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  1. I know it's a little of the topic, but one of the reasons I like 2d animation more is that it looks better, just look at the hair of Disney's Pocahontas and then look a the hair of Disney's Rapunzel from Tangled, no matter how real Rapunzel's hair looks, Pocahontas's looks better, and it feals better when you watch it.

  2. I'm a little biased towards 2-D animation, there seems to be more variety of styles and it's easier to make the animation style fit to the themes and feel of the film, either that or people more often make 2-D animation more stylized and diverse. I've seen very few 3-D animated movies that really look different than any other 3-D animated movies. the last movie in 3-D that looked really different stylistically that I saw was 9.

  3. I prefer 2d animation. It's more… classic and enjoyable. I hope it never cease to exist. I wouldn't want to watch all anime and all series in 3d.

  4. For me absolute and inextinguishable fidelity to the 2D animation hand-drawn. ❤

    3D – CGI – Cel-Shading = garbage.

  5. ):-| Disney, Dreamworks: these great animation's companies have deeply disappointed me,
    for years I gave up wathing all their new films and series in CGI. After seeing the beauty ''Princess and the Frog'', I don't look any more films done digitally, I do not care anymore.

    To be clear, I get bouts of nausea just watching how they're made movies and series today.

  6. I think its to soon to judge. 3D been growing bigger and bigger and people who can use Maya is becoming more in demand. And even known as a industry software. Computer Animation is making things easier for us as time goes by

  7. why did thd author of this video pick the fyling carpet as an example for motionless 2d? xD it's probably the only 3d character (besides the sand tiger) in the whole movie. kinda undermines the point about 3d looking bad if frozen even for one frame. :/

  8. Thanks for this video. It was very well done and informative…
    I knew how 2D animation works, but I was wondering for a while now how it's done with 3D.
    I really prefer the look and feeling of 2D animation and hope that Anime won't be taken over by 3D anytime soon

  9. What saddens me most is the complete 3D animation takeover for basically every modern film. I love 3D, I think it's very beautiful, but I personally love 2D more and it makes me sad that we don't have much variety anymore. I think it would be awesome if we could have a 2D film, every now and again.

  10. I don't mind how Disney/Pixar makes the 3D animated movies but I wish that once in a while Disney would make a 2D movie once in awhile…

  11. What about vector – 2D animation
    Like with program MOHO Pro (Anime Studio Pro)
    You work in graphs, all the time with one drawing. But it's 2D

  12. I definitely prefer 2D is much nicer to look at especially human characters:

    Belle, Aurora, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Meg, Anastasia and Ariel are much prettier than Elza, Ana, Rapunzel and Fiona( in her human form).

    The characters are prittier to look at in 2D animation

  13. SO What animation is faster to learn and create.. If it 3d. What is the best animation software in 3d.. Please answer me..?

  14. People got their nostalgia glasses on tight in the comments. I, for one, think that 3d animation is beautiful and important to the future of animation.

  15. I miss 2D Disney. It’s so gorgeous and stylized. All 3D films have the same “style”. If you watch Frozen side by side with an older Disney film, Frozen is just ugly. It’s texturized. There isn’t the kind of beauty that 2D animation has.

  16. 2D is more for "beginners" you draw and the final is satisfying more or less, depends of the time you've spent making it. 2D animation is more accessible and easier to start with.

    3D is different. Software is more complex and harder to use, but the render is more realistic.

    For the moment I make 2D animations, but, later, I hope to be able to make 3D animations

    Have look on my channel to see my animations 🙂

  17. Do u know if u 2D animator u can easily do 3D animation all its different is controls like instead of butting too many frames close to wach other to make slow in 3D all u need is a graph and do the same principals in all animation

  18. I am 33. I grew up watching 2D cartoons. For my birthday, my mom got me the Looney Tunes Golden Collection. It is great.
    I may do an online Animation class so I can make animation like that. I already have a copyright ona cartoon.
    Fantastic stuff.

  19. I wonder how some animators how have been doing 2D animation for most of their careers just transfer to 3D animation.

  20. Is it possible for a person to start a 3d animation short film series by thenselves? What about 2d? Still doing research

  21. Thank you Morr, nice job in explaining the difference. If and when you can find the time, I would truly appreciate a video showing and explaining all the different areas/jobs required to create a 3D animated character.

