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  1. I fell sorry for the dude he's alone his planet friends and family are destroyed and he's giving up hope .

  2. Couldn’t they have used scp 2501 (the claw that can crush and destroy anything, even the sun) to complete destroy it, or some other scp with destructive capabilities. Also why didn’t scp 2000 activate?

    "Last Man": Barrier Unit 53 observed…
    The label in the bottom right of the screen: Am I a joke to you?

  4. Of anyone was thinking that he wasent last man in story well he was cause the friend left and didn’t comeback so no food or water so dead

  5. I have an idea on what they could've done to destroy whatever that thing is, all it needs is an image of a monster's face >:)
    I'd probably be a suicide mission but anything to save humanity.
    Load SCP 096 on a ship, and crash it directly into a window of the machine, if those drones are piloted, then whatever is controlling that machine is going to have a bad day. Nukes may be unable to break it, but there is nothing in existance that SCP 096 can't shred like paper if anything dares see it's face.

  6. I wonder how this would have affected the more powerful SCP's that wouldn't be destroyed by the attack? Would they fight back?

  7. Why should they have stayed far away from us cuz that sounds like a threat but he clearly can’t do anything

  8. What if he WASN'T the Last Man? And that there was someone else in that universe who went to the Ikea, and is currently stuck there, not knowing about the destruction of his/her planet?

  9. Good news! The SCP is actually targetting The Broken God, not the human race. So at least we're not going to die, not yet anyway.

  10. and in the next 20.000 years ………every thing will be reset by the deus ex machina again. ………like it always be……..

  11. The first thing i realize when Is watch this video is, the voice of the man…., Is cory, from newscapepro.

  12. Is this guy the same last human as the one in 079 I think if that's incorrect then the computer one with the pills

  13. So it did destroy earth but they did enough damage for the machine to stop working fully……so it was kinda a draw

  14. Dr. Bright: Slaps roof of moon To show you the power of [REDACTED] I shot this moon through [REDACTED] and repaired it with only [DATA EXPUNGED]

  15. Aren't there like 500 SCP's they have that could stop this.
    And 500 SCP's they aren't in control of that wouldn't want the world to be blown up, or would survive it?

  16. Hi I am new to this channel I have a few questions about the video and about the channel
    The channel
    1 is this channel based of the game SCP containment breach or are these from a different thing
    The video
    1 what was launched at the earth the missile to stop the scp or the scp’s missile
    2 why didn’t Warner and the other guy take matters into their own hands and sacrifice themselves to stop the missile.

    I sincerely hope that this comment is answered by the viewers and the channel owner
    – sir hillbilly

  17. This must be an alternite reality because Dr. Bright made Jupiters moon IO launch into the storm terminating it

  18. I love these. Keep it up disembodied creator of this beautiful channel. I have a feeling you'll get pretty big

  19. Hmmmm, this guy sounds familiar but I can’t figure it out, though they sound like they’ve dealt with a lot of SCPs, hmmmm

  20. Meanwhile, in hell
    Dr.Ciemmeran: You should had to listened me, because you were wrong.
    Another O5 member: sights What was your idea?
    Dr. Clef: Tell us
    Dr. Ciennemeran: Ehhh.
    Dr. Oleskei: We should tried to trown 09-
    Another 0-5 member: interrups him And ending up creating a mass extintion?!NO THANKS

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