The Legend of the Story of the Legend of Vox Machina

The Legend of the Story of the Legend of Vox Machina

BRANDON: No one has ever really
tried to adapt an RPG campaign into an animated series. So we’re actually breaking new ground. JEN: They created something
that we didn’t know the world needed. Really, there’s something
there for everyone. MARC: Even if you are steeped in this world, there’s still a couple of moments I think we can surprise you. MATT: All the stuff coming out
is just so freaking cool! (dramatic orchestral music) So the story of Vox Machina takes place on Tal’Dorei, which is a continent
in the world of Exandria. It is an area of smaller nations,
but there is an overall Sovereign Uriel, who is kind of
the leader of the area. Vox Machina are a bunch of–
I can’t say heroes really– but they are people that
are trying to get by and they found that it’s
easier to survive and succeed as a group than independently
and so out of necessity, they became a party. The series begins with a new story. This is a telling of Vox Machina as they come into their own as a group. EUGENE: It’s a fantasy series, it’s mature, it is fun, it is about comradery,
it’s about friendship. We are going to explore all of these amazing fantasy elements that people shied away from. We embrace that, we love that stuff. BRANDON: It’s a completely unique
thing in terms of high-fantasy. There’s be no high-fantasy
that’s even remotely similar to “Legend of Vox Machina.” MAE: I think people will be able
to look at this and be like, oh, this is a show with dragons and demons and everything in-between, but ultimately it’s about this group of friends. MATT: We wanted to capture kind of the spark and the magic of when we
were playing at the table, just in a different form of media. MEREDITH: I’m just really excited
to see the really heartfelt, touching scenes. That’s what got me into the
stream in the first place. MAE: This is something that is
very serious and dramatic, but has moments of intense
and beautiful levity and lightheartedness and
that comes from literally, this was a group of friends having fun and we as the writers’
room should also be a group of friends having fun. And that was the moment
I was like, we got this. (regal orchestral music) BRANDON: Well the writers’ room
was just a blast. Getting to work with all
these amazingly talented writers who are all big fans
of fantasy and RPGs. EUGENE: God, the writers were
all amazing and they all brought different things to the table. JEN: We had a mix of seasoned and new. There’s young and excited
energy and then wise, laid back energy, a little bit. KEVIN: There was sort of a
who’s who of what sort of action animation we’ve done, have been some of the top tier people. Some really great new voices that come from science-fiction, from live-action. It’s really been a nice mix. (“Critical Role” theme) MATT: We’ve never worked with Brandon before, so this is the first time me and him were able to collaborate on something, but he was just a great
idea guy as well as being the person who’s guiding the production side. BRANDON: Eugene Son, our story editor,
he’s been incredibly helpful along the way. Really implementing all of our notes, coming in and having all kinds of great ideas. EUGENE: Jen Muro knows so much
about Critical Role, she’s been a fan for a while
and she could recall a lot of the things like
the adventures and such that the characters have gone through. Mae Catt is so much energy and so many ideas. She was fantastic in the
writers’ room that way. Kevin and Doc, our amazing writing team that I’ve gotten the pleasure
to work with over the years. Their dynamic as a writing
team is fantastic. I’d never worked with Marc
before, but he brings a wealth of experience in
comics and live-action TV. MATT: We also work with
Daniel Thomsen, who came from the live-action world
and brought a whole different kind of storytelling to the room. Ashly Burch, I’d never
worked with before until “Vox Machina”, but she’s fantastic, beyond just being a talented writer. She’s actually played with us. She played Keg in our
second campaign for a number of episodes as well as a live show. And so I think bringing that to the table made her even that much more of a powerhouse. MARC: Everybody was soup to nuts,
like really, really nice and really, really smart. MATT: I love when a writers’
room is everyone throwing out ideas and everyone’s
building on each other and it’s from all different facets, just kind of brick after brick you can see the wall coming to fruition. EUGENE: It’s fascinating adapting
