The angel’s eyes (Animated short story project)/ Touching Story/Animaker

The angel’s eyes (Animated short story project)/ Touching Story/Animaker

standing in front of the boy who’s I was so sparkly and shifty the mother couldn’t help busting out crying yes they used to be her little daughter’s eyes the sad story began one year ago when the little girl was just 6 her name was Lynn a smart and obedient student who had his huge passion for drawing and singing to her nothing was more beautiful than the pictures with colorful characters nothing was more joyful than his songs that she sang every day time passed and Lynn’s life seemed to be peaceful until one day she felt living headache and fainted she opened her eyes and couldn’t recognize anything but a white color that surrounded her and the smell of bactericide the terrible headache was still there painful and it seemed that he would never come to an end she fell her limbs were becoming weaker her vision was blurry and the happiness inside her mind was disappearing outside her parents could not believe their ears I’m sorry doctor but can you explain it again really a brain tumor as the mother with the hope that the tumor was just benign and her daughter would be fine your daughter is too young I’m afraid she cannot survive such a surgery’s a brain tumor ena often seen as a younger ages but sadly it is a case please be with her say not much time left the doctors voice was full of consolation and sympathy but to Lynn’s parents it was the hardest thing they have ever heard in their entire lives two days passed and Lynn didn’t get her consciousness back to her parents friends and those who loved her very much these two days were like a millenium full of tears and fears but Lynn was a brave girl to the great hope of a family she got her consciousness back within one week the great happiness came back even though it was so fragile and no one knew when it would end Mummy Mummy let me go home I want to draw the trees in front of her house the blue sky and the beautiful flowers her mother couldn’t hide her emotion after recognizing the pain and desire in her daughter’s weak voice she says softly her voice full of affection let’s go home lean and do whatever you want but promise me one thing that you will never stop smiling yes Mari is our happiness and you are the most precious gift we have in our entire lives during the next several months Lin couldn’t go to school as she wished though the pain from the brain tumor was gradually becoming more regular it was hard to find any sign of pain and sufferings on her face she talked played and laughed with her friends and relatives every day her laugh made people laugh as if that cruel affliction never existed her eyes full of joy and hope which made those sparkly eyes even more beautiful one night lying in the arm of her mother she whispered I want my eyes to stay forever bring happiness and lie to my friends and whenever you look into my eyes you will see me inside my smart will never disappear the mother couldn’t believe what she had just heard the cruel reality came back and dipped her into the abyss there was nothing but grief and hopelessness but she was in front of her daughter she didn’t want Lin to recognize her emotion in this country’s belief when a person’s breathed their last breath they will go into heaven and start a new life if a daughter gives her eyes to other people how could she see the light or draw her pictures in heaven but more than anything the mother fell deeply the love and affection Lin had given to her she just tried to protect her promise let her I stay here and her smile will never disappear that day a heavily raining day Lin said her last words to her family and friends tears pain and grief all together could not take away the pry she had brought to her family when the doctor came to receive the cornea from Lin’s eyes her mother put the last kiss on her forehead she whispered let’s bring a light to your friends that you’re smarter stay here forever darling I’m so proud of you attea streamed out not only on the mother’s face but also on the people standing in the house Lynn was not here but from now on her injuries I will stay forever with people there will be no more sorrow or tears falling down every night tree limbs mother sees the smile of a lunar limb [Music]

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  1. C vẫn còn nhớ cô bé sinh viên năm 1 giọng run run ở lớp, nhưng c tin là cô bé nớ sẽ làm được, và thiệt sự là hơn rứa nữa <3

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