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(elegant piano music) – I had a really great time tonight. – Me, too. (smooching) – I love you. – I’ll see you tomorrow. – Oh, wait. I want you to say it. – I love you. (giggles nervously) – I want you to say it and mean it. – Hey. I really do love you. Good night. (light dramatic music) Hello? – Mom, I brought you breakfast. (engine struggling) (engine starting) (dramatic light rock music) – Did you hear? His father stabbed a guy 12
times and then cut his head off. – Why would he cut the head off? – Just to be sure. (snaps) – You know, Amy, the longer you stare, the more chance he’ll just
spontaneously combust. Do you even know his name? – Yes, it’s Cameron something. – You could, and I know how
insanely out there this sounds, but actually go talk to him. – You know something, I will. I’m gonna go talk to him. I’m gonna go talk to him right now. – [Blonde Boy] There she is. – He was busy. Next time, I’ll definitely
talk to him next time. – What?
(chuckling) – You guys wanna go somewhere? Jenny has something going on tonight. – Yeah, sure.
– Sure. – [Boy] Great. – Did anyone else notice
Jenny grew up to be hot? What? (chattering) – I can’t believe someone
actually tipped me a quarter. Yo Cameron, wake up. I’m gonna force you to talk to me. If you can pretend to hold
a conversation with me, I’ll give you this quarter that someone shafted me with. – Okay. Put your hands out like this. – Alright, what are we doing? – This is a trick that my Dad taught me. Soon as you’re ready, clap your hands together
as fast as you can. Got it?
– Yeah. (claps) Wait, how did you do that? Cameron, how did you do that? – Oh my God, get back to work. Are you serious? Dude, are you serious? What is he doing back here talking to you while you’re working? Look at these dishes, they’re piling up. Work faster, faster,
(clapping) that’s all I ask you, is faster. (light dramatic music) – Hi, Mom. Do you want something to eat? – [TV Actress] I’m so worried something bad’s gonna happen to my baby. (groaning on television) (indistinguishable speaking
on television program) (light piano music) (doorknob jiggling)
(dramatic music) (banging on door) – Why was that door locked? What are you hiding in here? – Nothing. – I know you’re lying, you little shit. I can see it in your eyes. (door closes) (clicks) (chuckling)
(dramatic music) (gun firing) (alarm buzzing) (light dramatic music) – Give me back my notebook. – No, that sounds like an order. Stan, do I take orders (slaps)
from pathetic losers? – No Billy, I don’t think you do. – Hey, you’re right. You have to be a lot more polite than that if you wanna have this back. – Please, please give me back my notebook. (slamming loudly) – No, not nearly polite enough. I’m beginning to think you
don’t deserve this back. Maybe I should keep it. What do you think, Stan? – Yeah, I think you should. You never know when you
might need something to wipe your ass with. – Please, please, give
me back my notebook. It’s really important to me. – Hey, I’ve got an idea we can try. Why don’t you get on your
knees and ask me that way? Maybe then you can have it back. (slamming loudly) (laughing) What are you looking at, piss ant? What’s up, weirdo? You enjoying the show? Not very bright, are you? Hey Stan, I think this
one’s a little slow. – Yeah, I think you’re right, Billy. – Maybe that’s why Daddy went bye-bye. (slamming and grunting) – Thank you for protecting my brother. Thank you.
(light guitar music) – You’re welcome. – Wait, I’m Amy. – I’m Cameron. – Um, do you wanna go see
a movie with me sometime? – Sure. – Really? – [Cameron] Yeah. – Uh, let me just give you my number. – Okay. – You can just call me
when you wanna go see it, you know, the movie. Or for whatever. – Oh, okay, yeah. (chuckles) – Okay, bye. – Bye. – Just show me how to
do the quarter trick. Come on, man, don’t ignore me. Hey seriously, I could legitimately get a girl to have sex with me if I knew how to do that trick, come on. Just show me how to do it. Come on, at least say something. Just say no, if you don’t
wanna do it, just say no. – Why you taking a break? With all these dishes you
need to be washing over here? Buddy, I’m talking to you. – I was washing dishes, I hurt my hand. – How could you hurt your hand
if you’re not washing dishes? Son, I pay you to come
back here and wash dishes so the next time you come back here, I expect you to wash dishes!
