Tara Talks: Courage is the Pathway to Love

Tara Talks: Courage is the Pathway to Love

Now sometimes when we contact a fear or
vulnerability that’s really deep and we need to have tea with it, we first need to
sense some safety or some larger belonging or some love in the universe
that can help us hang in there. So part of the training that we’re talking about
to be willing to open to vulnerability is really a training when we’re feeling
vulnerable to find some pathway to something that feels loving in our life.
And I wanted to share with you a story about Mahatma Gandhi that really struck
me – that as a young man he was really shy he was tongue-tied he was plagued by
fears and doubts in other words he went around with enormous sense of
vulnerability and it particularly would come out you know in courtroom when
he was terrified to present an argument and with in challenging situations with
other people and even as a child very very young he was a very obsessive and
fearful child. So there’s a story that one of the family
servants who was touched by this young boy, because daily he’d run into
her arms in tears after being bullied at school. And what she said to him is,
“Whenever you’re threatened, instead of running away, stand firm.
Stay in touch, but repeat the mantra Rama Rama Rama, and this will turn your fear
into courage. So it took some years for him to immerse into that practice, but I tell
this because growing up he was a very vulnerable not a powerful man and his
practice of feeling vulnerability but calling on love – because Ram is
another word for God – for him turning onto that connection with a larger
loving field of of energy, gave him courage. Courage is when we’re willing to stay.

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  1. One of the attributes that lead me to follow Tara's work, is her voice. It is very soothing and easy to want to hear all she is saying, in addition to the wisdom she shares with us.
    Tara, thank you for your channel.
    Blessing to all

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