don’t know. – Sorry to ruin this touching
moment but we don’t have a company anymore because
Tom just gave it away! – Oops. – Maybe I can get it back. Okay you guys keep your eyes
closed until I say it’s safe to open them. – So I’ll take the Talking
Tom app and Greg, you can take the milkshake thing. – [Greg] Woohoo! – And Jerry you take a hike! – [Jerry] Ah! – Hey, my microphone. – Hey tech tycoons!
(gasps) Look up here! (buzzing) Okay, you can open your eyes. Congratulations,
you’re the new old new owners of Tom and Ben Enterprises. – What, you did it? – Thanks to my brilliant
invention, one I don’t remember making, everything
is back to normal. – Well, maybe not everything. (sentimental music) – Oh, man! I can’t watch this. – Aww. (camera clicking) – Huh? – Ugh! – Hey guys look what I
found, what does this do? – [Angela] Wait, no! (buzzing) (energetic music) I’m so excited to be celebrating Angela’s birthday
at the diner, I’m announcing it as if we don’t already know we’re here to celebrate
Angela’s birthday at the diner. You guys… This is so sweet, but totally unnecessary. Don’t drag that banner, Hank! That was okay, Angela, but “okay” is the
enemy of great. So let’s try that line again with feeling. Ginger, why are you recording everything we
do? Oh, I’m just in the zone making my documentary. A documentary? That’s my favorite type of boring movie! Then you’ll love this one because it’s
about you guys, instead of interesting people. Here we go again. Should I show you to the same table you always
do this birthday thing at. “Same table”? Looks like somebody already had a birthday
party here. Says the same thing, every time. Huh? “Happy Birthday, Angela” What?! Ginger, are you getting this? Your documentary just turned into a docu-mystery. This is so weird, it’s like there was already
a birthday party for Angela before we got there. Are you having birthday parties with another
group of friends behind our backs? What? No! Are you guys throwing birthday parties for
another Angela behind my back? I’ll tell you what I’d like to know, why
is it so cold in August? Yeah, Angela… What? It’s not my fault. Why is all our stuff on the driveway? Wait, what happened? I just planted this corn a week ago! So singing to it does work… There you are. I warned you, did I not? Now this is what happens when you don’t
pay your rent for three months. Huh? But we did pay our rent. Every day the same thing. You all like: “but we did pay the rent”, and
I’m all like: “no you did not”. Incompetents! Uh-oh, this is getting serious. Will somebody tell me what is going on here? Tom, there’s a reason I’ve been recording
you– I mean, first the diner, now this! But… Tom– Someone’s got some explaining to do. I know what happened! I’ll show you– My precious stuff… strewn on the driveway
like not-precious stuff. This is your fault! You goofed off too much and didn’t pay the
rent! I paid! Hank must not have paid! What? I did pay. Ben must not have paid. Ben, I’m only saying that ‘cause it’s
your turn to be blamed. Listen to me! Your minds have– Ginger! Can’t you see the grown-ups — who know
a lot more than a kid like you — are trying to solve a serious crisis? Aw, forget it. Well, until we figure out what’s going on,
you guys can stay at my apartment. Yes! Great idea! I mean, you know, whatever the group wants
to do. Whoa! How much stuff do you have? I had to bring these. They may be tall, but they’re still too
young to be out at night by themselves. Kinda running out of room in here. Well… Your couch takes up a lot of space, but you
don’t hear me complaining about that. Now, Tom, help me move this to the closet– Sorry, I can’t, because… I… Ooh, uh, can’t stand working? Of course not. I… need to do something… Ooh! On my phone! That’s right! On my phone. Oh, that makes sense. Whoa! Hey, wait a minute guys! For reals! I just got an e-mail from the CEO! He’s inviting us over to talk about our
inventions! – Awesome! – Fantastic! Finally, some good news. It gets better. He wants us to meet him… Three months ago! Three months ago?! What? How could you miss a meeting with the CEO
and not notice for three months?! But, but… You know what, I don’t want to hear your
excuses. Just call the CEO and make another appointment. And what what exactly should I say, “Sorry
for keep you waiting for three months”? No. Say “two and a half months” and see if
he notices. Guys, I found these plans for a mind-erasing
device in my handwriting. But I don’t ever remember writing these… Wow. A mystery wrapped in a mystery inside of another
unrelated mystery! Is it possible that I invented a mind-erasing
device that then erased our memories? I don’t remember that happening, so yes
it is possible. It would explain a few things. And it’s the perfect excuse for why we missed
our meeting! Tom, the CEO isn’t going to believe such