(suspenseful music) What happened to your eye? Did your boyfriend hit you? You come to work looking like that? Does your mother know you look like that? Now, where you going? – [Cameron] Get some air. – [Boss] You get some air, don’t ever come back ’cause you’re fired. Look at this mess. Ryan, get in here and clean these dishes. – You little shit. I knew you were hiding something. (dramatic music) – Where is it? Where’s my box? – In the trash. I burned it. Where do you think you’re going? Hey!
(door slams shut) Get back here, where do
you think you’re going? (dramatic music) (clicks) (light piano music) – I think I got one. – Don’t let it get away. – I’m trying. – Alright, be easy on the reel. – I can’t get it. – Come on, come on, reel it in. – It’s too tough.
– Reel it in. – I got him. – Look at that. – Oh.
– Ah. – Look at that. (laughing) (light dramatic music) (water lapping) (engine struggling) (punching loudly) (screaming) (horn beeping) (hitting loudly) Ahh! (screaming loudly) (breathing heavily) (water lapping) (suspenseful music) – Help, help me! (hitting loudly) Help me! (dramatic music) (grunting) (breathing heavily) (screaming) (falling loudly) (coughing) (suspenseful music) – What are you doing here? (breathing heavily) – I don’t… – Answer me. – I was in my car and I saw you. – Why did you follow me? – I don’t know. – Is anybody here with you? – No. – You scared? Are you scared? – Yes. – You do a good job of hiding it. You always make it a habit to
watch people kill each other? – No. – And yet, here you are. I’m sure I’m not the first
person to tell you this, kid. But you’re a little different. Grab his feet. Grab his feet, grab his feet. You’re gonna help me carry him
behind that tree over there. Now if someone stops
by the side of the road to take a piss, they
won’t be able to see him. – [Cameron] Why did you kill him? – I’ve got my reasons. – [Cameron] You’re leaving? – Yeah, I suggest you do the same. That’s his blood on your hands. (light dramatic music) (engine starting) (light dramatic music) (school bell ringing) (light guitar music) (clearing throat) – Hey, he’s here. – [Amy] How was your day? – I’m sorry? – I just thought I’d come
over here and say hello and see how your day was. – It’s okay. – You look a little tired. – What? – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, to say you look tired. You’re fine, I mean, you look fine. I like your shirt. Is that cotton blend? (chuckles lightly)
– I don’t know. – Well, I’ll just leave you alone, bye. (light dramatic music) (light dramatic music) (knocking loudly) (falling loudly) – How did you find me? (breathing heavily)
– I have your wallet. – How did you get that? – I took it from you when
you had me against the tree. – What are you, a thief or something? – No, I thought you’d kill me so I figured it somebody found me, that it would be on my body. – So the cops could look
for me, is that it, huh? Where’s the police now? – I didn’t tell anyone what I saw. – Why? – I wanted to ask you something. – [Man] What? – Why did you do it? – That’s the second time
you’ve asked me that question. – I just need to know. – Why do you sleep in your car? – I got in a fight with my Mom and I left. – What were you doing at the lake? – My Dad used to take me
there when I was a kid. – Where’s your Dad now? – He’s dead. – How’d he die? – He got in a fight with a
gang member and killed him. And the gang found our home and broke in and killed my Dad. – How do you take my
wallet without me noticing? – Fast hands. – What makes you think I won’t
kill you for coming here? – I figured if you wanted me dead, you would have killed me last night. – Last night, you didn’t know who I was. Today, you do. You wanna ask me questions. – Yeah. – Come back tomorrow. (light rock music) – Instead of pining so hard, why don’t you just go ask him out? – Because the last time I talked to him, I made a complete dork out of myself. And besides, I already gave him my number, what else am I supposed to do? – Well, you could have gotten
his number and called him. – Girls don’t do that. – Yeah, but you gave him your
number without him asking, then you asked him out to the movies. Yeah, a lot of girls do that. – [Blonde Boy] They say
his father used a chainsaw to cut a man’s head off. – It wasn’t a chainsaw,
it was the regular saw. – I’m pretty sure it was a chainsaw. – Well, I don’t care what it was or why you two are
talking about his father and don’t you two have
anything better to do than talk about someone
you don’t even know? – We could go out to the movies. – Dude. – What? – Sorry. (light guitar music) (light dramatic music) – Welcome back. You hungry? – Yeah, a little. – Good, I made dinner, come on in. So, you have questions. – [Cameron] Yeah. – Well, go ahead. – Was it the first person you ever killed? – No. – [Cameron] What makes you do it? – You’re very curious about the why. Let me say this in a way
