TEDxPuraVida –  Jimmy Figueroa – Pensamiento Visual

TEDxPuraVida – Jimmy Figueroa – Pensamiento Visual

Translator: Maria Teresa Posalski
Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard In January 2003 the space shuttle Columbia
orbited Earthfor two weeks, while its fuselage had a
huge hole caused by the release of a particular
material that insulated the tank during launching. NASA and Boeing officials
knew of the hole. So they did, what any of us would do under similar circumstances. They prepared a PowerPoint presentation… (Laughter) …of 28 slides; which later would work to diminish
its importance in the case; tragically, we now that Columbia Shuttle
disintegrated during its return to Earth. This tragedy obviously,
had communication problems. How ironic, the same tools created to support communication, now we use them to hide evidence, to put consciousness to sleep,
to put reasoning aside, to stun the audience. and we end up undermining productivity and in Columbia’s case, life itself. That’s why I’m here today proclaiming that we need to be conscious
as things stand at present, conscious of what happens
in a normal presentation to realize that what we are doing daily, has nothing to do with the way
people communicate and learn. By running, doing PPT at the last minute, we are not reaching the people. Sperry’s impressive findings in 1968, in his research on the functions
of the right hemisphere demonstrates that we are beings
biologically equipped with powerful, massive extrasensory visual and processing capacities. The question is,
if when we transfer knowledge, do we do it, taking advantage
of such capacities? These well established differences
between the two hemispheres, right and left, give us a powerful metaphor to reflect between our present
and our future. The information warfare, as we know it, has been defined by abilities dominated by the left hemisphere. They are necessary, but inssuficient. Invention, creativity, eloquence,
simple and elegant ideas, panoramic vision, connection with the audience in
an honest, natural and authentic way, are all the qualities
of the right hemisphere; they will define even more,
the era of the knowledge. No more meaningless presentations. No more excess of text on the screen. No more misleading colors.
No more bullets. I believe in visualizing the information and finding out the purpose
and the meaning, when we transfer knowledge. Dr. Sperry debinks the myth about design and visualization
being the gift of just a few. We all have those capacities. Let’s use more of our right hemisphere. Today I invite you to think
in a more visual way. Thank you for these 3 minutes
and 18 seconds of your life. (Applause)

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