Stuck in the Friendzone for 3 Years (Ft. JaidenAnimations)

Stuck in the Friendzone for 3 Years (Ft. JaidenAnimations)

Hi, my name is Maaz and I’m behind bars now you might be wondering about what’s brought me in here Was it indecent exposure? Could it be the kidnapping of endangered animals or was it due to me making soup out of endangered animals? Well, it’s none of those. This is all about what happened between me and a girl named “Cherry”. I killed a man! :3 So imagine this two people have been friends for a good long while and one begins to develop feelings for the other But unfortunately, the feeling isn’t mutual and they have no intention on wrapping up their relationship So they say the worst most heartbreaking thing. That could be said at that moment. Hey, I just view you as a friend No… No please! Please No! NOOOOOOOO! And so they get banished into a layer deeper than the Shadow Realm…. “The friendzone” Now if I’m gonna be honest that… Actually sounds pretty natural cuz think about it the chances that you’ll like somebody and it’s gonna be one-sided is Super high, and that’s fine But what’s not okay is when you’re too pushy and expect something more on that friendship just because you like them Doesn’t mean they have to like you bro No matter how nice you are…. Look, I think for the most part people do know where the boundaries lie, but I can also imagine people not knowing the boundaries…. You’re so nice Maaz Yeah, it’s really no problem at all…. Now give me a smooch. Wait what? Well, look. I’ve been really helpful to you, so I think I deserve a little smooch Hmm. No, but I don’t really want to do that How dare you not do what I want and here I was being so nice to you! Womans are trash! *sigh* And that’s why I’m so ashamed to admit that… I used to be one of those nice guys. Am I proud of it? No, but was I young and stupid? Yes very much so. So guys, let me tell you a story about a girl named cherry and how I was an awful person during middle school It all began before grade 8 during the Australian summer holidays around this time There was a special program for gifted children so that they’re able to check out their middle school in advance and I knew I was gonna get into the program because mommy said that I was special and It was in this program that I met cherry now keep in mind that I was Quite young so as a kid going through puberty having limited interaction to girls and hormones just surging through me, I was like, “Oh dang, she’s kind of pretty.” I was thirteen as well, I was thirteen as well! It’s cool, it’s cool… Look there isn’t anything wrong with being attracted to people it’s just a matter of how you deal with those feelings and approach them that shows how you are as a person…. And oh boy, was I a piece of sh- So back then I used to live in a small rural town out in Australia and let’s just say that there weren’t that many Ethnic…. Culture diversity…. (Jaiden) They were all white weren’t they? (Maaz) Yeah, there was all white people. And that may be why I was attracted to cherry in the first place because at the time I must’ve Thought of her as this Indian goddess or something… And, since I was the only other brown guy in my year level I thought it was destiny for us to be together… (Maaz) “Cherry!” (Cherry) Maaz! D A N C E T I M E But, we didn’t really talk to each other that much until she started dating one of my grade 8 friends and look we were 13, That relationship didn’t last long, but it did manage her to introduct her to the boys… Hey Bsauce! Maaz here. Now the boys… What is it and how can I be part of it? Well, it’s a custom that’s in Australian schools where a bunch of guys and girls speak together and hang out during lunch time now, They’re all really good friends, but the one you should really focus on are J-dog and Bilbo. They are really important for the story…. Because I want them to die. Wait what? It was around this point after the breakup that Cherry and I really started to talk to each other and I’m like, “Wow!” She’s actually really cool. We even shared some classes together So we naturally just became really good friends, but I may or may not have developed feelings They were a bit more than just friendship…. She even mentioned how everyone else in the group was white and how we had to stick together like it was meant to be! Because you know what’s better than chocolate and caramel? chocolate “WITH” caramel, with the cherry on top! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No, wait! There was just one teensy issue she was dating somebody else from our squad Hmm…. Wait a second. It’s all clear now. All of the guys that she’s dated has been part of the boys Sweet! That means that she’ll eventually get around to dating me. Oh my gosh… I’m cringing! I can’t believe I genuinely thought that! *sigh* I thought that it was like a game like a “Bop-It, Yeah Oh boi twist it! Wow this is LIT! DATE IT!!!!” “Wait wha? That’s non-consensual *Laughs* Like she’ll give us a turn with dating her. Oh my god! (????) Gross! (????) I’m so gross! *sigh* So keeping this stupid logic in mind I slowly but surely became friends with her and it wasn’t just Cherry because we were also getting close with our friend Bilbo Forming our little trio we would like the three amigos, you know Always having fun playing it cool and totally not hoping that she would eventually pick up on my deep-seated feelings of affection Which slowly led to resentment for putting me in the friend zone or anything? Hahahahahaha…. Yeah, maybe I was a little too whipped, like to the extent that even though Cherry, Bilbo and I were all friends having a good Old time I was supporting things like how do I spend as much time with her as possible? I want cherry to only think of me just Maaz Just Maaz Just… Maaz…. *Pop Up* Wait, wait a minute. Am I a psychopath Yandere? (Jaiden) I mean you did kind of stab your brother and kill a duck. So yeah, probably…. (Maaz) Frick Anyway a few months later in grade 9 I got another bombshell Cherry was dating Bilbo! Now you might be thinking that I was shocked at the sudden change or annoyed that she was smooching on some boy That wasn’t me or I don’t know that I wanted him to break up with something and you’d be wrong…. I wanted him to drown…. But, the weird twisted middle-school logic of mine was like (Lil’ Maaz)”Yeah, it’s alright because you know, it’s just within the boys. So my turn is still coming up!” (Officer) Women… Are…. QUUEEEEEEE- And the stupid thing is when I was younger I remember being confused because even as she was dating him we were still really good friends Wow, what a weird concept young Maaz!! People can date and have friends at the same time??? GOOOOLLLYYYYY But I got over it and after the shock had worn off I totally respected her how she wanted to maintain her closeness with both her friend and boyfriend Which is something that I could totally get behind. She even said that I was like her brother… Isn’t… Isn’t that great? Isn’t that just fantastic? Hahaha…. *crying* Hahaha… Hahaha But honestly our friendship still remained even after Bilbo and Cherry broke up to the point where she was just like, (Cherry) “Hey, Maaz you want to come over to my place? I want to watch a movie.” (Lil’ Maaz) “Yeah sure who else is coming?” (Cherry) “Oh, no, it’s just you…” (Cherry)”Just you and me watching a movie…” (Lil’ Maaz) “Oh my gosh!” “Is is this what they call Netflix and chill wait no Netflix didn’t exist yet. Frick! Think, Maaz. Think!” “Wait, is this a confession was she into me this entire time? Was she dating the other boys to make me jealous?” I can’t believe it’s finally my turn to- *gets yeeted by the popo* (Officer) That ain’t it chief that ain’t it at all… (Maaz) Well, unfortunately, this script is getting away too long! So, I’m sorry But I’ll have to break this up into two parts get keen though because this goes on for another year We have a huge fight and I recently caught up to her over the phone after Five years all of this and more in part two, so make sure to subscribe. Alright guys. I’ll see you soon…. Oh… Don’t worry guys, I’m not dead! *SCREAMS* Before you go, I just want to remind everybody that I’ve got some hot spilled tea merchandise available on my store for those who like a little bit of spice in their life If you’re interested, then please make sure to check out the link in the description below. Next up, Make sure to LIKE subscribe and comment and hit the notification bell for the chance to get shout out in the community tab. Yep I’ve moved it over there so make sure to check it to see if you’ve been chosen as a Super Maartian and Everything that happened is a story was about the me in the past when I was like 13, all right I am NOT like this anymore Trust me, lastly major thanks to all of my channel members and patrons for supporting me Especially – Rudy Falcon and uncle Ron. You guys are the spiciest Maartians. All right laters everybody and stay AMaazing! (Music) (Thank you Luigi Bros. for the subtitles!) (More Music)

