The aquarium – animated short

The aquarium – animated short

Surprise! What do you think? Cas, We go to the aquarium all the- Let’s go! time I know we come here a lot but today is special And I’ve got a surprise for you I worked on it for a long time I had to pull some strings for this and- whoops! wrong way wait..what? woah! here we go your surprise is at the end of this scavenger hunt have fun! cas, this is for children! no, it’s your surprise! just get to the end where is it where is it where is it! wah! hmph! there is another clownfish! what? starfish are next! let go! I hope that wasn’t the important one octopus is this way! hey stop pushing! there it is! c’mon! hey sweetie! back so soon? are you close to finishing that treasure hunt? yeah… the last question is how many tentacles an octopus has… ghee… I thought it’d be a longer hunt.. what have you been up to? why are you wet? and what are you hiding!? w-wait! Blush! give me a second! cas… why? blush… there are many fish in the sea… but you got me hooked! please marry me? oh my god! you are SO embarrassing! I can’t BELIEVE I’m saying yes to a blobfish like you yes… octopus has seven legs wait… WHAT?

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  1. What that was so mean at the end “I can’t believe I’m saying yes to a blobfish like you” like I know she’s a tsundere but like THAT’S SO MEAN


  3. omg like i didn’t expect this to be so cute!!!!!! And the end omg! I love this amazing job Ruby! ^^????✨✨✨✨✨

  4. Kudos to you for doing such a fantastic job on this project, you are so skilled!
    I’m excited to see more from you ❤️!!!

  5. Man! I haven't Been to ur channel in a while
    And this here is beautiful
    I love the colors and the art style you did a great job!
    I hope to see more content from you

  6. This is gorgeous! Yt recommended me your video, and i don't regret having a look at it! It's so amazing!! How many time it took you for this amazing animation?

  7. охуеть, блять, он оторвал осьминогу щупальце, так ещё и пираньям скормил

  8. I think I broke the corner of my wall I threw my phone cause I screeched when cas started talking cAUSE I DIDNT EXPECT IT AND I GOT JUMPSCARED-


  9. At first, I thought this was another animatic, but then Blush called Cas by name and I was like "…hold up…" and like halfway through the video, I realized that this thing was MADE FROM SCRATCH!
    Ruby, you spoil us with your work and dedication. We don't deserve you, but thank you so much for this goddamn masterpiece.

  10. This is great, the storyline is smooth and parts of the animation were unpredictable in an enjoyable way! The love really shows through the characters, and they aren't cliché characters either, there is a sense of background with the two's relationship you get from them and what they say about their past. 11/10 animation deserves more views

  11. I am really impressed with how you where able to make such a beautiful animation sequence of a fish dancing, and then jump right into a gag of a man fighting an octopus. Guess it shows no matter what the universe Cas is always gonna have trouble with octopi. Great work

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