you can best understand. Are you an angry person? – No. – Bullshit. If you expect me to
give you honest answers, I expect the same courtesy. Now, are you an angry person? – I try not to let it show. – You ever hit a wall? Yell at somebody for no reason? Killed a bug just because you could? There’s a cut on your
knuckles, what did you hit? – It was a bully picking on some kid. – It scared you, didn’t it? Hitting him. But you’d do it again if
you could, wouldn’t you? My father died before I was two years old. All he left me was this
house and a trust fund. When I was not much
older than you are now, a friend and I used the
money to start a business but we couldn’t agree on anything. We would constantly argue. Then one night, I had enough and I hit him and I didn’t stop until he was dead. When you kill someone, there’s a release, an energy that goes through you. And when it’s done, there’s silence. You didn’t get scared
because you were afraid of hurting the bully. You got scared ’cause
you started to enjoy it. – What makes you think
you know how I feel? – Have I said anything
yet that’s not true? Come on, it’s time for dessert. Close the door. People lie. Most of the time, they say
one thing but think another. They refuse to admit the dark
box they keep inside them, the things they really
want to do to one another. They hold it inside all their lives, keeping themselves in check. I’m at least honest about what I want. I express my desires. That’s why I use a knife. I can see the victim from up close and every time, right before they die, their eyes always tell the truth. – Why didn’t you kill me, by the way? – There’s a rule in the animal kingdom. You don’t eat your own kind. (dramatic music) – What’s going on? – Tonight, you begin
your journey, Cameron, to what you really are. – What’s that? – You’re the top of the
food chain, Cameron. Everyone else is to be your prey. Take all your anger and focus it on him. – What did he ever do? – This man just got out
of prison a week ago. He’s a registered pedophile. You’d be doing the world a favor. – I can’t do it. – Why? Because society tells you it’s wrong? Deep down, you know you don’t actually care.
(man whimpering) If you did, I’d already be in prison. Cameron, it’s okay. You’re just scared
’cause you can finally do what you always wanted to do. So, take the knife, kill him. (breathing heavily) I know this is difficult. That’s why I’m gonna help you. I’m gonna count to 10. If, by the time I count to
10, that man’s still alive, I’m gonna shoot you and
then I’m gonna kill him. One, – Wait a second.
– Two. – Hold on, hold on.
– Three. Four, put a hand on that door and I’ll put a bullet in your knee. Five, six, look at him, Cameron.
– Please, don’t do it. Eight, Cameron, I will kill you. Nine, 10!
(screaming loudly) (stabbing and screaming) (breathing heavily) (light dramatic music) (breathing heavily) (gasping) (dramatic music) (phone ringing) – Hi, Mom. Alright, alright. Alright, I’ll be home tonight. (light dramatic music) – Hey, it’s you. Hey man, thanks for helping
me out with those guys. I just, I wish I could fight like that. – Well I mean, if it
happens again, you know, just punch him right here
and his eyes will water and he can’t see. – Awesome, thanks. Oh and you should give my sister a call. I mean, she will totally put out for you. – Where were you? You were gonna abandon me just like your father, weren’t you? I gave you everything. I gave up my life to raise you
and this is how you repay me? Where’d you go? Hey, you little shit, answer me. I said where did you go? – I have homework to do. (dramatic music) – Everyone else is simply your prey. 10, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. – Hey, it’s gonna be okay. (knocking on door) – You’re early. I figured you wouldn’t
come back ’til next week. You’re more ready than I thought. – Ready for what? – The next step. Come on in. – Was that guy really a pedophile? – Does it make you feel
better to think so? Why are you trying so hard to
feel guilt that’s not there? – How do you know what I feel? – Because I’ve been where your at. But I was able to accept
the truth about myself and that’s what you’re fighting right now. – What truth? – You keep asking me why I do what I do, why I kill people. The truth is I like it. I need it. I like the rush, I like the control. I like the power and you need it, too. That’s why you’re here. Because deep down, you don’t regret a single second of stabbing
that man and watching him die. – Yeah, but I can’t just– – Stop, stop lying to yourself. You don’t feel any more remorse than anyone that kills a cockroach. – Yeah, but what does this mean? – Let me ask you, have you
felt angry since that night? – No. – Have you actually felt relieved? Like you can finally take a deep breath? Have you ever felt better
in your entire life than you have these past two days? You know you don’t wanna go back. – What happens next? – You embrace who you are.
