The Emoji Movie is The LOWEST RATED Animated Film Of All Time

The Emoji Movie is The LOWEST RATED Animated Film Of All Time

Honestly is anyone surprised. Hey guys. It’s me RetroNemo, Here to report some somewhat breaking cartoon news.The animated masterpiece that is Sony Pictures, The Emoji Movie is finally out after months of no one but JacksFilms was being excited for it. Seriously this movie has been hated since the beginning! Since it was first announced! The world just unanimously decided that The Emoji Movie would be the worst movie ever, And as it approached, reviews came out and nothing changed at all. The Emoji Movie which had a budget of… 50 million Dollars, has a 1.7 on IMDb currently.That is insane! And to pair with it, it has a jaw-dropping zero percent on rotten tomatoes a zero percent! Guys, that’s the worst possible rating this movie can get it’s like it, physically cannot get any worse than that And this is the critics score the audience is like 46% which is still really bad. I mean if this is a test it would have failed I mean the movie just came out so I don’t know if the audience score is gonna go up or down from here But I mean, I think we can all agree. It’s probably gonna go way down. This is Incredible. It’s just like it’s getting Groundbreakingly low scores, I know this movie would do bad, but I never thought that the scores would be this groundbreakingly horrible So what are other review sites saying about it? Well sorry to say for fans of the movie But it doesn’t get much better. The metacritic score is 9 and the user score is 1.6 Oh My God. Oh my, so sad guys that’s Literally the lowest rated movie on metacritic like period It’s lower than the OOGIELOVES. THE OOGIELOVES. Dear Lorde! lol So those are just numbers though. What are people saying about it online? Well with reviews like this I’m not sure if it gets much better. a big thumbs down. do not see The Emoji Movie. Nobody likes The Emoji Movie.My God guys calm down! I almost kinda feel bad at this point But let’s be real guys this movie was destined to fail, and we all saw it coming I’d be lying if I said I was surprised and the team only made it worse for themselves when they tweeted a picture of the emoji movie Photoshopped with the handmaids. you know the highly praised hulu television series about women being treated as property and forced into sexual acts Oh my God like they wanted it to fail! Okay, remember when I said I almost felt bad? Yeah, just disregard that, I take it back… ok as of now the movie Just came out when it’s out longer in theaters will probably get slightly better scores, but I just think it’s hilarious that it’s getting groundbreakingly low movie scores So here’s the question that everyone’s asking. Should you see the emoji movie? Only you can answer that for yourself, however I recommend if you’re really that curious Then you should just buy tickets through baby driver and just sneak into The Emoji Movie theater that way you’re not giving them money it’s just better for everyone. If you want to hear more of our thoughts of this movie then check out the review that we’re putting out later today from the time, this video was posted. I’m RetroNemo from the Roundtable I have to go take like 15, baby aspirins and take a big long shower thinking about what I’ve just seen I’ll catch you guys next time this video has been powered by patreon if you want to give us some more support to Become a patron and get some awesome perks Thanks for watching another video on the Roundtable. If you want to get more of our community watch videos from Let’s talk with Tom Voxbox and more Click the video right here or if you want to get some more of the animation goodness watch some crystal clear and Mewni Monday click the video right here and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Another video told me Microsoft tried to sabotage sony (the released of the emoji movie) by hiding good reviews and only showing bad ones

  2. Sony, I don't understand your logic, you didn't have to make this movie flop super hard to make Popeye seem better by comparison! Popeye is good by itself! 😀

  3. I went to the movies and I watched despicable me 3 and a worker asked me what movie are you watching and I said despicable me 3 and he "oh, don't watch the emoji movie it's bad"

  4. "Honestly, is anyone surprised?"
    Yeah… me. Don't get me wrong, it's bad, but it's just sort of your usual run-of-the-mill bad movie. Think of all the other terrible animated movies out there- The animated Titanic trilogy (yes, those are actual fucking real movies), Norm of the North, Rapsittie, most Disney direct-to-DVD sequels. Would you honestly call The Emoji Movie worse than any of those? It doesn't excuse it for being bad and, yeah, it's obviously just a giant commercial, but think of it this way- it could've gone the Foodfight route. Hell, I'd watch The Emoji Movie over Cars 2, The Boss Baby or The Angry Birds Movie any day of the week, probably solely for T.J. Miller.

  5. Honestly, nobody is surprised about this. I knew this movie was going to be a failure from the start.

  6. Amazing Spiderman 2
    Ghostbusters Reboot
    Emojii Movie

    Sony…just quit…Give Marvel their Spiderman back. Give some competent hands the rights to Ghostbusters. Don't pollute cinemas with this filth

  7. OH MY GOD!
    That is exactly what I did.
    I purchased a ticket for Baby Driver (which is AMAZING BTW), and then sneaked into the emoji movie.
    That is crazy. HAHAHAHAHA

  8. Now I wait for the fucking people to know about what the young feel. No one wants to know that this movie is "terrible", most already know that anyway. AND NO ONE BOTHERED TO FIND THE BEST OF THIS MOVIE. Humans are hating on this movie, well there will be some karma sometime soon you bag of shit.

  9. Seriously people the only people who like this movie knows what the massage is for this movie. the massage of this movie is not to change what everyone expects you to be. But be yourself

  10. Only 46% from the audience Really?! it should get like 19% from the audience. Now it has 39% from the audience.

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