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Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Electric Kettle That’s four. Come on, Tom Thomas, just one more! Come on now, Tom Thomas! I know you can do it! Five. That doesn’t count! That doesn’t count! No! Your chin was below the bar. That’s all! I can’t do any more! You’re weakling! You’re the weakling, I’m not! I just haven’t eaten in a while,
and that’s why I lost my strength. You’re a slave to food, Tom. And you see, that’s the difference
between us Fixies and you humans. Many people wrongly assume
that the only way Fixies could live is by stealing food
off of humans’ tables, or, worse yet, by stealing it
from their refrigerators. That’s just a lie! It’s not true at all. Fixies don’t eat any kind of human food. So then where in the world do the Fixies
get their energy you’re wondering? It’s very simple. A Fixie’s entire life
is connected with devices. Fixies not only live inside of devices, but they take care of them
and help them live longer. And in return for their help, these devices share part
of their energy with the Fixies. So there you go! The Fxies help devices
and devices help the Fixies! Yes, we Fixies and machines
have a symbiotic relationship. So we don’t eat leftovers like cockroaches. Because we are Fixies! One, two, three, woah! How is it possible that a big boy like you doesn’t know how to make
any food for himself? I’m able to cook,
but I’m not allowed to turn on the stove. What can you make without it? Oh, yes! We have instant oatmeal! Look! Do you like oatmeal? You’re joking! Only my folks say oats are healthy
and make you stronger. Great! Well, then how do you cook it? It’s not hard. All you’ve got to do is add hot water, and I’m allowed to turn on the kettle. Stop and check if there’s water in there! If there’s none you can burn out the kettle. It’s got enough. Then you can turn it on! Hey, tell me. How does the kettle turn off? I mean how does it know
when the water is hot enough? Inside of an electric kettle there’s a heater
hidden underneath its bottom. When you turn on the kettle,
the heater warms up the water until it boils. And the boiling water gives off steam that heats up a special metal plate
at the top of the kettle. The heat causes the metal plate to bend,
and that turns off the switch. So, you could say that an electric kettle
“feels” when the water is boiling. OK, now I understand. Hey, why do you need three bowls? You don’t need to make any oatmeal for us. It’s not for you, guys. It’s for my mom and dad. Start out here! No! Keep pouring into this one! And I say pour it here! And I say first you should pour it into mine! Oh, Nolik! Where are you? I’ll find him! Hang on, I’m going in! Simka! She was right over here. Nolik! Over here! Simka! Here. Nolik! There. Hey! Where is your other boot? It got lost. Up there in the oatmeal. That must be your parents! Let’s get out of here! Hey, and what about your shoe? Don’t worry, I got another one! Hi Tom Thomas, we’re back! You must be hungry.
We’ll make you something to eat. But I already prepared us some food! And the water’s already hot!
Wash your hands! Tom Thomas, don’t touch that kettle if it’s hot! I don’t want you to burn yourself! So, today we’re eating oatmeal for dinner. Delicious. Maybe you have something else? Why something else? You’re the ones that say
that oatmeal’s great for you and it makes us stronger. Well, yeah. That’s what we say. I’m glad that our so
pays such careful attention. Isn’t it delicious? Really! Huh! What’s that? Ah, look! You found the boot, Dad! What? It’s nothing! Just eat your food
and don’t get distracted. I’d like to see that oatmeal all gone, OK? And whoever doesn’t finish won’t get any candy! They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Hairdryer Nolik! Are you here? Yep! I’m here! I got a cool trick to show you! That was real magic, dude! Took long to learn it? No, that’s not the trick. It’s a trick with helium. What is helium? Helium’s a very light gas they fill balloons with
so they float in the air. That’s not magic at all, you silly.
Who’s never watched a flying balloon? The trick is not about the balloon flying. I need to get its gas. How can I get it down from there? Get a hairdryer! That’s the way to do it! Yeah? What for? So I can show you a trick! Alright. Mom! Can I use a hairdryer for a minute? A hairdryer is a great simple invention. Inside a hairdryer is a fan that
sucks in the air from behind it and pushes it out the front
to blow your hair around and make it dry. To heat up the air there is
an electric coil inside of there. When the coil heats up
it warms up the passing air. And the hot air helps your hair dry faster. Of course you don’t have to
turn on the heat setting, but then you better like that cold wind. Nolik! I’m right here! Here is the dryer. I want to see your trick. Alright! Flip the switch! Now you lay the ball
right into the air stream. Oh, great! The ball is flying! And now it’s my turn to fly! Really?! Yeah! I’ll shoot right up to the ceiling, so I can grab the string,
and pull the balloon down. So turn off the heat and away I go! Switch it on to high! Got it! Give it to me! I can’t get it down! It’s probably because you’re little
and weigh like nothing. And what? Do I have to wait
till I’m heavier and older to get down? I don’t know. Then you better get my sister.
She’ll tell us what to do. Simka! Come on out! Well, what’s going on? Look. Hi there! How did you end up on the ceiling? I was just showing off
that funny hairdryer trick. I’m laughing out loud. Ha-ha-ha! I can try flipping on the hairdryer
and lifting you up to Nolik. So both of us can get caught
hanging up there? Well, thanks, but I don’t need it. Then what DO you need? Just a broom or a mop. You know how to do a trick with a mop? Uh-huh. Just make it fast. They can be quite ingenious
creatures, those humans. Sometimes they figure out clever ways
to use ordinary devices. Like the hairdryer. Of course it can be used to dry hair, but it can also be used
to dry a wet spot on clothes. And a hairdryer can even be used
to remove a sticky price label. Now suppose you buy yourself a new cup that has a terribly sticky sticker
that seems just impossible to peel off. Well, try warming it up with a hairdryer. The glue will dry up a bit
and the label will come off easier. There’s no doubt that a hairdryer
can be a very useful in any household, but you need to be
extremely careful with it! Especially in the bathroom. If water gets inside a hair dryer, there’s a real risk of getting
a horrible electrical shock that can seriously hurt you
and destroy the hairdryer as well! Tideesh! Pull it down! Hurrah! Going in for a landing! Tom Thomas, I can’t tell you
how great it was to fly inside a stream of air! Good for you! Now I’ll sound like a Fixie! – Really?
– Uh-huh! Watch me. Hey-hey, what are you doing? Just look. I’ll breath in one breath of helium. Isn’t it bad for you? You can only breath a little. Hey! Hi there! Tom Thomas became a Fixie! And that’s my trick for you!
Funny, huh? Oh, that’s too funny! What a squeaky little voice
you’ve got there! See, I’m already not a Fixie. The helium stops working
after just a couple seconds. That’s good. Cause such a humongous Fxie couldn’t fit inside any machine!

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