(light dramatic music) (light upbeat rock music) – What? – You’re gonna give yourself whiplash. – Shut up. – Why don’t you just let
it go and get over him or go talk to him? – Tomorrow, I’ll ask him out tomorrow. – Okay, I know you’re a
girl but grow some balls. Ow. – Fine, screw you, I’ll
go ask him out right now. – Hey. – So, since you never
called me about the movie, I figured I’d come over here right now and see if you wanted to see a
movie with me tomorrow night. If you don’t like movies, well, then you’re a little weird but that’s okay and we could do something
else like go to the boardwalk or eat some pizza, as long as
we just do something together. Look, I came over here to see if you wanna spend time
with me tomorrow night. – Sure. – Really? – Yeah. – Great, great, should I
meet you at the theater or? – I could pick you up if you’d like. – That’d be great. Ah, why do I keep saying great? Um, I need to give you my address. Here. Try not to sweat it off. – I’ll try to be careful. – See you tomorrow at seven? – Okay. – Okay. – Bye.
– Bye. ♫ Baby I’m falling ♫ Baby I’m falling ♫ Oh baby (phone ringing) (dramatic music) – Hello? – I have something for you. (light dramatic music) This is a Tonto knife, forged and folded powdered steel, grooved co-polymer
handle, perfect balance. – Thanks. – I knew you’d like it. Come on, let’s take it for a spin. (dramatic music) – [Cameron] Where are we going? – To the home of a man
name Nicholas Vashinsky. – Who’s he? – Ordinary, common man, works
for the water department, no wife, no kids, not even a dog. He’s a good start for you. – How do you pick him up? – I go to a store or a coffee shop, maybe a library and just sit and wait til somebody catches my eye. It’d be something small,
maybe something they say or how they carry themselves that day. I found Nicholas at a
small shop near the lake. He was buying flowers. – Why does he deserve to die? – You’re a vigilante. Are you gonna need a reason
to kill all your victims? – No. – Then don’t look for one. The kill is reason enough. There it is. – So, do we just go in there, or? – Of course not. The first lesson, patience. If you rush in for the kill,
you’ll make costly mistakes. Always remember, if they
catch you, they will kill you. Gotta be smart. – So then, what do I do? – You watch, observe your
target, learn his habits. Know when he eats, when he sleeps, does he have an alarm, does
he have a nosy neighbor? Any piece of knowledge
that will give you the edge so that you can pick
just the right moment. – Yeah well, how do I know
it’s the right moment? – You’ll learn. The key to remember,
though, is while you wait, savor the moment. There’s no greater joy in life than the anticipation of what’s to come. – So, do we go in now or? – No, like I said, your
first lesson is patience. We’ll be back soon. (indistinguishable television programming) – [TV Actress] Not unless
you wanna prosecute some kids for some underage drinking. Besides, there are a
lot of high school kids who are at that age… (television programming in background) – [Woman] Why are you looking like that? – I’m going out. – You’ve been going out every
night since you got back. – Well, I have a date
with a girl from school. – Yeah, right. – Her name’s Amy, we’re
going to the movies. – Well, at least you’re not a faggot. Maybe you can ruin her life, too. (light guitar music) (knocking lightly) – [Cameron] Hey. – Hi.
(both giggle) – You ready?
– Yeah. – Okay.
