The Arsenal Murder MYSTERY! (Roblox Animation)

The Arsenal Murder MYSTERY! (Roblox Animation)

Delinquent: WOW. I can’t believe we’re playing Arsenal Murder with all of our great friends! Are you excited, Counter Blox Soldier? Phoenix: Yes I am! I cannot wait to shoot Zero Two’s dumb, stupid, BALLOON HEAD. I need a gun! Retro Zombie: I ha- ha- ha- ha- hate lag.>:/ Baby: I am baby. I am cute little baby. *omg so cute* (✿◠‿◠) Pizza Boy: I HAVE A GUN! BABY IS THE MURDERER! Baby: I am not murderer. I am baby. Pizza Boy: DO YOU TAKE ME FOR A FOOLISH GRAPEFRUIT? HAHA! IT IS YOU WHO IS THE FOOLISH GRAPEFRUIT! *gunshot* *TwANg* *dead* DANG IT! Baby: I can’t believe I got shot. I am sad! *WAAAAHHH GOO GOO GA GA* Zero Two: I don’t get it! How could they not add a megaphone to this game? Brute: Maybe it is because you’re an annoying little sausage. *crash* The Boi: Hello friends! It is me, The Boi! Zero Two: Are you the murderer? The Boi: No? Zero Two: That was suspicious. The Boi: What was suspicious? Zero Two: Your answer. The Boi: No it wasn’t! Zero Two: Yes it was! Why did you take so long to answer? The Boi: I had to think about it. I am going to fly away because you are making me a sad gamer. Brute: I feel like he might be the murderer. Zero Two: I’m going to go get a gun! The Boi: Now that I am away from those onion heads, I can get myself a nice cold drink. *HEADBUTT* This refreshing beverage makes me want to subscribe to JACKERYZ. ON YOUTUBE. RIGHT NOW. Counter Blox Soldier: Salutations, The Boi! Have you seen the foolish grapefruit known as Zero Two? The Boi: Yes I have. She accused me of being the murderer! Counter Blox Soldier: Well, are you the murderer? The Boi: No? Counter Blox Soldier: Do not worry, The Boi. I believe you! Her accusing you of being the murderer must mean that SHE is the murderer! The Boi: You must be correct! Where could she be? Zero Two: Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! This snowman is so cute! He is my new best friend! Counter Blox Soldier: Stop right there, Zero Two! I have come to destroy you! I will put an end to the Zero Two fan club! NO MORE ANIME MUSIC IN MY ARSENAL GAMES! Prepare to di- *stab* I am dead! Zero Two: Oh my goodness! The Counter Blox Soldier is dead! The Boi: Look at this whacky gun I found! *SHOCK* Oh my god! What happened? Counter Blox Soldier: By my calculations and rough estimations: I am deceased! The Boi: Zero Two! You killed the Counter Blox Soldier :O Zero Two: It was not me! The snowman killed him! The Boi: The snowman has killed my friend! I shall end this foolish grapefruit and win the round! *gunshot* *TwaNg* *dead* Zero Two: This sucks eggs! I’m going to go play Jailbreak!>:( Counter Blox Soldier: !!BREAKING NEWS!! I am still dead! Retro Zombie: You foolish grapefruits. I have harnessed the power of lag and am now in control. Prepare to die! The Boi: Ouchies. *dead* Retro Zombie: I am too strong! HA HA HA HA Counter Blox Soldier: I AM STILL DEAD! Brute: I am so glad I can finally sit here and do my taxes in peace. SwagGang2008: WHAT’S GOING ON, SWAG NATION? Today I will teach you how to get FREE ROBUX! It’s so easy! All you have to do is sneak into your parents room. Grab your mo- *stab* Brute: I am so angry right now. Delinquent: Hello there, Rabblerouser! I must say you look extra nice today. Would you perhaps like to go on a date with me? Rabblerouser: Oh my gosh, that is so nice of you, Delinquent! You’re such a good **FRIEND**! Delinquent: Haha. Yeah. Friends. Retro Zombie: You are an onion head! Die. Rabblerouser: That was not nice. I am reporting you. Delinquent: Please don’t kill me, Retro Zombie! I have always been nice to you. D: Retro Zombie: I do not care! I have killed all your friends with the help of my snowman friend. Time is up! Prepare to die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die- die Retro Zombie: What the heck! Zombie Mom: You’ve been on the computer for too long, Zombie Boy! Go outside. Retro Zombie: But mother, I was just about to win the game! I am sad now. WAH WAH WAH. Zombie Mom: Now that my son has gone outside, the viewers at home can subscribe to JACKERYZ and like the video. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING 🙂 EggBoy26: Hi. My name is EggBoy26! What is your name? *ANIEMAENMAMEAME*

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  1. Did you see the secret after outro scene ???? 😉
    THANKS FOR WATCHING ! If you enjoyed I'd REALLY appreciate you subscribing to see more animations with the Arsenal gang 🙂 foolish grapefruits

  2. Every murder game:
    Someone who's playing normally
    Someone who pretends to be the murderer
    Someone who is actually the murderer but blends in

  3. hold up is that Unstable in the thumbnail? (Unstable_Day is apart of the roblox group Days Union. And is apart of the roblox myth community-)

  4. Typical things you’d see in one round of Murder:

    The Sheriff who doesn’t know how to shoot
    The Murder who doesn’t know how to equip the knife
    The Accuser
    The 15 second clue collector
    The RDM
    The Lag

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