“The Legend of Vox Machina” from a role-playing game campaign and trying to translate that and bring that to life in an animated series. MAE: An adaptation need
not be beat for beat and so our job as the
writers was to maintain the spirit of the story
and the spirit of each character and the character arcs and what they’re going through and act as the translators from what
it was into what it can be now in the animated form. BRANDON: There’s gonna be surprises,
there’s gonna be things that are changed, but also at the same time we wanna do that because
we want the die-hard fans to not just come in and
know everything. Like, you wanna be surprised,
you want things to change just enough. MARC To find a way to get
to a place in the story where you’re giving the
audience the thing they didn’t know that they wanted
but they actually needed. EUGENE: When you’re dealing
with a preexisting property, like say a graphic novel, you say, okay, we have to keep this moment,
this is a pivotal moment. Maybe we can lose this,
maybe we can plus this. When you’re going with a
campaign where it’s hundreds of hours of material and
a lot of it is brilliant. It’s like, okay, now
what are the things that will translate really
well to animated series? What have they not seen
that we think wow, okay, we can take this and
we can really do something fantastic with it and those are the things that really, really excite us. JEN: Whittling down source
material was an undertaking that I was terrified about because Matt has such a clear vision and I definitely did not want to step on that. MATT: Certain ideas have to
be changed or altered as part of the adaptation. It’s a hard process. JEN: There’s things we were
like, “Oh, my god. “He’ll kill us.” And then he was like,
“No, that’s fine.” We’re like, “We were worrying
for three days about this.” MARC: Matt would always sit down
and say, “Yeah, no, “this is the way it was in the campaign, “but this is better, let’s talk about it. “Let’s litigate it, let’s investigate it. “Let’s rattle test it.” MATT: Sometimes the harder ideas,
the ones that go against what you initially expected, make the most important changes. EUGENE: Every project I’ve ever taken on, research is a huge part of it. You want to dive and get in that mindset and that mentality of the
world you’re exploring. MAE: “Critical Role” is an IP,
is a legacy IP, but it’s happening right now. You can interface with the
creators of this thing that you love immediately. MATT: Everyone, for the most part,
were able to make it for an element of the writers’ room to answer questions about their particular character, how they would react to certain elements. Questions that I couldn’t have answered anywhere near as good as they could’ve. CHRIS: The fact that the cast
created their own characters and that Matt, as the game master,
created the scenarios and then you’re in the writers’
room with those people, with that cast. You get to feed off that immediacy. It’s like writing a “Spider-Man” script in the room with Stan Lee. MEREDITH: It’s working very hard to
honor the original canon and the original content
and the original game. BRANDON: Nothing is getting past these guys. We’re making sure that this
is very much the show that they wanna make. MATT: It’s been really cool
to watch it all come together as each thing gets approved
and we see every facet begin to come more and more realized. You can just feel the
palpable energy of excitement, not just within us, but the animation studio and everyone who’s working on it
on the actual production side. It’s already turning into
something very, very special. KEVIN: We are as excited as
any fan of Critical Role to see how these things turn out. There’s nothing better than
if you love a property and you see it expanded to a new world. It just takes it in a way you never even could envision as a fan. MATT: We wanted to capture
the spark and the magic of when we were playing at the table, just in a different form of media. MARC: It will be like drinking a
drink that you really like by a bartender you’ve never met before who adds a little something
and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. It’s like, “Did you put nutmeg in this?” And like, “Ah, not sure,
but I love this drink. “Oh, it’s delicious. “Give me more of this drink
because I like being drunk.” If you like being drunk on Critical Role, then I think you’ll like what this series of bartenders have done to it. (epic orchestral music) (“Critical Role” theme)