(both giggle) (giggles nervously) Sorry, let me get that for you. ♫ Saw my disguise ♫ My reasons for wandering ♫ What have I been doing right ♫ Right up until you ♫ Time could never destroy the feeling ♫ Of my soul reaching right out to you ♫ Time goes on revealing me close to you – So, bye. – Bye. (smooches) (exhales loudly) – [TV Actor] I’m really glad
that we’re touching base. – [TV Actor] Yeah
really, all this while… (audience laughing) (indistinguishable television programming) – [TV Actress] Yeah, I’m
wondering your intentions. – [TV Actor] My intentions
are most honorable. (audience laughing) (light clicking off) (light dramatic music) (dramatic music) (siren wailing) – [Man] Where you going? (indistinguishable speaking) Made me dress up… (indistinguishable speaking) (stabbing and grunting) (punching loudly) (stabbing and grunting) (punching loudly) (knocking on door) (persistent knocking) – What happened to you? (exhaling loudly)
– I’m sorry if I woke you. – I wasn’t sleeping. Is that your blood? – [Cameron] No. – Did anybody see you come here? – I don’t think so. – There’s a bathroom right there. Go clean yourself up. – So, who was it? – Some guy coming out of a bar. – [Man] Where’d you leave the body? – The parking lot. – Now, that was a stupid thing to do. How long has it been there? – 20 minutes. – You have any spare clothes? – I have some dirty laundry in my trunk. – Put it on. Leave the bloody one here. (dramatic music) From now on, you do exactly as I tell you. Already made enough mistakes tonight. Find the keys. Okay, you’re gonna drive that car. Meet me at the front of the
parking lot and follow me. – This is where we leave it? – Yeah, come on, just get in the car. Burn it. (flames crackling) You need to learn how to clean your knife. I’ll do it for you this time. – Hey, thanks for all your help. – You’re lucky I like you, kid. Now, go home. Hey, Cameron? – Yeah? – Good kill. – Thanks. (sighing loudly) (light upbeat rock music) – So, so far we’ve done
favorite food, color, movie, and determined you’re a dog person. So, what else is there? What do you like to do for fun? – Um, I run. – Well, I already know that. (chuckles) – I don’t know, uh, homework? – Homework, that’s it? I mean, that’s all you’ve got? – Uh, I read. – Well, reading’s not fun
unless it’s Harry Potter. – When I was little, my
Dad used to take me fishing and I like that, so… – See, there’s something. – What about you, though? I mean, what do you like? what you do you like to do for fun? – I watch you run. – Amy! So, is this the guy
you’ve been steaming over? (Amy giggles) Hi, I’m Jenny. – Hi, Cameron. I hope I’m the guy. – Yeah, you’re the guy. – Shut up. – Well, it’s nice to finally meet you. So, are you two coming to my
place for the party tomorrow? – Uh, I don’t, I don’t know, are we? – Uh, only if you want to. – Yeah, sure. – Great, so I’ll see you guys then. – Hey Jenny, can I come to? – Last time you were at my
house, you painted my dog’s tail. – I promise not to bring
my acrylics this time. – Fine. (giggles)
You can come, too. Bye guys. – So, is that a friend of yours? – Yeah, we’ve known each
other since second grade. Are you sure you wanna go? I mean, we don’t have to. – No, no, no, no, um,
I think we should go. I could stand to learn
to have a little fun. (light dramatic music) (light pop music) – Uh hey, can I ask you something? – You don’t really have to
answer it if you don’t want to. – I mean, it’s totally cool if you don’t wanna talk about it. – Sure. – Is it true about your Dad? – Did he kill a man with his bare hands? – Yeah, it’s true. But I mean, it was in self-defense. It was either him or the
other guy, he had no choice. – Cool.
– Cool. – Are these two bothering you? – No, they’re all right. Hey, that’s pretty good. – Really, you think so? – Yeah, is that what you
wanna do with your life? Be an artist? – Yeah, I hope so. And I’m working on my portfolio now. There’s an art school in
Boston I really wanna go to. – Don’t get him started,
he’ll talk your ear off about avant-garde versus post-modern, how Normal Rockwell
still isn’t appreciated. (Amy giggles) – Well, keep at it, man. – Thanks. – Well, your brother seems
like he has life figured out. – Yeah, he does. What about you? What do you wanna do with your life? – Um, haven’t quite figured that out, yet. – Me neither. (smooches) – I like the direction it’s going. (phone ringing) (light dramatic music)
Hello? (suspenseful music) (stabbing and grunting) (stabbing and grunting) (breathing heavily) (light dramatic music) ♫ Sit and worry I won’t find you anywhere ♫ You say to look for you – I’ve gotta go. – Why? – I’ve gotta make dinner for my Mom. – Can I come with you? – You wanna come to my house? – Sure. – Really? – Yeah, we can make dinner together. Plus, I wanna meet your Mom. – She’s not that nice a person, really. – Hm, she can’t be any
worse than my parents. Come on, I wanna see where you come from and if your Mom’s as bad
as you say she is, well, don’t you think it’d be
nice to have someone around who actually likes you? (exhales loudly) – Okay, alright, let’s go. ♫ It’s gonna make it hard to let you go – Hi, Mom. Um, this is Amy. – Hi, Mrs. Lloyd, it’s nice to meet you. – Uh, she’s gonna stay for dinner tonight. – Ready to start? – Yeah. (light dramatic music) – Did you want any more, Mrs. Lloyd? – Do you wanna help me with the dishes? – Sure. – [Woman] Comes home and goes
straight to the computer, leaving me with the dishes,
his mess, and the baby. (audience booing) Do you know what’s really on his computer? Porn.
