Supa Strikas – Season 1 Episode 3 – The Lost Star | Kids Cartoon

Supa Strikas – Season 1 Episode 3 – The Lost Star | Kids Cartoon

(engine roaring) (snoring) – Hmm I can’t wait to
face off with Don Aldo. I’ve heard he’s a legend in the making. – Seems to me Club Palmentieri is always just waiting for the next Edwin. – Edwin, who’s Edwin? – You are too young to remember, but he was one of the
greatest players in the world. And then, one day he just disappeared. – What do you mean he just disappeared? – [Man] I’m finally here. My heart is pounding. 50,000 fans screaming. Can’t get my breath. The whistle sounding. ♪ With every ounce of effort ♪ ♪ Every fuel that I’ve got ♪ ♪ I’m bringing Super League’s greatest ♪ ♪ Give them my best shot ♪ ♪ Every minute of the 90 ♪ ♪ Now I’m gonna be a fighter ♪ ♪ Cause one, two, three ♪ ♪ I’m a Supa Strika ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Breath by breath ♪ ♪ I’ll be a fighter ♪ ♪ Hear the crowd cheer Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ (engine roaring) – I was just a child when it happened. It was the Super League final. Club Palmentieri had been
down three to nothing. But then Edwin scored three goals to bring em back to a three
three draw at full time. So they went to penalty kicks. Azul had slotted in all
five of theirs no problem. Edwin was expected to make the penalty to keep Palma’s hope alive. – [Announcer] This is a big pressure kick. – But he missed it. Some said he cracked under the pressure. Like those three goals he did score during the
match were not enough. After that, he disappeared forever. Hero to zero. – Don Aldo says he’s going
to destroy Supa Strikas with the Palmentieri way. What’s that? – Ah that is the style that
they attack each match with. Furiously quick and agile. Precise like cats. Very smooth like me with the ladies. You know. – But Don says he is the
greatest soccer player to grace the field. – We might have something
to say about that. (upbeat music) – Alright boys, get ready
for your first Palma clash. (snoring) – No Mama, I did not eat the strudel. Huh, what? (laughing) – Time for a friendly, little
exhibition match on the beach. (upbeat music) – Wow check out this crowd. – Supa Strikas won’t know what hit them. – So you think you’re the next Edwin, huh? Well, you’re not. – Don’t ever compare me to that loser. He let his team and his fans down. You’re only as good as your last match. Remember that when you lose this one. – Forget it man. Save it for the game. – An interesting friendly we have for you today folks. Supa Strikas on the sand
against famed Palmentieri. – [Announcer] Can Strikas
adapt to the Palma way? – [Announcer] Where the
street meets the sand. – [Announcer] Let’s take
it down to the field. (whistle blowing) – [Announcer] Strikas get things underway. – [Announcer] Cool Joe handles it sweetly. – Get outta here. – Not how to handle the ball in the sand. – The counterattack is on. – [Announcer] Supa Strikas take note. (upbeat music) – Palma are so fluid, so furious. – [Announcer] So flawless. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Supa Strikas
just cannot keep up. – Looks like they’re eating sand. I wonder if they like eating grass too. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] No time for
Twisting Tiger to pounce. – At least there’s one Supa
Strikas who looks awake today. – They just can’t seem
to get their footing to match Palma’s abilities. – [Announcer] Big Bo clears it. – Difficult to dance in
the sand dancing Rasta. (dramatic music) – Look out for those old tricks, Shakes. (coughing) It’s not over yet, boys. (cheering) (whistle blowing) – [Announcer] You can’t save the game, but you could save face. – [Don Aldo] See you at
the real game, Shakes. – [Shakes] Wow, I’ve never
seen a style like that before. How are we gonna win a
real match against them. (gentle music) – We have three days to
prepare for the game. – How can we possibly
counter the Palmentieri way in just three days? – Yeah how could we possibly
counter Palmentieri way. – We’ll find a solution. I’ve lined up the best
training facility in Rio. We’ll begin there. In the mean time, you have the night off. (upbeat music) – Shakes. – Huh? – You no having fun? – I just can’t figure out how we’re gonna compete with Palma. Every time we try to set anything up, they were just too quick. – Don’t you get all caught up. Let’s have some fun man. (upbeat music) – Hey, stop. – You need my help. – Your help? – And I need yours. – With what? – Just come with me and I will show you. – [Shakes] Where are we going? – Almost there. Hi Dad. I’m home. – [Announcer] He’s lost
