Storks Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kelsey Grammer Animated Movie HD

I love you, brother. It’s like we are best friends that live together. Mom..Dad..I’ve decided I want a baby brother. *Disc scratching sound effect* Dear Storks delivery service. Our son really deserves a baby brother. PS : He has to have ninja skills. Junior, I save this company by getting out
of babies added to package deliveries. Monday it will all be yours. By any
monumental screw-up. Tulip, what is that ? *Baby crying* Cool beans. Storks don’t deliver babies anymore. If
anyone finds out about this I’m dead meat. Baby powder. Homing pigeon powers activate! – Muster the baby.
– No no, just a brief exposure to baby cuteness can ruin your life. Aaaah! Storks Ah.. Ah.. Uh.. Uhu.. EEH…

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