(audience booing) – [Man] Is it true, Zac? Do you have a lot of
porn on your computer? – [Zac] I have habits. – [Woman] Grow up.
(audience cheering) (exhaling loudly) (light guitar music) – What’s wrong? – Nothing, it’s just, other than my Mom, you’re the only person that’s
been in my room before. – Well, should we go someplace else? – No, stay, I’m glad you’re here. – Your Mom’s the quiet type. – As opposed to what? – The yelling type like my parents. – Sometimes she yells if
she had too much to drink or not enough. – How do you deal with that? – I just try not to let it bother me. I mean, usually that works
but lately, it hasn’t. Couple weeks ago, I just
got fed up and I left. – What made you come back? – Well, my car is in her name. She threatened to call the
cops if I didn’t come back. – All my Dad does is yell at my Mom. I don’t even know why
they’re still together. – I can’t even remember what it was like when my Dad was here. – At least we have each other. ♫ And I wanna rise ♫ Just like the cloud, I’m so tired ♫ I’m so very tired ♫ I screamed along the
open-ended radio songs (light guitar music) (dramatic music) – So, tell me about her. – Well, she’s 17 and she’s blonde and she’s got a great smile and she’s a really good kisser. She’s got a younger brother
who’s really into art and uh, when she gets nervous,
she kinda rambles, and she likes muffins and she’s ticklish. (chuckling) – Sounds like she made
quite an impression. – Yeah well, I mean, she’s
the only other person my age that really liked me ever, so… – Do you think that this
is a wise relationship? – Why wouldn’t it be? – How long do you plan to hide what you are from her?
(light dramatic music) The engagement, the wedding? I can imagine your honeymoon already. You sneaking out in
the middle of the night to go kill the concierge. Remember Cameron, she’s not like you. She’s part of the herd. – No, no, she’s different. – Is she? Tell me then, what would she do if she knew what you really are? (light relaxing music) (phone ringing) (school bell ringing) (students chattering) – What happened, are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine. – I kept calling you,
did you get my messages? – Yeah, I did. – Why didn’t you call me back? – Look, I’m not who you think I am. – What do you mean? – Look, it’s been great, okay, I– – Don’t tell me you’re one
of those guys, Cameron. Don’t tell me you’re one of those guys who gets a girl in bed and breaks it off. Don’t tell me that. – Just don’t call me anymore. (light dramatic music) (knocking on door) – Amy, are you okay? (phone ringing) – Hello? (light dramatic music) – Hey, cheer up, kid. I’ve got something special
planned for you tonight. (haunting music) (stabbing loudly) – Kill her, Cameron. – No. – Fine, I’ll do it. (slams glass) – Why’d you have to kill her? – Why didn’t you when I asked you to? I’ve told you, there’s
us and there’s them. That makes all the difference. – Not to me. There’s a difference
between killing somebody that deserves to die. – Who deserves to die? You didn’t have a problem
killing that drunk, how was he deserving? Or what about that first man you killed? – What about him? – Who’s to say he wasn’t a social worker or a doctor or some stupid college kid that I just happened to
see at a gas station? – No, you told me he was
a freaking pedophile. – I told you what you needed to hear so you could make that one choice that you’ve been too afraid to make. – You lied to me? – You want the lie, you need the lie. Without it, you’d spend
the rest of your life living with your mother. I set you free. I gave you a purpose, so
don’t give me your bullshit. Now, go home and be grateful I didn’t leave you out
to die by that lake. – Hey, Tony? Fuck you, alright? – [Mother] Going out again? – [Cameron] Yes. – Out, out every night. God only knows what you’re doing. You going to see that slut that you brought back
here the other night? – Mom? – What? – Don’t forget, I don’t need to be here. You need me here. Otherwise, you’d be living
in a pile of your own shit. (light guitar music) – Look who’s here. Wait. Wait, hey wait, at least listen to what he has to say.