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  1. Only available on Amazon Prime? I thought the first season was streamed or released since it was all paid for, and seasons going forward would be Amazon? Did the backers all get a free 130 per year Amazon prime membership too?

  2. Pay attention Hollywood. When you put people into a project with talent and passion, awesome things happen. I’m so excited for not just seeing this but the quality of this. Thanks critters for giving in such a big way!

  3. "No one has tried to adapt a rpg campaign into an animated series before" … record of loddoss war is on the phone and says hello.

  4. I don't think I have been this excited about an upcoming show to this level since childhood. Hopefully this ushers in a massive wave of D&D related series and TV shows. Being from the Deep South during the 80s Satanic Panic, it really is great to see my hobby exploding in popularity once again. So many times I wondered why someone hadn't done this before? It's so obvious that something like this would have been a hit.

  5. It’s wonderful to see how much thought and attention is put into making this series! I can’t wait for it to be released.

  6. 4:40 well umm… maybe thats just my opinion
    but thats exactly the opposite of what I want
    i DONT want it to be changed
    i want this to be the true story of Vox Machina
    and not the story of what some writers though would be cool if it happened to Vox Machina

  7. Had to stop watching the show because I have a hard time not falling in love with Matt's wife. Dead serious. Also doesn't help that she looks like my girlfriend.

  8. I just went from hyped to even more hyped which i didnt think was even possible after seeing Marc bernardin attached to this… can't wait to hear him talk about it with kevin smith.

  9. Marc Bernardin getting involved is making me a very, very happy Critter.

    Take your time, folks. Looks like we're making a legend that will inspire the young at heart for generations to come.

  10. Now I am worried. I counted 8 writers! Why are 8 writers needed?
    Via the Streams, the stories have already been fleshed out. It is not as if they are creating new stories from scratch. Why are 8 writers needed?
    Vox Machina is composed of 7 characters, so, a writer or two would be enough to incorporate their side of the stories. Again, why are 8 writers needed?

  11. Very pleased to see Marc on your team! He's such a smart guy, I immediately knew he would bring great things to the Vox Machina we love. Looking forward to the finished show!!

  12. GOD I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. I wonder if we will get a full revised theme song for the show that is more high fantasy/in universe lyrics rather than references to nerdy/DM/rolls etc. That way we have a Dungeons and Dragons version and a version that doesn't break the fourth wall ? Who knows. I'm just so bloody excited

  13. ''No one has ever really tried to adapt a RPG campain into an animated series.'' Ever heard of Record of Lodoss war? It's an anime made in 1991 based on a manga, based of a role playing game campain.

    That is all.

  14. I love everything here, however I hate the fact that it's only on Amazon. Literrally though, I'll never be able go watch it now so what's even the point?

  15. Seeing this made me almost cry tears of joy: this group does so.e amazing things, and the fact that it all comes from just "a group of friends having fun" energy and mentality is always heart warming and brings so much joy. I absolutely can not WAIT to see the Legend of Vox Machina come out!!!

  16. Man I could watch this backstage stuff for hours but I'll have to settle for 8 minutes. I'm really excited to see what these talented people produce!

  17. I hope one day we get to see a series about the MIghty Nein too! I'm way more invested in the 2nd campaign since I didn't watch Vox Machina live.

  18. Not so happy to see that big fat "Only on prime video" smirk at the end. For season two, which Amazon sponsered, sure. But I don't trust that company an inch; so I'm worried that CR is gonna have a hard time fulfilling their promises of making the kickstarter-backed portion available on other platforms.

  19. I still remember the reaction of Travis 24 hours into the Kickstarter campaign. "#### your stretch goals, we are LEGION" 🙂

    And as a happy member of LEGION, we are watching.

  20. The very first line in this video is "No one has ever tried to adapt an RPG campaign into an animated series before". Which is very not true. Some folks have apparently never heard of Record of Lodoss War.

  21. "No one has ever really tried to adapt an RPG campaign into an animated series"
    *Recods of Lodoss war would like to know your location*

  22. Hello there critters,

    I am a big fan of the show but I only caught up to season 2 and I hadn't had the time to watch the first one. I've seen some highlights on YT and have a vague idea of the story though. I've seen in a few times that scanlans mansion for some reason only serves vegan food. Why is that? My best guess is that scanlan wants to impress somebody (maybe Pike?) . I know this has fuck all to do with this video but I tried to post this question on reddit and it got auto removed. So I thought I try the most recent YT video. Can anybody please enlighten me?

