The brave little deer 1957  Khrabryj olenjonok EN subs Russian Animation

The brave little deer 1957 Khrabryj olenjonok EN subs Russian Animation

Studio Soyuzmultfilm
Moscow 1957 We, too, are leaving! A brave little deer
After a story by E. Frejberg written by Jeanna Vitenzon
directed by Leonid Aristov, Olga Khodataeva art director Alexander Trussov
music G. Kreitner cameramen Elena Petrova, Nikolai Vohinov
sound Nikolai Prilutsky
ass. dir. E Novoselskaya, N Majorova artists lrina Svetlitsa, V. Rodgero, V. Valerianova
animators Kirill Malyantovich, Vladimir Balashov
Vladimir Krumin, Vacheslav Kotenochkin, D. Belov Boris Butakov, Renata Mirenkova,
Vladimir Pekar, Lidia Reztsova, V. Dolgikh On the shores of the Cold Sea
winter came… and the old leader … Turgun
led his flock to the south. Why are we stopping? We all need to rest, Aykho,
it is still a long way to go … Where to? How cunning you are! Better wait till you grow horns. Aykho? Aykho! come here! Keep stead-fast on your legs!. Short tail! You’re hungry, son? Look, what a nice leaf. Are you here again! Always interfering, Short tail?! Do not worry, Aykho. You see those mountains? Behind them flows a big river and across that river there is
plenty ofjuicy, tasty reindeer-moss And we will come there soon? Soon, Aykho. Just be patient. Aykho! Stay close to me! Hurry up! Do not fall behind! You’re still turn up here!
You still did not had enough! They’re not gonna get him, Mom?
Not gonna get him? They did not catch our leader. How strong he is, Mom! You will be the same when you grow up, Aykho. Let’s go! What’s the matter, Aykho?
Go ahead! Me? … l’m not afraid! Your fawn has the heart of a hare. l…, l am not a hare! Cowardly hare! She’sjustjoking. Now let’s leap! Like this!… Well? You don’t have to be afraid of anything. Come along, son. Never look down Aykho. Always forward.
Always forward! That’s it. When l grow up, l’ll be like Turgun, Just as bold. – Right, Mom?
– Of course, son. Tengene again is busy with her fawn. All busy, all busy, and we’re … You’rejust an old grumbler. Tengene is a good mother.
We will wait for them. One! Two?
– What are you doing? l’m here, mama Dummy? Did you hurt yourself?. No! lt’s hurting him! He’s the one that is silly! – Mama, will l soon grow horns? – Soon, Aykho soon. Hurry up Aykho! We fell behind! We should catch up! – l’m tired, Mom.
– Tired?… You are strong, Aykho. l forgot. Of course, l’m strong, Mom. l’ll be back. Mom! Mama! – Eh? lsn’t everyone probably far gone? We did not catch up with them! Calm down, my son! When the blizzard has blows over,
we will catch up. Aykho! Tengene! Aykho, get up. Oi, mama! Wait for me here, Aykho. Mama! Ma-a-m-a-a! What’s the matter, son? This is for you, mom! What’s wrong? Oh, what a big river! – Across this river
there’s a lot of tasty reindeer-moss. Now you will be fed, my deary. The other shore, … mama!… lt’s so close. Mama! Stay away, Aykho! Mama! Here, Mom! Jump here! Here! Jump to me! Wait, l…l’ coming! Aykho! Come along, my mother! Well, you are such a brave mum! A little more! One more time! Mama! Mama! l can’t … Aykho The river will not allow … Run to the beach, my son! Perhaps you will find our … Run! To the shore … To the beach! Turgun leader!
Turgun leader! Look! There is our Aykho! Aykho? But where’s Tengene? Help! My mother is there! Hurry! Go back Aykho! The wolf! Come back, Aykho! Be proud, Tengene!
Your fawn has a brave heart! Look! Our Aykho is growing horns. The End
Subs by Chapaev & Eus

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