– I don’t care what he has to say. – Yeah, you do. Come on, give him a chance. Come on. Um, Cameron, is there something you wanna say to my sister? Do you wanna apologize
for what you said before and tell her you’re not that type of guy? And Amy, do you want to accept his apology and tell him that you still like him? Or maybe you wanna say that you’re still hurt
by the things he said but you’re willing to move on? Okay, what you actually want to say is you’re angry and you’re
hurt and you’re sad and he’s an asshole but if he works really, really, really hard, he could make it up to you eventually? Um, Cameron, you think you
could help me out here or? – I love you. – Okay, my work here is done. See you guys later. (light guitar music) – Do you wanna, do you wanna
go for a ride somewhere? – Okay. (exhales loudly) – I’m sorry I told you
not to call me anymore. – What happened? – I got scared, I, I figured it would be best
if you weren’t around me. – But don’t you think
that’s my decision to make? – I do now but, there’s something I need to say to you and it’s not easy for me to say. I love you. I don’t know if that makes any sense. I just know that I’ve
never wanted to say that to anybody else. There’s something I’ve gotta tell you about myself that you don’t know. – You said that before and I don’t care. I mean, I don’t know what
you do when I’m not there or what your past was like
or what your future will be but I know what I see when
I look into your eyes. Cameron, I love you. I have been chasing after you
for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing you can do or say that’ll change how I feel about you. (breathes deeply) – Well, I gotta tell you anyway. – What is it? (suspenseful music) (punches loudly) – Mom? Mom? (glass shatters) – I always knew from the day you were born and they pulled you out of me. I knew you weren’t right,
just like your father, that son of a bitch. He’s the one that gave me
this life that gave me you. When I got pregnant, one night, I found a knife just like that one and I put it to my stomach
but I couldn’t do it. I know now that was my mistake. That was my way out. What? Got nothing to say, you little shit? So, where’d you get the knife? Huh, Cameron? What have you been up to? What have you been up to, Cameron? Answer me. I said answer me, God damn it. Answer me. – Cameron. – [Cameron] Amy, are you okay? – Cameron, he’s in here. (breathing heavily) – Tony, why’d you bring her here? – Because you still haven’t learned. You must embrace what you are. The only way to do that
is to sever everything that makes you weak. She makes you weak. – What are you gonna do? – I’m not going to do anything. You’re going to do it. Come on, Cameron, we’ve
played this game already. – Cameron, what is he talking about? – Just like before, I’m gonna count to 10. – [Amy] Cameron? – One. – No, I’m not gonna kill her. (knife dropping and sliding) – Pick up that knife. – Get back. – Ha, ha, ha, fast hands, huh? You’re gonna have to shoot me. ‘Cause only one of us is
gonna get out of here alive. – Amy, get out of here. – Nah, uh uh. (knife flying) (Amy screaming)
(Cameron grunting) (Cameron screaming) – You didn’t think I taught
you everything, did you? (Cameron screaming) (Amy screaming)
(punching loudly) (slapping loudly) – I never liked guns. They’re too impersonal. There’s no challenge. In fact, I don’t even know why I have it. Never needed it and I don’t need it now. Come on. (Cameron screaming) (punching loudly) (falling loudly) Would it help if I was drunk or asleep? Maybe then you’d stand a chance, huh? (Cameron grunting)
(Tony screaming) – Hey, Tony? You ever notice you only kill people who have what you don’t have? You’re just a sad, lonely man. You don’t have any friends or family. I think you’re just compensating. (Tony screaming) (Cameron falling loudly) (Cameron choking) (Tony screaming loudly) (knife slicing)
(Tony screaming) (Cameron gasping) (coughing) (light dramatic music) (Amy whimpering) – [Cameron] I’m sorry. – I had to stop him.
– I know. – He was gonna kill you
and I had to kill him. – I know. I’m sorry, it’s okay. – I killed him, I killed him. I killed him. – It’s okay. (breathing heavily) – It felt good though, didn’t it? (dramatic music) (“Make it Easier” by Tawnee Kendall)

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