The Haunted House |  Horror 3D Animation | Mr.Animo

The Haunted House | Horror 3D Animation | Mr.Animo

Since there is no place to
go in the summer vacation, Nirmal decided to go to his uncle’s house. in the next morning he catched
a bus for uncle’s house and reached after an hour He was meeting his uncle after 2 years the whole day passed in talk of things It was raining heavily in that night. Nirmal was looking out of the window his uncle told him about the haunted house and told him not to go there when he asked the reason, his uncle told
that a single woman lived there long ago And one day she suddenly committed
suicide by hanging in front of that house And since then that house is Hunted Nirmal did not beleave these things at all. So he decided to go there that night After uncle’s sleep Nirmal came out of the house silently
and walked towards that house. When he reached that house, the door
of the house was opened automatically Due to the heavy rain and wind running
out, he went inside the house Suddenly the door closed itself loudly Nirmal was very scared After some time his fear became a bit less And he started looking at
the old things in that house. suddenly he felt like
someone standing behind him And speaking to him..Go away Looked back and there was no one he thaught it’s just his mind’s bahm and staried checking
the things lying at home And Then!!! Nirmal was killed that night After that the place was sealed And now no one can go there. THANKS A LOT FOR WATCHING

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