Testing Out 5 High Graphic Intensive Games in Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

hello what’s up guys welcome back to another
video. So I recently upgraded from my last device
which was s9+ to the latest s10 plus. Because I am kind of that guy who likes to,
you know, keep up to date with the latest tech atleast that I own myself. I loved my s9 plus so much because it was
a perfect device for me as a mobile gamer. But believe me or not im not quite happy with
the S10 plus. I was much more satisfied with the gaming
experience with my last device. Don’t get me wrong this is a much powerful
device when compared to s9+ but there are still some reasons why i prefer s9 plus over
this from a gamers perspective. I will talk about it in a minute but before
that, I just wanted to show it to you guys by playing 5 of the highest graphics intensive
games available right now at play store. Lets see how these game works with this device
and I will break down to you why this was a bad choice for me as a gamer.. The first thing i hated was the bezel. One of the thing i love about this device
was its screen to body ratio without sacrificing any major features. But while playing most games, especially pubg,
there would be a huge bezel created to hide the camera cut out. That would make this device much worse than
the aspect ratio of s9+. When i record, this is how the output would
actually looks like. Now i would have to crop to make it seems
fair in every gameplay. But some few games like Asphalt 9 wont hide
the camera cutouts with huge bezels. Honestly this is much better looking than
those made up bezels. What was the point of buying a bezeless display
only to give you huge bezel while doing something you actually bought this powerful device for. Next thing I hate about this device right
now is that the pubg lags in this one. It was the same with s9 plus as well. One of the reason i had to switch phone. But the issue is still there in this device. I started to experiance lag and framedrops
on s9+ right after the vikendi map update and Im quite sure that its the poor optimisation
from the part of pubg developers. But for some devices like one plus, there
wasnt any issue like this at all. So there is something to do with samsung software
as well. Right now, i play PUBG Mobile more than any
of the other games in my device. So if it isnt optimised and is laggy, then
what was the point of such an expensive device?? I should have skipped this one. Actually this is the only perfect device you
could buy right now but from a gamers perspective, i regret upgrading my device. So thats my thought and hope you guys understood
my point. See you guys in the next video and until then,
peace outt..

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