it for Palmentieri. Lost it for Palmentieri. Lost it for Palmentieri. – Hello, Princess. – Edwin. – My name is Louisa. This is my father, Edwin. Dad, this is Shakes from Supa Strikas. They need your help. – No way. I can’t. – The soccer world misses you, even if you don’t believe it. – You are wasting your time. You should leave. – But Dad, you can’t just sit here for the rest of your life, watching that kick over and over. – I’m sorry. – We need you to help guide
us for the Palmentieri game. There are 11 guys out
there who need your help and we’re all ready to work if you’ll help show us the Palma way. – Stop. Two conditions. – You’ll do it? – One, absolute determination. – Done, what’s number two? – If you lose, no one can
know I coached Supa Strikas. Go and tell the team to pack their bags and prepare for toughest
training of their lives. – Wow, check this place out. It’s all new. – It’s almost as impressive as my. – Good morning Strikas. I hope you had a good night sleep. – Beautiful place you got us here, Coach. – It is beautiful isn’t it? (murmuring) I’m glad you like it, but
we’re not training here. – Huh?
– What do you mean? – Then where Coach? – In the Amazon jungle. – Edwin?
– Yes. – [Group] Whoa, wow, awesome. – I don’t about you,
but I miss my weights. – What are we doing? There is no way we are going
to learn anything out here. – This is the best place to
focus on the task at hand. The Palma way is a style of
survival and of instincts. There were no fancy machines
when I played the game. This is the kind of place
that will test the skills you do not even know you have. Here we will hone those skills
needed to defeat Palmentieri. This is where we, Palma, would come to practice the
club’s three core skills. Speed, agility, and balance. – Okay boys, form a line and listen up. – Ay caramba, not sand again. (laughing) – Not just any sand. This is quicksand. (grunting) – Huh? – In order to improve your speed, you will run the ball
over to the other side. – Is he serious? – Shakes, you’re up first. – Me? – Yeah I guess he’s serious brother. (dramatic music) – It’s cool. – You’re taking this one too cool. Second is agility. This natural obstacle course
runs you through the jungle and over the river. You have to get from one point to the next using only the rocks
and vines in your path. (dramatic music) (grunting) (dramatic music) (screaming) (laughing) You, El Matador, you will
start the next exercise. – I, uh. – You must balance and control the ball on this floating log. (dramatic music) – Hey, I do it, I. (screaming) (laughing) Hey, if you close your eyes, you easy pretend we are
not in jungle at all. Instead in an oasis in paradise. Where there are no creatures
swimming past your, your legs. (laughing) (dramatic music) (laughing) – [Edwin] This is the Amazon gentlemen. This is survival of the fittest. Higher, harder, faster, longer. (dramatic music) – Psst. (laughing) – You have all done well. I am proud of you. This is not easy training. (snoring) (upbeat music) – What’s that stuff for? – Keep the change. Voila. Incognito. – Who are you kidding? You won’t need a disguise. We are gonna win. – Ah, but you haven’t won the game yet. And besides, Luisa and I
are coming to the stadium with you guys. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Super League match day. The fans are packing in
for what promises to be. – [Announcer] Another Super League battle of epic proportions. – Come on, Supa Strikas have
no chance against Palma. – Don Aldo is so cute. – No way, I think Shakes is the cutest. – I was sure Supa Strikas
would have gone home by now in fear of Palma. – And miss the chance to
prove that you’re no Edwin? No way. – What exactly do you mean by that? – Let’s just say, we’ve studied pretty hard
since our last meeting. – My only regret is that there is no sand
for you to taste today. (cheering) – So who do you want to win? Dad? – The best team. – The question on everyone’s mind, have Supa Strikas found a way
to counter Club Palmentieri. – Let’s hope it’s not a repeat
of the friendly on the beach for their sakes. – [Announcer] Yup, I’m pretty sure this one won’t be as friendly. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Despite rumors they’ve been training in secret for this game, it looks like Supa Strikas are
sticking with what they know. – Cool. – [Announcer] Effective so far. – Not cool. – [Announcer] But for how long? – Desperate pass. – [Announcer] The ball’s just