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  1. Yo this video is FRICKED UP. How could you be that mean to people. I was so close to unsubbing. Watch till the very very end to see what I mean. Jeeeeez

  2. 5:59 I be like, this is reminding me of Monika, imma comment it later.

    6:00 lmao he actually put in the reference guess I lost my job

  3. I watched this and I was thinking,

    “No more caffeine. No more sugar. Throws bag of sugar out window We are eating vegetables and granola bars, mister.”

  4. If you want to hear the meme music in there meaning the du du du du thing hers the link

  5. Wait..


  6. Being friendzoned shouldn't be seen as a punishment ^^; being friends means you still get to hang out with a person you think is cool. If you can't get over your romantic feelings then maybe you should spend time apart from that person? do something to distract yourself and clear your mind. Then reconnect after you've cooled down. Obsessing over them just makes things worse… having been on the receiving end of that feels terrible ^^; cause it's not like being a friend means we don't care. In fact, seeing a friend toil away because of feelings they can't get over hurts, because you are the person that makes them hurt… but affection is not a reward, it's a gift, and friendship is not a punishment, it's also a gift that may or may not be given or taken away depending on the people involved

  7. Girls dont means to hurt feelings when they friend zone, its the easyedt way to put someone down and keep a friend. Also funny video lol

  8. I'm stuck in a rural Australian town, and I love the lack of cringey politically correct bs, even tho the populace here is pretty diverse, everyone is just a normal bogan.

  9. "Mommy said that I was special."


    Dude, so funny!! (Also, you're the guy who liked my photo with some of your buds in Twitter)

  10. wait as a white person am I allowed to complain about the Hispanic kids at my school yelling at me for being white or is that a not-white-person privilege-

  11. 7:40 when you go back in time to your high school days but forgot certain shit hasn't been made yet so you don't know if she wants so SMASH

  12. Actually in my opinion as soon as someone says your like a brother is basically the turning point and you get immediately friend zoned because they shift their perspective of you all together

  13. Too bad I dont chase girls but also too bad that I'm being chased by the police every day and by the enemies I have made

  14. Is it bad to start thinking of having a relationship with a girl your not even dating? No it’s not, that’s called fantasizing, it’s completely normal. Is it bad to be friends with a girl cause you wanna get closer to her cause you like her? Don’t think so just so long as you handle rejection well and your not a total jerk about it.

  15. bruh I didn’t want to friend zone someone so I said I liked them and then I realised after we were together for a while I realised I kind of liked them

  16. Let me tell you this
    Being single makes your life better and makes less complications
    If you’re in a relationship good for you
    You best hop to god just did that to make a character development

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