a lame excuse… Hello! Tom of Tom and Ben Enterprises here. Now, I know it’s been two and a half months
since you invited us to meet. But here’s the thing: our minds were erased
and– You believe me? You want us to come over right away? Even better! That seems way too convenient. See? Two and a half months. Who’s the best friend I ever had? Who is? You know it’s you, Goldie! D’you like swimming over here? D’you likes swimming over here? You do, Goldie Fish. Daddy loves you. Phew! I’m just lucky I didn’t set off the corn detector
at the security gate. C’mon, boys! And when you’re done, we’re gonna play more
games! Yes we are! Hey! Tom and Ben! My favorite inventors! And… Oh, is that corn? Ah, corn. Reminds me of the simple, farming values — hard
work and honesty. That’s why I buy farms and replace the people
with machines. ‘Cause what’s more hard-working and honest
than machines, right? Yeah, so true! I mean… I always say that! Sir, we are so sorry for missing the meeting. No apologies necessary. We cool. Ever since I got new Goldie here, I’m a
more kick-back person. We’ve already made so many great memories
together. Goldie! Who’s a goldie fish? Daddy loves you! Right. Sorry again for missing this meeting, but
like I said on the phone, we have a really good excuse ’cause it turns out our memories
were actually erased by our latest invention. Yes, a mind erasing device! Imagine how dangerous that would be in the
wrong hands. Of course, I’d use it for good. And making myself CEO: Chief Everything Officer! Oh! So that’s what that stands for… How would that be good? It’d be good for me! Anyway, Ben, how would one… I don’t know… Take such a device and boost its power to… I don’t know… To mind erase everyone on the planet? Well, for starters I’m gonna need extra batteries… Skip to the end, I already know the starters. Ah, okay. I do suppose much of it is rather self-explanatory– Wait. Why would you need to know that, Mr. CEO? Unless you had the mind eraser! You mean…. This mind eraser right here? Wow! Got me again, Angela! Yeah, I did! Wait, I did? Wait, again?! That’s ninety-three straight times you’ve
figured it out before the boys. Wait. You’ve been erasing our memories! Yep. I took the mind eraser from you three months
ago and I’ve been modifying it every day since. It’d already be done, but Angela always
figures out my plan before I get all the info I need from Ben. So I have to erase your memories again. Again?! Well, let’s see here… You’d need at least three antennae. Fascinating. How long should they be? Oh, probably no longer than– Hold on. Why would you need to know that, Mr. CEO? Unless you had the mind eraser! Ok, look right here, and… –Tungsten! Antennae must be made of tungsten. Really? Why would you need to know that? Unless you had the mind eraser! Alright, hang on… And you’d be better with an amplifying cone. Oh, that’s brilliant! You have the mind eraser! It was exhausting. Going through the same thing everyday. Except for the corn. The corn is new. And now,I just need one last piece of info. Ha! You think I would ever tell you that what
you need is to split the oscillation fields into multi-dimensional quadrants? No chance. Multi-dimensional quadrants, eh? Got it! Ben! Now to memory erase you and take over the
world. Monday is Fun-Day! Wait! The corn! The corn is new! Everyone, get behind the corn! Huh? No fair. I just want to wipe your memories so I could
rule the world. Oh… Give me the mind eraser! I’ll take that. Nooo!! Goldie! Goldie, do you remember me? Please say something! Let me know you remember our good, good times! They’ve taken my one friend away from me! This just got personal! No. Super-Personal. C’mon! Let’s get out of here! Extra-Super-Personal! Times infinity! Now who doesn’t remember stuff?! Why did we invent a mind eraser with such
sharp edges? At least now it’s destroyed. The greatest thing I ever made… Broken. Done. And the Landlord let us move back in, after
no one would rent it ‘cause we left a… “Distinctive and unpleasant odor.” And that’s how my friends learned they should
always listen to me when I’m trying to tell them something important. Okay. Turns out you were the only one of us who
didn’t have his mind erased 93 times. So… did we miss anything else that was important? Well, we did plan for an invasion of alien
brain suckers but that got handled. Oh, and then you all became billionaires. About time! … But then you screwed it up. Yeah, we always do that. After that it was a lot of having that birthday
party over and over, Tom and Angela kissing, walking back to the garage confused– Wait. Did you say kissing? That’s ridiculous. It’s not a lie! Look. But… Tom… I don’t see any kissing. Yeah, me either. What are you even– We… We kissed… Wow! I think I’m going to be sick! No, no, NOOOOOOOOOO! What, what, what?! Ginger, will you be quiet, please? We’re trying to watch Most Extreme