sailing away from Shakes. – Effective clearing from Palma. – [Announcer] So far they can’t
seem to handle Palma’s pace. – [Announcer] The long ball
tactic’s not gonna work for them today. – [Announcer] It’s an
endless Palmentieri barrage of footwork and blasting. – [Rasta] Enough of this. – Dancing Rasta cracks. – [Announcer] Well if
you’ve learned anything since the beach Rasta, now’s the time to use it. – [Announcer] Danger for Supa Strikas. – Defense. (grunting) No. – [Announcer] Goal Palma. Don Aldo made that one look too easy. (cheering) – Remember our deal with Edwin. Come on, absolute determination. We have learned from one
of the greatest players in the history of the game. Remember the jungle moves. Perform them the Supa
Strikas way with heart. – [Team] Supa Strikas. – [Announcer] Let’s see if
the captain’s second effort is more successful than his first. – [Announcer] Cool Joe’s
certainly using his pace better. – [Announcer] Cool Joe to Twisting Tiger. – [Announcer] Oh Tiger is
making it look like Palmentieri have been cemented to the pitch. – [Announcer] Meanwhile, Cool
Joe is shaking his marker. – [Announcer] Shakes controls it. He goes right, no. Shakes sends a simple
tap into the left corner. – [Team] Goal. – [Announcer] What a goal by Supa Strikas. – [Announcer] It’s like watching
a different team out there. – Do you really think he’ll just go back to sitting on his couch if we lose? – Who said we’re gonna lose? – Gentlemen, it would be such a shame to never see you again. So just in case, I wanted to say goodbye. You are all playing so well and are among the best
I have ever worked with. I have truly enjoyed our time together. Thank you for believing in me. I will be proud of you win or lose. – Is this goodbye? – Edwin on three. – [Team] One, two, three, Edwin. (cheering) – The three points will be
coming back to Strika Land. – I think not. I will show the world why
I am better than Edwin. – [Announcer] Some words exchanged between the young strikers. – What I would give to
know what they were saying. – [Announcer] It’s all
Palmentieri so far this half. – [Announcer] Credit to Supa Strikas. They just won’t give up. – Don Aldo wants to end this. Something tells me Strikas
are just finding their rhythm. – Ernesto. – Whoa. Goal time. – [Announcer] Anytime
you’re ready El Matador. – [Announcer] Yep, the clock is ticking. – [Announcer] He’s alone. Beautiful. – [Announcer] Now the question is, can Palma hold Supa Strikas to a draw? – [Announcer] Ay, the tables have turned. Cool Joe’s broken free and Shakes is trying to find some space. – [Announcer] Think insane. – Gotta be ready for Cool Joe’s cross. This one’s for you, Edwin. – Wow. (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Unbelievable goal. – [Announcer] Strikas young star. – [Announcer] Strikas win it. The points are going back to Strika Land. – Oh yeah baby. Shakes, this is your win. You the one who found Edwin and you convinced him to
help the team and himself. Well done, brother. – Woo Supa Strikas. Yes. – Is that, that’s Edwin. Hey it’s Edwin. He’s back. – Are you Edwin? You are Edwin. – You see Dad, no one really
remembers the missed penalty. – I will get our three
points back next time. – Hey Donny, I know a guy
who can help you with that. It takes a lifetime to
become a legend bro. Gotta go now. Have some celebrating to
do with a guy named Edwin. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Rasta, check this out. Edwin comes out of hiding
to help Supa Strikas. – And I think we helped him too. You did good, real good. (upbeat music) Supa Strikas Supa Strikas

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  1. Three words
    Now this is gonna be more than 3 words. Shakes is my favorite. And I'm guessing this was made for toddlers and 6 year olds but I'm turning ten soon, and this is the best show ever, in this little almost 10 year ol girls opinion

  2. The super strikes are not only bad at football they can be a detective they Know when something is wrong They are awesome love you guys

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  4. Wants be Edwin: (before in the episode) the Edwin his a loser
    Shakes:(before the match)l here to prove your no Edwin
    Want a be Edwin: What do you mean

  5. I can name the whole squad which normally comes into the pitch
    Shakes el matador clouse dancing Rasta twisting tiger cool joe north shore block big bo

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