  22. Moving hold Is My Weakness . I always stuck in doing moving hold ,, Duh , Yes i m animator but still i produced nice animation See the Link , Intro And Last Intro Is Mine Plus animation In Many Scenes @!

  23. 5:30 I found it kinda funny that he references the animation hold on carpet in Aladdin since the carpet is 3D in that shot (and most others).

  24. Has anyone noticed how there are almost no famous 3D animators or artists just directors like Brad bird and John Lasseter ? Like maybe they are famous to other 3d animators and very hardcore animation buffs but you will never see youtube compilations of their rough drafts/ scenes they did in sakuga videos dedicated to them or people saying "you animate just like X". The only exception to this is Monty Oum.

  25. How the hell can i become an animator if all i have been doing is drawing sketching on paper. I have never used any of these softwares. What should i do now?

  26. What program did you use for 2d ??? Or well what program do you think I should use I was thinking 2d but not sure where to start???

  27. Respect for 3D animators just went through the roof. Also learning about 2D was interesting, I knew they had a lot of repeated drawings but not how it all came together. Really liked hearing about the comparisons.

  28. 2d animation allows for greater abstract stylisation. 3d animation has gone down the more detailed realistic route and as such it would feel jarring if the sky color suddenly changed, or figures becomes exceedingly disproportioned. 2d animation is far more expressionistic – just look at any 90s Disney film (especially those with an Alan Menkin score) – the colour palette and artistic design reflect key moments within the thematic narrative, and as such create such a distinct image that sets a profound mood. Need a stark comparison: look at the new Lion King trailer, and a side-by-side comparison of the sunrise opening shot. The original is vivid, memorable, and artistically stunning, the remake looks like an ordinary photorealistic sunrise – 3d animation (and CGI by extension) cannot allow for expressionistic liberties to be taken with the content it produces.

  29. Notice how disney movies are no longer 2D ???? Its all 3D now im kinda upset about it my future children will not grow up with the classics like i did! ? dont get me wrong there are some classic 3D like ZETA bugs life james and the giant peach which is one of my favorites

  30. 2d animation is more colourful with emotion movement life like 3d animation is so uncanny & ditzy looking how 3d animation took over 2d animation is beyond me , now photorealistic animation though like in the upcoming Lion King that animation looks beyond brilliant but I so miss 2d animation it was the shit back in the day .

  31. if i have to choose, i’ll definitely animate in 3d. i can’t draw to save my life, and i think i’d be better at 3d. i also prefer 3d animations (the really weird, viral short video, no movies)

  32. bloop animation could you please tell me about the movie named dragon ball super broly which was released in 2018, I want to specifically know if it's 2D or 3D animation.

    and another question related to movies such as the toy story 1 which was released in 1995. was that in 2D or 3D animation …. I believe 3D animation didn't existed that time but the movie has those graphical content and the colors makes it like 3D. so it's hard to point out. please let me know about this question as well.
    just in case if you haven't seen the movie. try watching out a clip on YouTube. please do reply to both the questions. thank you.

  33. Thank you so much for this video! I'm trying to decide on what major I should go into for post secondary and this has definitely helped me understand so much more about 3D and 2D animating process.

    I was originally thinking of going into 3D animation because it seems the industry is growing and could use a lot more people in that area, however, I enjoy drawing so much that I'm not sure if 3D is right for me if it's more dependent on programming, graphs, and curves. But I'm also scared that the 2D animation industry will start to grow smaller as more movies and films are transferred to 3D. What do you guys think? I would really appreciate different opinions and perspectives.

  34. 2d old Disney is WAY much better then what there putting out now, they had no limitations, they could do what they want, they could kill whoever they wanted they could be dark and have dark songs like Hellfire, it’s better in almost every way

  35. I believe both styles of animation are awesome in their own right. I hate how 3D animation dominates western animation industry. I want to see 2D animation in theaters too.

  36. Both of your examples are actually 2d animation. It's only 3d when actual 3d is implemented and you have to wear the special 3d glasses. The only difference is one is hand drawn and one is digital.

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