Romantic Ask-Outs. Yeah, you’re ruining the most extreme romantic
part. This garage was a much better place before
it was filled with disgusting romance. Okay, I’ll telecommunicate with you later,
my darling Zee. Digital-kiss. So disgusting… Angela?! I haven’t seen you since you and Tom… Uh, on the video… Well… So what brings you here? I was actually hoping to talk to Tom. Have you seen him around? No, sorry. I haven’t seen him… That’s weird… Well, at least I got to watch Extreme Romantic
Ask-Outs. I love those things. Anyway, if you see Tom, will you tell him
came by? I’ll just throw my scalding hot tea in this
trash can and be on my way. Tom? Oh hey, Angela, what brings you kiss– Here! I mean here. Disgusting… What were you doing in the waste receptacle? I wasn’t hiding to avoid Angela, if that’s
what you’re asking. Disgusting– Quit saying that! Well, it is! Sorry about these guys. Did you want to talk to me about something? As a matter of fact, I do. Start with small talk. Hey, Tom. Did you hear about that new movie that came out? Sounds like some
people liked it and some people did not like it. Also, it seems like things have been a little
weird since we found out we kissed… And I was hoping we could talk so things get
un-weird. Right. Talk. Yeah, I agree! Really? What a relief. Okay, ’cause here’s what I was thinking– What?! Not now! We shouldn’t talk now… Why? Well, because we both have things to do now. Oh, okay, I guess. So when can we have a talk? I don’t know. In an hour? Yeah, in an hour. At, uh, the diner? Perfect, it’s a date! Yeah, like a date on the calendar, right? I mean… Because every day is a date… Okay… Bye! That was close. Oh man, I just bought myself a sweet hour. Actually you bought yourself… Fifty-eight minutes until you’ll be at the
diner asking Angela out on a date. A date?! She said she wants to talk. Come on, Tom. Think for a second and you’ll easily decode
Angela’s signals. Extreme romantic ask-outs… I love those things… Date. Ask-out. It’s a Daaaate. You’re right, Ben! Angela wants me to ask her out on a date! And I only have fifty-eight minutes to figure
out how to do it! More like forty-eight minutes. That was a whole flashback, Tom. And you better do it right because if there’s
one thing I learned from Most Extreme Romantic Ask-Outs it’s that the ask-out sets the tone for
the whole relationship. Okay… Can I watch one? You can watch them all. I’ve got the whole series. Oh yeah! Nice going, Romeo! Well, that’s the best one yet. Okay, so the most successful ask-outs involve
manned flight, a song comparing the relationship to something beautiful, and or flowers. Seems like a lot… Well, how much do you like Angela? Like a lot a lot. Alright! Let’s do this. Honey, are you gonna order yet or you just still warming that bench? Just a few more minutes. I’m waiting for someone. Oh. You’re one of those. No, no, I’m not one of those. I’m a girl waiting for the guy I like to
definitely show up and tell me that he likes me too. Honey, I’ve seen this before. Someone comes in, they order dinner for two,
and they leave alone with a doggy bag. You’re making that up. Right? I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure he’s been real clear about how
he feels. Avoid Angela — A date… on a calendar. Oh no. Rhonda, what if you’re right? I’m always right, Angelica. And… There! Your disgusting extreme romantic ask-out device
is ready to go. Angela’s going to love this so much, she
probably won’t even care that you’re so late. Late? Look how late I am! Why didn’t somebody tell me? Ooh, what do you think this does? I don’t know what I expected. Maybe when our minds were erased, his feelings
for me were erased too. That is a confusing thing to say. How could Tom stand me up like this? I have so many sad feelings right now. It’s like my heart’s on an elevator that’s
going down and Tom pressed all the buttons. Wouldn’t that stop the elevator? Can it, Rhonda! And I’m done sitting here and waiting around
for him. You go, girl. I will go girl! I don’t need no date ‘Cause I got me! You left me at a diner But baby, now I’m free You think you can stand me up You think you can make me wait But I got me, babe So I don’t need no date! Yeah! Yay! Oh, yay, you’re still here. Angela, I hope that you’re prepared for
the most extreme– Oh, I’m prepared, Tom. Prepared to leave. Angela, wait! Are we changing the location of our talk? Here. She left this for you. What is it, a letter explaining why she just
walked out the door? It’s a bill for all the food she ate waiting
for you. Also, she bought food for everyone else in
the diner. What? Why would she do that? Hey, that’s the jerk from the song! Get him! How did the ask-out go? Did the thrusters compensate for the extra
