Den: Oh hey there! Do you and/or your dog want to get free stickers? Well, you’re in luck! (Um, No My dog is fine, I just want some lemonade.) I teamed up again with Quidd, (Ooh, So, Can I get my lemonade now?) a super awesome app where you can open packs and collect a bunch of cool stickers From Rick & Morty to the amazing world of Gumball, Quidd has the biggest collection of stickers anywhere! On the side note, can someone trade me that holographic Columbus? Add me at “The Cypher Den” Here we have a set of brand new CypherDen stickers. You can now send a pink-haired burrito to everyone in your contacts including your grandma (:D) You can get Quidd at: Thanks again to Quidd for sponsoring this video. SELLOUT!!! Well… Here’s my energy drink bills. Hey guys made my name is CypherDen, and well… I’m Asian. you’re probably thinking: “Whoa! Den, no way, what kind of Asian are you?” well sorry to break it to you, but I’m a toaster all right, all right, I’ll just side I’m Filipino everyone knows that by now, right? there’s just no way of hiding it my mom knows I’m Filipino I look Filipino. I don’t know how else I’m supposed to look like in all honesty, but yes, I’m 100% As far as I know it, Filipino, probably. I think, actually I’m not sure but Filipino regardless. Anyways I have Asian parents. I love them, but they’re strict as hell No, actually they used to be. They’re not as strict as they used to be with me in comparison to my baby sister Don’t you hate that? Parents are always super strict at their older kids, and then they just kind of go “You’re my baby. No rules for you” Mom please Parents are funny in a way, since They usually have a good cop bad cop routine You know for a fact that one parent is easier to sway on certain things than the other. My parents were no different Dad: “Hey, you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend until you’re 50, okay?” Little Den: “Okay dad! Not until I’m 50!” Mom: “You can have a boyfriend. Just don’t tell your dad” Little Den: “Okay, mom not until I’m fif- oh hello. Don’t tell Dad? Okay, I got you.” I have two younger sisters to state the obvious that means we’re all girls Making my dad’s super protective of us. So growing up, we weren’t really allowed to go outside. I wasn’t allowed to go hang out at the mall with my friends I needed to be home by 5:00 p.m.. Not allowed to go to parties even school hosted ones, parties in general No sleepovers. None of that. I honestly had no social life whatsoever other than when I was in school soooo When I was younger My cousins used to play outside a lot and little old Den would have to sit on the window, with the bars as I watched them play. I was so so SO jealous (D:) Tangled was literally my life story except. You know. no magical hair thing. No crazy evil stepmother I’m also not royalty So there’s that. Okay, pretty much the whole being stuck in the tower thing for a good chunk of her life and not being allowed to go outside Yep Definitely my life story. my dad always said it wasn’t very ladylike to have bruises and cuts on my knees Therefore going outside was a big no-no Growing up, it meant that it became way too clumsy for my own good. Because I didn’t get to be clumsy when I was like five Therefore while others walk normally, the tiniest pebble can literally send me tumbling down a hill that was somehow 500 miles away from me. Air. Air is also a big giant jerk that likes to trip people mainly 100 percent me yeah So my mom strongly believed in school well my dad was a little bit more lenient on the subject this one time I got really really excited because being the overachiever that I am or try to be Little Den: Mom mom mom mom ma Yes, guess what guess what guess what guess what are you okay? Yeah, girl? Just got a hundred fifteen out of a hundred on a test score the best score in class oh! Yeah, why isn’t it a 120? Well, I didn’t know one of the extra credits, but it’s still 115 so it isn’t a perfect score Well yes, but no I promise I’ll try harder next time My dad was so lenient when it came to school that I was absent so many times There was 170 days of school best believe I miss about 30 of those days I was so bad at going to school that I would wake up and just go yeah No, don’t really feel like waking up today. Sorry. Let’s try tomorrow My dad would actually try to bribe me with gummy worms to go to school sometimes not my best moments But you know those sour gummy worms. Are like kryptonite to me (:O) School gummy worms sounds like a fair trade. All right. I guess I’m going to school today When I was in second grade I tried to pull the same thing with my mom, I don’t want to, what do you mean you don’t want to? Can’t make me go to school, you’re going to school I’m going to sleep Then BAM! Before I knew it my mom was dragging my whiny spoiled self into the bathroom, I don’t even know how that happened, but all I remember was my story self just sobbing away and like I didn’t know this was gonna happen Fully clothed. I don’t even know how that happened, but all I remember was my story self just sobbing away and like Momy I just wanted to go to sleep. This isn’t fair. Please. Please don’t make me go to school I hate school and just crying like a little Frodo about everything and anything that moves So I retaliated I didn’t take my allowance so I couldn’t afford food for today starving myself Then realize it was really really really dumb because I was the only one hungry and starving It’s not like my mom was starving with me and didn’t really change anything and from that day on I rarely to almost never miss the day of school even though I felt like I was nearly dying and/or dead there was also this one time I legit sobbed and cried because I got a 75 and it felt like I was a disgrace on how I’d showed my report card to my Parents even though everything else was a 90 and beyond that didn’t matter all it came down to was that 75 I never showed my parents that specific report card just couldn’t do it Parents even though everything else was a 90 and beyond that didn’t matter all it came down to was that But the idea of them being disappointed in me it destroyed me I just wanted to note that my parents were highly against beating or hurting us I’m doing what I’m doing because they’ve supported my art all the way through But chances are they just want you to be your best self and succeed. I’m doing what I’m doing because they’ve supported my art all the way through your parents might be tough and strict, too And you might not realize it until you’re older like me But chances are they just want you to be your best self and succeed My parents were actually way tougher on me than these short stories But I’m also not really willing to make a 30 minute full blown animation video about that Anyways, if you guys like that video, don’t forget to hit that like button, it makes me fart glitter. Thanks again to Quidd for being so absolutely positively awesome. By the way, the next video is gonna be amazing. OK thanks bye!

