The Evolution of The Predator (Animated)

The Evolution of The Predator (Animated)

The Predator is the perfect hunter, but not every Predator is born equal. From the Central American jungle to the LA cityscape and beyond, lets go through their evolution. The Predator first appears in 1987’s ‘Predator’, featuring his trademark dreadlocks, silver armor, thermal vision and cloaking abilities. He hunts down a series of army personnel in the jungle before going head to head with their Major. After revealing his large, nose-less face with distinct mandibles, he gets hit by a stump and chooses to self-destruct. ‘Predator 2’ introduces a new more colorful Predator, with bronzed armor and his face —when shown— is steeper and heavily fanged. After getting mixed up in an L.A. drug-war, a Lieutenant tracks him down and takes him out. This prompts his fellow Predator clan members to uncloak and pick up their defeated friend, with the eldest-member honouring the Lieutenant with an antique pistol for a fair fight. The cross-over film, ‘Alien Vs Predator’, features 3 heavily armed Predators with unique masks who set out to hunt a pack of Xenomorphs in an ancient rite of passage. While two of the Predators are taken out pretty quickly, the third one manages to defeat a Xenomorph and marks his face in victory, leaving him exposed to a leaping facehugger. Apparently unharmed, the Predator teams up with a young woman to take down a Queen Xenomorph, only to be mortally wounded in battle. A caped elder uncloaks himself and rewards the human friend with an alien weapon. The Predator’s body is then put on a ship, where it gives birth to the Predalien chestburster. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem picks up with the Predalien, now fully grown, as he causes the ship to crash back on earth. When he and a posse of facehuggers escape, a grizzled and scarred Predator sets out to confront the abominable combo. But whoever wins doesn’t really matter, because the government nukes the city, putting an end to this cross-over series. But the Predator franchise carries on with ‘Predators’, in which a group of criminals are dropped on to an alien planet to be hunted. Their opponents include: A pair of tracking hounds—whoops! I mean Predator Hounds A tusked tracking Predator—that gets taken out by an exploding opponent. A bronzed armoured Predator with mechanical spying Falcon-drone, who gets sliced by a sword wielding Yakuza member. And finally, a large leader Predator, with a jawed bio-mask covering his bulbous head. He obliterates a weakened classic looking Predator and eventually succumbs to wounds inflicted by a pair of hardened criminals. In the latest sequel, a shiny armoured Predator is knocked out and examined by a lab. Which determines that he contains pieces of human DNA. He wakes up from the examination and sets out on a kill-spree, only to be assassinated by a giant heavily DNA-spliced Predator armed with his own pack of hounds. He snatches an autistic boy for DNA harvesting, but after losing his arm gets taken down by an explosion and a round of bullets. Confirming that there’s no need to add extra DNA to an already perfect hunting creature. I bet you didn’t know, the Predator isn’t just good at hunting! He’s also skilled at guitar, baking, and animation, all thanks to our sponsor Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in character design, animation and even how to stand out on YouTube —which has been a great help to this channel. A Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes to help you learn unique skills, explore new opportunities and do the work that you love, all for less than $10 a month. The first 500 people to try Skillshare through the link in the description will get their first 2 months for FREE. Just click the link below or go to Thank you for watching, subscribing and hitting thumbs up on this animation. Click the bell icon if you want to be notified as soon as the next animation goes live, and until then, check out Tell It Animated on social media. Oh, and also, steer clear of any Predator infested jungles.

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  1. Hey guys! This one took a while to do, but I hope you liked it. Thanks for all your continued support to the channel, it's allowing me to tackle more videos to hopefully get all your favorites Evolution-ized! I'm gonna have some good news to bring to you about the channel soon and what the plans for next year are (get excited!) and also a big shout out to all my Patrons who have supported me this far, feel free to check out the link if you'd like to support the channel's future 🙂

    And if you're still reading this the next Evolution will be a Marvel Superhero in honor of Stan Lee and then a slasher, so comment down below who you want to see coming up!

  2. Your right on the last bit,predators or yautja as they also called dont really need to force their evolution I mean being technologically advanced however they could improve with which they show in the new predator movie, still tho my point they hit low to convert a species that since the first movie ever showing a predator was known for being an honorable race of hunters whose sole game consisted of races that are so dangerous they could kill them but in hindsight it's also said they did it based on sentiance so for example where xenomorphs recieved nothing but the game grounds to which they hunt in (thanks to the yautja) are still considered the top game to hunt,ultimate prey so it could make sense,prove prowess and power by going for armed individuals to see if they're either trophy or gift making items (I say this cuz cmon they flay human skin or anything else that proves a threat and good game I mean they doin something with it)

  3. Now how is it that u dont have a million subs now this is a joke u have to have a million soon

  4. Loved playing as the Predator in AVP2, although the least scariest campaign is for the Xenomorph, since you’re the scariest thing around.

  5. But all those predators are different there not really the same predator so i don't really understand the point of this but eh

  6. What is the second half of DNA is actually alien DNA? So a Predator would be half human and half alien

  7. 2:27 that predator has badass armor so cooooooooooool!!!!! Dont mess with the predator or death???☠☠☠☠☠????

  8. If we had our own predators in our military?……we would probably take out all our enemies… a day or two.

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