rose density? Well… I wouldn’t be surprised if Angela never
speaks to me again. Okay Tom, we can still save this extreme ask-out. It’s gonna be tough, but with one elephant– No, Hank. I’m giving up on extreme ask-outs. For now I’m just wandering around town looking
for Angela at all the sad places. Okay. Where are you now? I’m at the saddest part of the park where
the ducks don’t even go. And I don’t see her here either. Okay, Tom, here’s the plan. We’ve got to create a grid so we can — Hold on. I’ll call you back. Wait! If I could get a status– Hi, Angela. I am not talking to you. I don’t blame you. I can’t believe you left me waiting like
that! I’m so glad you’re talking to me again. No, I’m not. Okay. Stupid extreme ask-out show. Is this why you were late? You were setting up an extreme ask-out? For me? Well, yeah… And I wanted to do it right… But then I lost track of time, and… I’m sorry. Wow, Tom. Ever since we saw that stupid video of that
kiss, it’s been making everything weird. I wish we could go back to the way it was
before. You mean when we liked each other but we never
talked about it? Exactly! I know how to do that. It was so much easier pretending we were just
friends. You know, there’s a carnival in town this
Saturday… I’m sure Ben, Hank and Ginger want to go… Why don’t you come with us? No dating pressure making it weird… Just a group of friends doing something fun
together. Sure, Tom. It’s a date — but not a date date! Right. Not a date date. More like a friend event. Yes, a friend event. I think we really figured this out. Me too, Tom. Are you still watching Most Extreme Romantic
Ask-Outs? Nope. Most Embarrassing Ask-Out Flame-Outs. They make a nice– Wow! You never think it’s your hot air balloon
that’ll get popped. At least they’re… together. Hmm. Dun, dun, dun, dun. Hmm. ‘Sup Angela? Nah. Dearest Angela. No. Ooh. Nope. Too manly. Too mouthwashy. Oh, that’s because it is mouthwash. Hello? Hey, Tom, quick question. Are we going casual dress or are we going
dress to impress? Well, I don’t know who we’d be trying
to impress. This is just a friend event, right? Oh, great. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Me wearing something formal would be as silly
as you giving me flowers. How crazy would that be? No romantic tension, no holding hands, and
definitely no exchanging candy… Yeah. Sounds like the perfect non-romantic evening. Yep. So, uh, pick me up in an hour? No I will not because that would be like a
date! Right, buddy? Good point, pal! Hey, Tom! Getting ready for your big date with Angela? Ah, ah, ah, it’s not a date! Then why do you smell like mouthwash? The Barf-a-Coaster! Get ready to be hurled through six– Through six stories of high-intensity, barf-causing
thrills! Ride the new Barf-a-Coaster! Woah. You know the Barf-a-Coaster commercial word
for word. Yeah! Tonight, I face the Barf-a-Coaster. There will be barf. And that barf will be my barf! Not for me, thank you. But that’s okay, we’ll just all spit up. I mean, split up. No! We can’t split up. We have to stick together. Because we’re friends. And this is a friend event. Okay? I can’t go to the carnival. I have an emergency-online-chat with my long-distance
girlfriend, Xenon… She’s real. Hi, Xenon! Cancel this chat, Ben, all right? Tonight is about friends, not girlfriends. Please. We need everybody there to keep this from
being romantic. Sorry, guys. Xenon is facing a serious crisis. She’s trying to organize her books by usefulness
and as you can imagine, it’s gotten pretty overwhelming. That’s where Ben comes in. You’re going! You can’t use a laptop if you don’t have a
lap! Let go of me, you maniac! Great, now she’s frozen. Hello? Xenon? Hello? It’s okay, Tom. We can still go out on a friend event with
just the four of us. Yeah! You are so smart, Angela. Ah. Careful with the compliments. If you guys keep this up, I’m going to barf
before I get there. Let’s go! Ah. Do you smell that? Where else are you going to get the glorious
aromas of fried food, a petting zoo, and Tom’s mouthwash in one convenient place. Here’s the barf plan. They shut down the Barf-a-Coaster early to
power-wash it, because of all the barf. Ooh! We can grab some stomach ammo. Which will come up in our barf! Let’s start with something a little less
night-ruining. Oh, look! I bet I can win one of those. Ooh, and then I can carry a prize around and
make everyone so jealous! You mean like you would do on a date? Good save, Hank. See? This is why it’s great that everyone’s
here. Because friends look out for each other. Okay, let’s have some fun… friends-style! I write your name on everything/ I would like
to run and jump with you/ My heart beats for you / you… you are my life/ my life, my
life, my life / I’m always here for you– You can always count on me / you… you are
