Strange Deaths in History (20th Century)

Strange Deaths in History (20th Century)

Strange deaths in history the 20th century History has shown some strange deaths. Let’s look at some of the most unfortunate and bizarre deaths from the 20th century Window pane pain 1993 Garry hoy was a 38 year old lawyer would like to perform a stunt showing how strong and safe the window panes were by throwing Himself against them. He did this demonstration frequently and bounced harmlessly back every time on July 9th 1993 on the 24th floor of the Toronto Dominion Center Hoyer was proving to a group of law students How unbreakable the glass windows were He barged into the windows as usual and bounced back Then charged at them a second time the window didn’t shatter when a popped off the frame and hoyp lunged 300 feet to his death. He was described by the legal firm as one of the best and brightest Death by cactus 1982 In 1982 Friends. David Grundmann and james. Joseph Shukuchi went wandering around like pleasant, Arizona to do some target practice with their shotguns They decided to fire at a small cigar Oh a type of tall cactus blasting it into pieces Needing a bigger challenge run man then targeted a 26 foot tall Sagara shooting it several times in the trunk a Four foot arm of a cactus that was weakened by the blast fell on Grundmann crushing him to death Poison umbrella 1978 a Bulgarian dissident KRG Markov was assassinated by an umbrella during the cold war he had made an enemy of the bulgarian communist regime not only by defecting to the west but also because he Criticized the communist government in his writings in 1978 He was waiting at the bus stop in London where he worked when he felt a pain in his leg He said that he noticed a man picking up an umbrella off the ground who then hurried to a taxi across the road The umbrella had been a specifically designed weapon that shot a ricin filled pellet into the leg of Markov, which poisoned him Markov died a few days later. The assassin was connected to the KGB and the Bulgarian secret police Parachute suit 1912 an Austrian-born tailor named Franz tonight health invented a parachute suit He invented it to save aviators lives if their flying machines were about to crash His silk parachute coat was activated by extending the arms which would deploy the parachute allowing the aviator to glide to safety Tests with dummies a year before had proven inconclusive In 1912. He finally got permission to demonstrate his invention by jumping off the Eiffel Tower himself That I killed went to the first deck of the Eiffel Tower 187 feet above ground wearing the parachute suit in front of a giant crowd He made the jump and the suit failed causing him to fall to his death What death did you find the most strange leave a comment below Subscribe for more history and don’t forget to click the bell button to get a notification of when there is a new episode

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    What death did you find the the most strange leave a comment below!

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  3. My cousin bougth a harry potter thing and pretended to make me disappear but lets just say my eye almost disappeared 👀

  4. The window poped out didn't break and then he fell to his death but u guys never siad that the window shattered when it made contact to the floor

  5. Garry Hoy fell from a high place

    David Grundman was pricked to death

    Georgi Markov was killed by magic

    Franz Reichelt fell from a high place

  6. Stupid deaths stupid deaths, they're funny cuz they're true, stupid deaths stupid deaths, hope next time it's not you

  7. Girlfriend: we have to break up

    Me: "accidentally" jams the tip of a poison umbrella into her leg

    Also me: yeah, that's okay

  8. On the last one it would be pretty fitting if there was death metal playin in the back ground as he fell to his death

  9. I like that the cactus guy didn’t even die from the cactus how people think he would, but from the size of the cactus. And weight.

  10. The first one was the most strange one like why would you bang yourself to the window thats stupid.The second one was dumb why could you just go to the shooting range and practice there.the third one i did not understand.The third one was a geniuse but he died.

    Like if you agree

  11. I appreciate that this says 'strange' and not 'funny.' It's an important distinction, as it respects human dignity more than simply laughing at the misfortune of others.

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