The Accountant Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ben Affleck Movie HD

The Accountant Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ben Affleck Movie HD

You’re different. Sooner or later
different scares people. You think that if you don’t
fight back then maybe they’ll like you. Stop picking on you,
calling you a freak. Victim or not… Make a decision. Your son is a
remarkable young man. It wouldn’t surprise me
if he has more in common with – – Einstein, Mozart and
Picasso than he does with us. He has highly
advanced cognitive skills. The obsessive personality. Can our son lead
a normal life? Define normal. Maybe he is capable
of much more than we know. Say you’re the head
of the Sinaloa cartel. Who could you trust
to track your stolen cash? He is capable of coming in cold,
uncooking years of books, – – and getting out alive. Imagine the
secrets this guy has. Who are you? Can our son lead a normal life? Define normal.

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  1. I know it may seem silly but you should implant a thorough b flu in a cpu and thermo-stack the center I hope you are not hacked

  2. e e pst you accountant what do you think about making a book explaining the non-perceptual reality by science for a global consensus

  3. I picked up this dvd at Walmart and now watched again for the 2nd time and wanted to share .. what I really thought about this movie .. I loved it ! and since I watched 2 times already,
    both times brought tears to my eyes .. what a Great Movie, its exciting and yet the one movie keeps you drawn to the movie and it blows me away towards the end of the movie and that is when those tears just rolled off my face I cannot say anything bad about this movie

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