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  1. Hey hi heyyyy! New video, who's this? u_u
    Thanks again to Quidd for sponsoring this video!
    Get Quidd here ►►►

  2. I clicked subscribe as fast as i can when you said "Im Filipino" ??

    Btw im watching this at 2019 anyone???

  3. My mum is Japanese and she's really not that strict, my dad tho, he's not Asian but oh boy, does he scare me

  4. everyone in the comments

    omg! #RELATABLE
    I'm phillipino too! and you would not believe how simlar we are, like oh my gosh, I too breath a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen every single day!!! Would you believe it?? fate, am I right??


    I'm irish. sup my dudes.

    (you're the best Den x3)

  5. Teacher: I’m handing out your test scores!
    Me: Gets Test Grade sees 86 starts flipping out

    When I get home

    Me: Hi mom!
    Me: runs into my room and hides the test in the closet

    This actually happend
    I still have that test in my closet

  6. I was very stupid in kindergarten through 2nd grade ish so I mostly got Cs which my parents where mad put for like 10 seconds then didn’t care anymore because it was normal that in around third grade I got my first all A report card then from that day on if I got a B….let’s just say I would not be writing this right know

  7. Esi ibigsabihin naiintindihan mo ako? Kung ma read mo to at totoo kang pilipino ano ang dugo at dapat tama yun at dapat sumagot sa tagalog

  8. Wait whattt im Filipino andd my parents say when i was not born all kids go out and get tanned and play the whole day

  9. im the youngest and 90% philipino my parents still say “im disapointed” etc but the thing that makes me wanna have nice parents (well my dad is a nice awsome person) my mom would LIGIT BEAT ME WITH ANYTHING like a towel,MY DADS HARD WOODEN BASEBALL BAT,curtain rod,my phone and i am left crying and shook but my dad isnt really nice to my big brothers. He was SOOOOO CLOSE to beating my brother to death because he JUST EMBARRASED MY MOM! My dad can be cool but dangerous

    thats how my parents are ;-;

  10. BRUH Thats like my Jamaican parents! like i got a 110 on my test and the highest was 125 and they started sayin thats not a perfect score. Totally relatable!

  11. I remember in 2 years ago I had high fever and when I said that to my dad he said to me that it's nothing and send me to school but when I reached to the school my fever got worst and my teachers were asking me why did my parents send me to school and I had to get bed rest for 2 days

  12. Yup same with my parents they were pretty strict except they are mexicans. My dad shows a weird way of parenting, mom is pretty much a borderline parent. My mom is pretty serious once it comes to my grades, school, and dressing up in public(although it was just a jacket, graphic tee and dark blue jeans).

  13. Мне жалко что я всё-таки не понимаю Дэн но продолжаю смотреть Потому что мне нравится её видео

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