The Evolution of Freddy Krueger (Animated)

The Evolution of Freddy Krueger (Animated)

Freddy Krueger defined 80 slashers, but with so many films under his belt He was bound to go through some changes from creepy to comedic to creepy again Let’s go through his progressions in a Nightmare on Elm Street Freddie’s wearing a red and green striped sweater brown pants boots a fashionable Fedora and his signature bladed glove to avenge his own death He attacks the teenagers of Elm Street in their dreams and is defeated by being ignored in the sequel Freddy’s revenge His nose is hooked and his burn marks which appear more embellished extend further down his body green stripes are added to the sleeves of his sweatshirt and his pants darken His eyes are more demonic looking and his blades are physically attached to his hand two traits that would not carry over to the other sequels this time Freddy takes control of a young boy’s body and pops out and crashes a Pool party, but when Freddy gets smooched by the young boy’s girlfriend he turns to ash. In the Dream Warriors Freddy’s look is consistent with the previous film But he’s shown shirtless for the first time Revealing a chest of screaming souls He gets beat up by dysfunctional kids in the dream world and is finally defeated when his human remains get laid to rest the dream master resurrects Freddy with the power of dog pee He’s the same Freddy but his glove is slightly updated in color Freddy neutralizes the kids in the last film and this time he bursts when shown his own reflection Freddy is rebirthed in the dream child and grows quickly into an older saggy. ER version of himself with larger burn marks He trains a young apprentice in the dream world who unfortunately turns on him and Freddy is absorbed by his mother Freddy’s dead The final nightmare takes us through Freddy’s upbringing as a child then teenager and finally as a middle-aged serial killer he’s burned to death But manages to gain dream demon powers physically Freddy retains the larger burn marks but isn’t quite as saggy he faces off against his daughter who blows him up once and for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Establishes the previous Freddy as a made-up movie character and introduces a toddler pale eyed Freddy, demon This one wears a green hat trench coat led their pants tall boots a striped turtleneck and an organic Bladed hand. He attacks the star from the first film but gets cooked in an oven In Freddy vs. Jason we’re taken back to the original timeline and shown another version of human Freddy pre-burn This Freddy’s burn marks are darker. His teeth are sharper His pants are lighter and the blades on his glove are larger He raises Jason Voorhees to do his bidding, but gets jealous of his kill count and faces off against him instead the franchise would be rehashed or whoops, I mean rebooted in 2010 with a shorter and more realistically burned Freddy Krueger while creepier looking he fails to live up to the Freddy we all know and love Thanks for watching liking and subscribing. You can check out the new patreon to support and vote on future animations and comment down below What you’d like to see animated in the future?

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  1. Wes craven's New nightmare was the best film out the franchise after the original and dream warriors

  2. Nightmare on elm street 1 (1983)
    Nightmare on elm street 2 (1985)
    Nightmare on elm street 3 dream warriors (1987)
    Nightmare on elm street 4 dream master (1988)
    Nightmare on elm street 5 dream child (1989)
    Freddy's dead the final nightmare (1991)
    Wes craven's new nightmare (1994)
    Freddy vs Jason (2001)
    Nightmare on elm street (remake-2010)

  3. Fun fact Freddy was played by the same person up till Freddy V Jason. And was played by another person in the reboot.

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