The Egyptian Pyramids – Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD)

The Egyptian Pyramids – Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD)

The Egyptian Pyramids Cairo, 1920

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  1. Musalmano ko to itni Gandhi bemriyan hain zaban se ab kya layi Ho mery liye zaban se balaam aa gaye balaam Bin baaourah ibn e baaourah balaam kawi haekla

  2. Hey how did you do that Animation film? wich Kurs did you take? kann you pls something Advantage. I like to make Animation to. Thanks

  3. How’s that the funniest have you seen the Donald Trump show it’s hilarious ? imagine if that was real life

  4. Hi just to inform you that someone call Niniow stole your animation to make a stupid clickbait video.

  5. Okay, that was seriously funny. Even before he ate the remote, I really liked that the camel was clearly a character in his own right. Watching the Egyptian structure try to keep up with the camel's command chewing was also amusing.

  6. I am Egyptian and proud of the pyramids♥️.
    اللي عربي يخبط لايك مش عايزين فضايح وسط الاجانب ?

    Now somebody is in Deep Shit !
    Or, does only the camel know this ?
    Can we disregard the funny looks the camel was giving US !!!

  8. Moral of the story : whatever you do in your life, do not left your remote of your life behind such a camel kind of people… May be he was not able to come out side of pyramid…..

  9. Is this is real, I Don't think so they had made in Ancient time build that remote and it is working in 1920 .we will see what the camel do

  10. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله…
    يصنع الجاهل بصديقه ما لا يصنع العدو بعدوه…?

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