  23. Stopped watching this after 7 and a half minutes. Reason?
    "..people need to be surprised" is in my opinion not a good statement in that context.
    Sentences like "…but we try to capture the spirit" Reminds me of the new Star Wars movies. Did i get that wrong?
    And the Reason: i know animators love to reuse shots but that's just cheap: 1:37, 7:27

  24. "No one has ever really tried to adapt an RPG campaign into an animated series, so we're actually breaking new ground."

    No, that ground was broken 30 years ago by the classic anime series Record of Lodoss War (1990), which was based on creator Ryo Mizuno's own D&D campaign. The six main characters were the six classes from the D&D Basic Set. So as much as I enjoy Critical Role — and hope to enjoy this adaptation — the comparison in inevitable in my mind.

  25. well, it's good that they're letting us know upfront that things are gonna be different and to come into this expecting something unique from the game. That said, I still hope they fit in some of the beast beats of the source material, like scanlan one-manning a mansion as a dinosaur.

  26. Soon means a month, by law, right? Matt, and others have treated 3 weeks like a while, so soon should be less time than a while. If a while is 3 weeks, that means the cartoon should be out in max 2 weeks, from now. Unless…..

  27. I nearly cried when I saw this is gonna be on Amazon video… there are so many video streaming services, I cant watch half the things I am interested in because its turning in to cable TV again. To put this on a widely used service and not like… Youtube Red, or Patreon only, or a specific to critical role thing, I am beyond thrilled.

  28. So in short:
    Their Hobby has become their profession.
    They don't ever have to do anime VA jobs, unless they want to, anymore.
    They are making HELLA good money.
    Worldwide, supportive fanbase.
    Constant Fan art/gifts.
    Have gotten sponsors/deals with bigger name brands/companies.
    Are now making their first campaign into an animated series with quality writers, creative control, AND are backed by amazon.
    Have pretty much rocketed D&D into a new state of popularity.

    ………………Bet Acaba wishes he wasn't such a gigantic flaming asshole now huh?

  29. Ahhh man I'm so hyped for this. Like I feel like this is gunna make history for animated series and D&D together. I'm so excited and glad to witness it all develop x]

  30. It's so hard these days to hear 'adaptation' and not crindge at the thought of someone taking a great story and making 'media' out of it.
    But by the gods, I'm so excited to see how these guys are show this story. There is so much love and passion for this project from the Crit Role guys and from those they are working with, to just showcase the beating heart of this amazing world. I can see myself loving the champaign and the animated show equaly, and loving the different beats between the two even more.

  31. I am just in the middle of Campaign 2 (Episode 46). Yet when I watch this video I can't help but smile with excitement and passion. Because they have taken something that is important to them and made it viral. Now, they are seeing their efforts results by this show. At first this resembles the support of the fans. We are the ones who made this happen and made Amazon realize that this TV show will gain popularity. Yet, most importantly, they are now seeing their project evolving and changing in a positive way. When they go to casting or writer room they see people who are eager to explore their world. You could see them in your face while the interviews. I feel like they still can't believe this and I can't blame them. They still remember the times they play in dinner room, and now their progress they made with their passion to D&D is simply incredible. They are one of the best examples about following your dream. Thanks for all of the joy, gloom and excitement you caused with the show. I can't wait to watch more of these documentaries and buy the amazon first day you have released the show.

  32. I love the show and but with them raising 11.3 million dollars did the show funded really need to be put behind a paywall? Does Jeff Bezos really need help from Vox Machina to get more money? I really appreciated that you could watch this show without paying anything after waiting until Monday for it to come up on YouTube or watching it with ads on Twitch. Why they didn't continue with that model by just releasing the show on YouTube where all the Critters can enjoy it without having to sign up for a monthly bill that the cast sees none of the money from is beyond me.

  33. There will fore sure be things they changed that I probably won’t like. But I hope that they keep the moments or thing I love the most.

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