The Ant And Grasshopper – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

The Ant And Grasshopper – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

On a fine summer day, there lived a happy grasshopper on the field. The grasshopper loved to play, sing and dance all the day. What a lovely day ? La la la la la la la I feel like singing a song now. La la la la la la la. As she was singing, an ant passed by. Don’t you ever get tired of playing like this ? Who ? Me? No. Of course not. Oh. Don’t you ever work at all? Who ? Me ? Of course not. Do you want to come and play with me now? hmm, no no no I have work to do. Come on, let’s sing together. No no no I am very busy. Right now, I have lot of work. Work, work, work that’s all you think of doing You don’t have time to play, sing and move around with people ? and enjoy yourself? No ah I don’t. Why are you in such a hurry? I have to take home this kernel of corn. For what now ? I have to store food for the winter. How can you think of winter on such a fine day ? We’re enjoying ourselves. Because the winter will be here soon and food will be too hard to find and you should do the same. Mmm, soon you will not have enough food to eat. I don’t want to be worrying about winter now. You just go and do your work. Work, work, work And I will just go and play, sing and dance. Please listen to me. Then you will not have anything to eat. I have plenty of food right now And what will you do tomorrow food for eat ? I don’t worry about tomorrow at all. But I will do Good bye . And the ant went on its way. La la la la la la la La la la la la la Continuing its work Soon the weather turned cold. All the food lying in the field were covered with a thick blanket of snow. I should have listened to the ant when he told me It’s so cold, I can’t even play I can’t sing anything else also I don’t have any food to eat also that ant will definitely help me the grasshopper went o the ant’s place. Please give me something to eat Hmmm It’s very cold I’m feeling very hungry Why should I help you ? What did you do in all these summer days ? I’d been very playful playing, singing and enjoying myself All summer long I worked hard. Why, you made fun of me. And you sang, played and danced. You should have thought of winter then. Find some where else to sing, hm. There is no warmth or food for you here. Listen here, I can’t do anything for you. Goodbye . The ant shut the door, in front of the grasshopper’s face. So my dear kids, Here is the moral of the story. That that work to be done at that time

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  1. Hey have you ever seen a BLUE_EYED ANT??? The ANT represents the ELITE & the GRASSHOPPER represents the MOB or the DUMBED- DOWN ignorant common people!!! BLUE-EYED ant (white sublimical supremacy at work)!!!

  2. i thinks is great to listen different accents becuase most of the people who speak english nowadays is not native.

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  4. Thank-you for posting this. I agree the accent is very heavy and you have done a great job. Thanks for your hard work.

  5. The other messed up thing is that the grasshopper talks like a man but at the start it says she which is weird and it also says that the ant is a he whilst he talks like a woman

  6. The sjw grasshopper would demand wealth redistribution.
    The top 1% of bugs have more food than the bottom 99% of bugs.

  7. 2:32 Why does the kernel turn into an olive? AND Why doesn't the ant help? :'( no compassion 5:24 HILARIOUS THOUGH

  8. What a ripoff. This is a French fable de la Fontaine. And this recreation is tone-deaf.
    First of all, the ant was working very hard while the grasshopper was shouting at him calling him stupid for devoting all his time to work. The ant endured the humiliation every day but didn't lose his focus. When the snow came the grasshopper had no provisions or shelter and sought the help of the grasshopper. But because of the burden he'd already been to the ant he would not receive any help. The moral of the story is not simply that there is a time for work and play. Life is hard, and a serious attitude and work ethic are important to one's survival. You downplay every emotion and the overall seriousness of this fable.

  9. When the ant tells the grasshopper that he can't come in even though it must be freezing cold smiles the whole time,that's messed up.

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