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  1. Please don’t overload yourself with work. Your content is amazing but around 7:10 you said about not have time outside of the office. So slow down and enjoy life and spend more time doing other things like spending time with your family. 😉

  2. MORE BIG BAD BOSSES HELL YES HELL YES HELL YES HELLLLLLL YES! Also I'm so happy Egg Man is one of my favorite songs from the CD. I bought the physical copy with the poster and pin and I don't regret it one bit. 🙂

  3. Play the games you love, nothing better then seeing a down to earth YouTuber playing games they love, makes for way better & more enjoyable content

  4. Glad that you changed it to your true glorious name. All hail the Completion, glad you officially changed it and gave yourself your true title, cause you are the TRUE COMPLETIONIST. And Glad you did the twitch streams of the classic games.

  5. A bit off topic, but you've got me wondering now: have you actually seen Steven Universe yourself or was that just for a name recognition example?

  6. I was curious, and im not saying you should play/complete these suggestions, but would you consider playing Doki Doki Literature club and Duck Season?

  7. Yo Jirard! I've been here since very early on in your Youtube carreer, and I have watched every single review you've put out, and nothing is going to stop me from keeping doing that! Keep up the good work my brother!

  8. Big Bad Bosses 2! How the heck do you find time for all this stuff? Do you sleep? Please don't drain yourself, enjoy life!

  9. Seems like a loaded weekly schedule. Don't burn yourself out! Sometimes I wish you could work at a more leisurely pace, like PBG and Spacehamster, but I understand the type of content is different. But I do worry for you sometimes.

  10. On an alternate channel (where I don't do YTP) I have I have a similar situation. I did a Five Nights video and now it feels like I will never escape it; it's all my viewers ask for.

    I admire your dedication to not give in to fads. Keep up the good work

  11. “I’m done playing trendy games”
    Jirard these are the words I’ve wanted to hear from you for so long. You are so passionate and you work so hard. Playing games because you want to will shine through to your viewers. I’ll pray for your success.
    Good Luck.

  12. Shadow of the colossus is getting a remaster perhaps do a new game + on that in the future? That would be great. Keep up the great work, youre awesome

  13. Jirard, are you going to do a "Completionist" episode on Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator (AKA:Five Nights at Freddy's 6)?

  14. I am envious of all of the people able to go to that con with both normal boots and hidden block. :'( I hope panels get filmed.

  15. Sad to see that all of the Normalboots people have shunned Jontron. Jerard and Jon where even friends in High School…

  16. Your channel is one of my favorites! I always tune in for the newest episode! There have been numerous changes with your videos over the years and we have all stayed through them. Keep doing what you are doing! We love you Jirard and all who contribute to your channel!!! <3

  17. Yo jirard it was nice meeting you at SOCAL RETRO GAMING EXPO 2018 and i hope to see you and the gaming historian again when i can 🙂

  18. you know, I know the primary blame for all this algorithm BS is Youtube, but I partly blame a lot of Youtube watchers too. Like, I've never seen videos not show up in my subscription page, even if I skip a lot of that channel, which tells me a lot of people watch from the home page where videos are shown based on the algorithm alone. then there are people who never subscribe and just watch whatever is "trendy" which, for me, only works for finding new channels and not so much ones I already know I like.

  19. Hey how do I apply for a job with you guys? I may not be as funny as Alex but I do have a beard…ish. At least I am told its a beard. Anyways I also have tons of vidyagame experience. Let me know!

  20. Jirard, I first would like to say that I love watching every video that you do, even though I have a backlog of videos that I need to catch up on. I really hope that you continue posting no matter the game, I am looking forward to them a lot. I hope many people come on to see them and I will be sure to tell all my psn peeps to come over and watch some on their free time as well. Good luck to you and keep doing what you love!!!!

  21. I haven’t watched tovg in a long time. I’m trying to get back to watching more and balance school. One question I have, why do we is the final level and endings of games, no longer explained.

  22. As much as I'll miss the prevalence of the TOVG name, I can't lie that this change makes a whole lot of sense. The Completionist I think holds a lot more brand awareness than That One Video Gamer.

  23. Thanks for all your awesome work this year! You and your team are so inspiring with everything you do. I do hope this year brings great things

  24. Jesus Jirard, 8 videos a month? Don't get me wrong, I love you guys and all of your content, but don't feel the need to overwork yourself!

  25. its really sad that such an amazing and devoted content creator can get screwed over so much by youtube and its systems

  26. I love that Persona 5 theme music being played in the video. I'm in love 😀 Let's hope the channel continues to do really well 😀

  27. I've always seen your videos suggested by YouTube for me but only recently watched a few. I enjoy them a lot and despite new game plus coming from a bad thing, I will be enjoying all the episodes as they will be new to me.

  28. It's great for ya, but I guess we love different things. I can't make myself watch your stuff just as much as I can't make you make content of stuff. The whole "fans are the boss" thing is kinda sad but when it comes down to it, I'm just a regular old fan. I still get hurt to hear that you hate your content that I loved and with that, I bid you adieu.

  29. No matter what path this channel goes on and whatever games you play I will continue to watch until your final video!!!

  30. I don't know how pointless this question is for you, Jirard, since I'll admit I've only seen a few of your episodes, but what are your thoughts on strategy games?

  31. I feel like you're trying to make your YOUTUBE channel too grand.
    You've got minute long intros and stuff like that, lots of different segments among other things.
    It ruins the once humble vibe of your channel.

  32. found this channel from your guest spot on kinda funny and has been one of my favorite channels. keep up the good work

  33. So this is kinda awkward, I was watching this channel at around 2015 and I was loving it, I loved the reviews, I loved the interactions with 'G', but then that happenned and I was just not as invested. I wanted the comedy you both granted us, but as allways laughs are made by the suffering of someone. 3 Years later here I am, and watching only a video (prior to this one) made me realize that indeed you're the reason I kept watching. Feel my love Jirard.

  34. That is a crazy video schedule you have planned for this year. You're by far the hardest working YouTuber, both by nature of your channel but also by your video output. Much respect for taking a stand on those trendy games and click bait videos. I'd like to think that The Completionist brand carries enough recognition that you don't need to do stuff like that, but I can only speak for myself. I'll continue to watch anything you put out.

    Just remember to take care of yourself!! I want to be watching Completionist videos for years to come and you can't make them if you're dead.

    Thanks for doing what you do. You're an awesome guy and an inspiration to completionists everywhere.

  35. Last surprise in the background LETS DO THIS
    'half life 2 on friday'
    On another point, you have my support! While I haven't been since the start I have rewatched pretty much all the completionist videos available to me. Good luck in the coming year and with what is to come!

  36. I just found your channel recently and have completely fallen in love, just came across this video specifically after clicking on the 'The Future of The Completionist" video and getting a quick rundown of what I'm assuming was a crazy time.

    Just wanted to give out some love for what you do and let you know it's been amazingly entertaining and just what I needed over the past few days!

  37. Are the New Plus Episodes in the same order as the originals
    Jesus Jirad you are Throwing yourself into your work if I was to redo the episodes I wouldn't know where to begin
    I wish you the best of luck I have just subbed

  38. This video single handedly made Jirard one of my favorite content creators on this platform. His passion and dedication and purity in doing so is incredible.

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