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  1. The server don't work… I got very annoyed with my game, because it said. Server name, and I was like, but you don't need a server name do you?

  2. I dont know the server my minecraft is coverd with SD card please help me to do it just do it to that villiger

  3. what happened to the server? i remember one day i think the admin was quitting or something so wanted payback cause i went on and the server was being destroyed by an admin and he gave us all op then banned all of us forever , the person who banned me was Gilmee and ign ShadowCat8 ( the ban reason was 'server abuse' )

  4. Hey element animations make a battle ship video I can.make a battle ship I am gonna build it on 2020.just for.You also make a trailer

  5. 0:30 ah, I remember the days I played on this server with my brother and some friends. Element Dan teleported every entity on the server to me. I lost my pet sheep in the mess of all the animals. Those were the days. Must have been 2012 or 2013.

  6. Hi to all the best time to kiss him and he said the noob is ISP and thanks again for your help?!?!¿!!!¡?¿

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