Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans – Exclusive Official Trailer

Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans – Exclusive Official Trailer

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  1. This is just like batman vs superman its suppose to be teen titans go fighting teen titans but instead its focus on Another enemy

  2. So….1) they saved money having the same voice actors doing double work. And 2) did the voice actors get confused which alternate character they were doing?

  3. I don't think the 2000's titans were done in a stiff flash. The animation cells looked more hand drawn, like the original 1900's titans show.

    Nice attempt though, they do look similar, regardless of jagged animation. Surprised this is straight to dvd over theatre release.

  4. If you look at the buildings on the right at 1:46 they are designed in a similar art style to the orignal Teen Titans. They say "expectations will be shattered." What if the movie starts off as the Teen Titans Go! and then leads to the original Teen Titans as a nice way of sending off the Teen Titans Go! in favour of the Teen Titans, or at the very least bringing them back and running both shows ("co-operation").

  5. Me: bring the old TT back please.

    Creators: OH ALRIGHT. …but wait.. what if we let TT and TTG fight each other instead!!
    Me: ???

  6. It’s a s if the people from TTG is intentionally making the OG TT look like garbage because they got butthurt at the fans rejecting TTG

  7. Although the Old teen titans have memories of the end of the series events, like Tara's "death" and Raven's defeat of trigon, they act as immature as they did at the beginning of the series. I get that it's supposed to be for laughs but it's a little jarring.

  8. Maybe everyone should stop complaining about ttg because it’s a kids show and if you could stop whining about it not being the original teen titans you might actually find it funny.

  9. When I saw screenshots, I expected the animation of the original titans to be on par with what it used to be. It's the same animation style as Teen Titans Go. Lazy motion-tweened garbage like this will be the death of cartoons.

  10. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU?!?! No one freaking wants this! BRING THE ORIGINAL SERIES BACK!!!!!! P L E A S E !!!!!

  11. Another one!! Man it's like they are trying to hard to impress but it's not working YOU HEAR THAT DC WE'RE COMING FOR YOU!!! ONE DAY???????

  12. ppl need to understand that TTG is aimed at a much younger audience than the OG TT. if it's still on and making money, it's bc kids like it and watch it.

  13. I like when the trailers totally spoil almost everything… just show the ending already!
    Because, at this point…

  14. i just realized that when teen titans go first appear it was to celebrate it's 10th anniversary and the teen titans go movie clebrate it's 15th anniversary

  15. 0:59 pause it. they look nothing like before. the digital ones are too short. starfire and beast boy's faces are messed up and cyborg's kinda weird. robin too

  16. So many people complaining about OG Teen Titans being cancelled, yet the OG show rating went to the floor. If they released de OG titans show again the same would happen, i grew up with them, but let's face it, the format is outdated. If you want an example check out what happened to the Thunder Cats when they released a new "serious" version of the show, no one watched it. That's why CN is focusing on a new audience, because nostalgia blinded fans are the worst public to appeal, you would still trash talk the new OG Titans show saying: "It's not the same as the OG".

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