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  1. Nicee I'm interested in joining this course in np haha
    do u think it's worth it? To join this course

  2. If this happened to me I would either not do anything or just die
    If it has to be romantic love I'd say my goodbyes bc I'm aromantic but if platonic counts I'm all good

  3. Bro, I did not see that ending coming. Great short dim really enjoyed it 🙂 a sub and like from me and here’s to many more to come

  4. why tf does this have so few views?! (for the record, found you through your comment at This makes me angry, srsly…

  5. I like the messege this short film carries and let me just say…
    I'd rather have my head explode than to force myself into a relationship I don't want to be in.

  6. I love this short film and think I put some my personal thoughts on it in both a negative or positive way, which about the reason why the girl's bomb….the ending actually makes me impressed…thank you so much to ur team for this excellent film. TAT I love this story!!!!!!!!

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