Intro to Adobe Animate [Part 1] | Tutorial
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Intro to Adobe Animate [Part 1] | Tutorial

(dry swishing noises) (trumpet fanfare)>>(electronic voice) TipTut.>>Hello, everybody, and welcome back to TipTut and the beginning of a new series. This has been a long time in the making “Intro to Animate CC,” formerly known as “Flash.” I’m going to […]


Hannah Montana – Der Film [KINOSTART: 01.06.2009] HQ

(Music: Ev’ryone can rock out like a superstar) (Music: LET’S GET CRAZY!) The world knows her as a superstar… Skater: “Is that Hannah Montana?” Hannah: “Ooh! I’d like to have these…” Woman: “I saw them first!” Woman(angry): “Do you even […]