Steven Universe | Steven Watches Crying Breakfast Friends | Cartoon Network

Steven Universe | Steven Watches Crying Breakfast Friends | Cartoon Network

Ooh! Guys, it’s time for
a new episode of “Crying Breakfast Friends”! You guys, I’m so excited
it’s finally back. I even stayed off the Internet
all day ’cause I didn’t want to
get…spoiled. [ Chuckles ]
Because they’re food? I know I used that joke
last week, but, for real, this is
supposed to be a big one. All right, play! ♪ Tears of sorrow,
tears of joy ♪ ♪ There’ll be tears
till the very end ♪ ♪ Food with feelings ♪ ♪ Crying breakfast friends ♪ [ Noisemaker squeals ] [ Balloon squeaks ] Oh, that looks fun. [ Sobbing ] Oh, Pear. What’s wrong, Pear? It’s Spoon! Why are you crying? Oh, Spoon, I invited my friends
over for a breakfast party [voice breaking]
but nobody came! [ Sobs ] Aw. Oh, but —
but that’s why we’re here. -Huh?
[ Sproing! ] We came for your party. I’m sorry we were late. Please forgive us. I forgive you. Yay! Yes! Conflict resolved! Sweet catharsis! I didn’t think I’d be crying
this early into the episode. [ All gasping ] Whoa. What’s that? It’s a fridge? Is it more food? French toast? Aah! [ Pants ] Oh, my gosh. Is this… Breakfast time…
is over. I think
I know what this is. Clear the table. Yeah. Get a box to go. There’s only room for one meal
at a time, and that’s us — Together:
The angry lunch enemies! It’s lunch!
I knew it! Theory confirmed! Stop cryin’! -Hey.
-Wait. Maybe therecanbe two meals
at the same time. Want to try it? [ Grumbles ] Okay.
But I’m angry about it. What? Fried egg. No. Avocado. Bacon strips. Yes! Please! [ Gasps ] Brunch!
They’re brunch! Ahh! Huh? It’s over? Wow. I can’t wait
for the next episode — whenever that is.
Am I right? Okay, friends,
see you next time.

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  1. And all this time this was a diamond foreshadowing clip… Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Lol its fun to watch steven reactions, not just us reacting to him, but him reacting to his cartoon is so cool to watch lol

  3. Steven: "I can't wait for the next episode, whenever that is. Am I right?"

  4. 🎶🎤tears of sorrow 🎼🎵tears of joy🎼🎤the'll be tears to the very end🎵🎶food with feelings🎤🎵CRYING BREAKFAST FRIENDS🎵🎼🎤🎶

  5. Crying Breakfast Friends is too preachy and emotional, and has way to many filler episodes before it gets good. I’d rather watch Duck-tective with its subtle adult humor and mystery thriller edge, or the Ember Island Players with their complex story and sweet fighting effects

  6. Could crying breakfast friends be representative of the conflict between the diamonds pre-change your mind?

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