so strong / so much funner than I could ever be… I have to admit — I was a little worried
about tonight, but I feel like we’re really making this work. Yeah, it’s nice being in a big group of
friends. Wait a minute… where’s Hank? Guys! They have a Bongo and McGillicuddy mallet
game. If I hit it hard enough to ring the top bell,
Bongo makes lieutenant! Ugh! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Wow, Hank. You’re strong. Oh, it’s actually more about finding the
sweet spot on the mallet. Whoa. Ladies and gentlemen, we got ourselves a natural
here. You know, there’s a smack-off tournament
in an hour. Nope. Sorry, he’s a little preoccupied right now
due to a friend event. Huh? Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a thing. Now, smacking stuff with a mallet… that’s
a thing, am I right, folks? But I guess someone else will have to take
this baby home. A Bongo and McGillicuddy trophy? And now, I must take my leave of you. You understand. No, no! You can’t do this to us It’s okay. A three-person friend event can still work. Right. Because it’s not two people. Let’s hit the Barf-a-Coaster! Well, I like the idea of barfing… but I
don’t love the idea of barfing. Sorry, Ginger. Aww. Fine. Let’s just go to the Ferris Wheel instead. Wow. This thing looks so exciting. Oh, after you. Thanks Ginger. Hmm. You’re quite the little gentleman. Hey! Ginger! You left me no choice! I gave you every opportunity to barf with
me. You brought this on yourselves! Ginger! Sorry, not sorry! Come back! Man, you stink at friend events. Stomach ammo! Ah! Ugh, I’m going to get you for this, Ginger! Uhh… Just the two of us now. No, not true! As long as I’ve got my eyes on Ginger, we’re
technically not alone together! Then get your eyes on Ginger! Got him. He’s on the ground. He’s running fast. No, don’t go behind the tilt-a-whirl…
don’t go behind the tilt-a-whirl… no! He went behind the tilt-a-whirl. It’s all right, Tom. We’ll just ignore each other for a few loops,
and before we know it, this will all… Why are we not moving? Child on a thrill ride. Repeat, child on a thrill ride. All rides are shut down until further notice. Great. Looks like Ginger finally made it to the Barf-a-Coaster. Good for Ginger. Don’t panic. Not a problem. Yep. We have a problem. Oh, really? He’s unstrapped himself. And he’s running down the track. Well, it shouldn’t take long to catch him. This is going to take a super long time. Oh, come on! We apologize that our rides are basically
no good for the rest of the night. The rest of the night?! Hello! Can anyone hear us? Two friends! HELLLLP! It’s no use. They can’t hear us over the carnival music
down there. And I used to like carnival music. That trophy is mine! This is so much better than barfing. So… the two of us are stuck… alone…
together at the top of a Ferris Wheel. No big deal. Friends get stuck on rides every day. Right! But um, maybe you should stop touching me,
um, with your knee? Oh, uh, not a lot of room. You know what? Let’s play a very innocent, friendly game
until they fix this. Umm… Try to guess what I’m looking at. A view of the town like you’ve never seen
it before. Lit up under a beautiful starry sky. Uh… pretty much. Oh, hey, look. A shooting star. I’m getting down. Angela, what are you doing? Is it my mouthwash? This is too romantically dangerous. So I’m going to crawl down the side of this
Ferris Wheel. At least that’s just regular dangerous. And kind of dumb! Gotcha! Just to be clear, I’m holding your hand
for safety. Yeah. I am so glad you’re here… for safety. Obviously. You know, this is actually kind of cool. I don’t know why more people don’t exit
Ferris Wheels this way. That’s why. This was such a mistake! No, no, no, do not say that. We could not stay up at the top like that. No, Tom! I’m talking about spending the whole night
pretending like this wasn’t a date! If we had just admitted that we liked each
other, we could have stayed up in that gondola. Okay, yeah, it wasn’t so bad up there. I was thinking about holding your
hand. I was thinking about holding your hand too! Oh my gosh, you were? No way! We both wanted to hold each other’s hands. Oh, but let’s not do that now, because gravity. I’m slipping! Okay. Before I fall… I wished this was a date all along. I did too, Tom. I did too. AAAAAAAAGH! Well this is kind of embarrassing. Not if you think about how fast we climbed
down. I mean, we’re pretty agile. Huh, yeah I guess we are. Did you mean what you just said, though? About um… Yeah, Angela. Forget friend events. Tom! Angela! You’ve got to hide me. I’ve got a lot of angry carnies after me. I’m sorry, Ginger. We’re a little busy right now. We’re on a date. Oh, barf. Not in my face. There he is! Get that kid! I don’t feel so — blegh!

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