Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog Animation – MULTIVERSE WARS

Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog Animation – MULTIVERSE WARS

Where did I go wrong? Here you go! I don’t need charity! Plumber! Charity was when Nintendo took you in… You ungrateful 32-bit failure. That’s it! Mamma…mia Time to shave that mustache clean off! You’re just like Sega! Always bowing down to the competition! You’ll be flattened on the road like most of your relatives! Maybe, I’ll make a suit out of you! You…sadist. Lousy Sega mascot! You’re an embarrassment to the great nation of Japan! You are… ITALIAN!!!! That pyromaniac will burn the Mushroom Kingdom! Where will I find a job if he does that? Wahoo! Nintendo number one! Looks like I’m Nintendo’s new mascot!

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  1. Hi! The newest episode of Multiverse Wars featuring Sonic vs. Shadow is now available. You can check it out here: If you'd like to contribute with subtitles in your native language for non-English speakers that would be a great help! Your name will be added to the credits of the video if you'd like. Thanks for watching!

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  3. Si ma Sonic è uno scemo critica noi italiani , Sonic razzista poi povero Mario voleva soltanto dargli qualcosa e come lo ripaga sonic . Tutti quelli che sono con me per tifare Mario mettano like

  4. Mário reviveu a saga dos Saiyajins em Dragon Ball Z. Assumiu a forma Oozaru ou devo dizer a forma Cogumelo. E Sonic foi o primeiro animal Saiyajin do universo inteiro. ?????????

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  8. Пф, какая чушь!!! Марио ничтожество по сравнению с Соником! Так как Соник и так на высоте, и не носите ЧУШЬ!!!

  9. Mario was just trynna be nice he gave sonic a GOLDEN COIN!! But we can all admit that they’re both great characters ??‍♂️

  10. Я всегда болею за Соника мне нравится он в супер-форме.

  11. I don't get it why do so many people think think that Sonic would win just because he's fast Mario has more strength and he has more power ups just to kill Sonic so yeah and he can drive the star diver and travel at a bolt of electricity so yeah and Sonic Archie doesn't count because Sonic is way too overpowered and he doesn't follow his gaining counterpart same with the Mario movie

  12. Tbh Sonics emeralds were too powerful I mean it was not fair give Mario a super star or something to compete and ya know what I think u all just like sonic better so yeah not whining just a polite suggestion to at least make a reboot that’s a bit more fair

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