Start Animating Now with Less than a $100

Start Animating Now with Less than a $100

– [Voiceover] This week
I have challenge for you. Two excuses that a lot of people have when thinking about
getting into animation is, “I don’t know where to start” or, “I can’t afford the right equipment”. In this video, I’m gonna show you how you can start animating
right now like a pro with less than 100$. So, for 3D animation your
options are kinda limited, since most 3D programs are very expensive. But there is one great
program called Blender, which is free to use, free to download and that way you can spend the
rest of the 100$ on training. You can try or digital-tutors, or even our own Blender animation course on Now for 2D animation, you have
two great options from Adobe. Flash and Photoshop. They both cost 19$ a month
and you can get a free trial. That gives you two months
of animation for 19$. Both of these programs will
work on most recent computers, so you can use the one you already own. Flash is probably the most
popular 2D animation software out there, especially for youtube. And it’s pretty easy to learn. Photoshop is often skipped on considering an animation software but in reality, its powerful drawing capabilities make it one of the best choices for frame by frame Disney style animation. It has onion-skinning and
timeline functionality, it’s pretty robust. Now for the hardware for 2D animation, you’ll probably want to
use a drawing tablet. Now, I know what you’re thinking. These Wacom tablets are super expensive. They’re like 1,000$. Well, that’s true if you’re talking about the high-end ones. But Wacom has great tablets
at lower prices too. Such as the Wacom Intuous Pen. It’s 79$ and is the
cheapest professional tablet that Wacom makes. It’s a great product for
beginners on a low budget. It allows you to quickly
draw straight to a computer which makes the process extremely quick. Now it’s up to you to
do something about it. You can sit around and tell yourself that you don’t have the right equipment or that you don’t know how to draw but look at the animation
videos on youtube. Many of them have very basic animation and white backgrounds. Anyone can make something interesting if they have a good idea. So, if you decide to
take up this challenge, please let me know about it. Put a link to the video in the comments, tell me about what you’re planning to do or you can even email me
at [email protected] Thanks for watching.

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  1. I do not know if I can become an animator or not because I am in year 3 and I have 8 years old and I dreamed to work in Pixar animation one day just I want you to answer this question .

  2. the drawing tool you described at the end of this video mentioned a writer tablet?? not sure but i am not very good at drawing people or art. What is the tablet mainly used for could you explain a little more? like do i have to draw my own characters. What i am looking to do is tell stories and have it animated with simple characters to get a certain point across. do you have any suggestions? Thank You for your time!

  3. For 2D animation, you should use a 49.99$ Huion tablet and buy a 15$ Animation Studio and then ur set 65$. If you just want to draw get a Manga Studio EX4 Program, you dont have to use it to draw manga or comics tho.

  4. Hello Bloop animation I'm a 10 year old kid that what to do animation.I'v been watching a lot of your videos ,but I didn't understand it.So what can I do or get to start my career

  5. I'm trying to make animation that's live action and 2d animation, it's gonna be a Pokemon short thing I just need to get a lot of paper and get the style right

  6. As for me I've learned that I only learn through human interaction that's why I'm going to a Technical Community College to learn animation so I'm doing the multimedia courses and taking other courses related to that and I want to learn what I want to learn through the classes and some off-the-record tutoring from professors or friends.

  7. And from what I've seen so far I can tell that I don't consider any of the autodesk stuff a real industry standard to me they just bought themselves into the industry because you have better alternatives like Blender that are way better and the only thing I truly consider real industry standard would be the Adobe stuff.

  8. spend 40 dollars on a lightpad, and use a free android app called Motion to take pictures of the frames. Boom, animation ! !

    Or spend all 100 dollars on a non-Wacom tablet that has better specs than anything wacom could throw at you, and use krita which is free 😛

  9. I animate with my tablet with 2 free apps, flipaclip and inshot. It's hard to get the timing right because you need to download the video and pair it with the music with inshot, then try and guess what frames you need to add/delete. It's frustrating but I managed anyways.

  10. I'm retired and want to learn to draw. Is it too late for me? LOL 🙁 I've always been the creative type, doodling and sketching but never seriously. I've bought a couple of tablets and can't wait till they arrive. I've watched hundreds of Youtube videos which make me even more anxious. Advise?

  11. I want to start my own animation studio business and I only know that I have to acquire a business license. Could someone please give me more details.

  12. i might do this challenge im a 14 year old boy who is about to turn 15 and is in highschool and im in a business class and i thought of going in the animating industries i don't got much money but i got some partners that will help and we might be able to get somestuff so i will accept this challenge and hopefully at one point ill post it here

  13. I heard a good art program like Photoshop that allows you to animate is KRITA. I've been interested in using it, and it's free 🙂

  14. I think it's worth mentioning the idea of using more than one program for the same animation. When I finally get a little more free time on my hands, I want to do some small animations to test the idea I had of combining 2D and 3D software.
    The idea I have uses Blender and Paint Shop Pro (it's similar to Photoshop, but I'll be using the vector capabilities rather than raster so think Illustrator).
    I'd make a very basic mannequin-like model in Blender and animate it. This way I won't have to spend so much time making models for different characters, point-weighting, checking for clipping while animating, etc. but I can still view the base in a 3D environment. That might not be the same for everyone, but my mind works better with viewing the 3D environment.
    After rendering those frames, I can draw the actual character over the base on each frame, rather than manually figuring out the pose of the base for each frame. Also, for 2D animation with high frame rates, this would help keep the movement real smooth.
    Putting this out there for anyone who's interested in both methods of animation and might want to try putting them together. 🙂

  15. my drawing is perfect and I'm good with using softwares , am I able to be an animator without needing joining to animation school ?

  16. hey guys I want to start animating in 2D. I have a bit of drawing experience but it's been a long time since I've really sat down and draw again, so I want to do it digitally and then create lil animatics.

    i want to get the Wacom CTL-471 tablet, since it's really cheap. I was just wondering if it's a good tablet for a beginner?

  17. I'm going to start my career on Anime style animation… the animation app for anime is those 2D app?

  18. As a person, I'm very interested in learning all I can on this subject and more and doing so from home considering that a school education does not come cheap and I do not want this to stop me. I want to buy the equipment necessary for me to have a good environment to work at and to make sure I have all the tools necessary for me to exploit my talents and work on my weakness and so am reaching out to you for advice. I don't find myself around a whole lot people who share the same interest or who have a lot of experience so if you could give me some tips on what I could do, the things I could buy and areas I should focus on would really help me project myself into a future where I can actually do this for a living.

  19. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew any good and free 2D animation softwares that would work on a Mac, thx!

  20. Opentoonz is a great, free 2D animation software that once used to be a very expensive professional software. Opentoonz is now free. PAP (Plastic Animation Paper) is another 2D animation software that is now free. Blender also has Grease Pencil, which has amazing 2D animation looks, but in a 3D program. Krita is a great 2D Photoshop like program, and Krita also does 2D animation. Krita is free. All of these programs eliminate the need for an Adobe subscription. That will save even more money, but give you all the software power you'll ever need.

  21. Can you show your animations to film distributors to put it in theater's or is there a better way? I love dreams but money keeps the rest of the world away. Is there anything you can tell me?

  22. i love how it says it costs less than 100 dollars for the 2d half of the video….. it is important to consider that this is probably $100 US and does not translate well to where i live …. Here the sketch pad is 107 dollars (cheapest) and the animation software is just under 25 dollars a month (however you are right about the free trial.). i love the idea of 2D animating for less than 100 dollars but to do it, it would cost more money with the equipment you suggested. on a side note i love the video though… maybe i will give it a try when i can get this money together.

  23. You should check out blenders 2d features. Using grease pencil is amazing for 'tradtional' 2d animation and use the 'coa tools' addon for cut out style animations its rather impressive. Also if your getting adobe dont forget after effects. Also… cg cookie has amazing blender courses…

  24. Just buy a 80 dollar tablet and download Macromedia flash MX 2004 for free LEGALLY, and just start animating. There are great tutorials on Youtube for all that

    For the artist,the video I linked will take you to another video of "YOU DONT NEED A DRAWING TABLET TO MAKE GOOD ART"
    But eh,some of you have it than :/idk

  26. how to animate with $100

    1. buy a wacom intous draw ($100), its cheapier than the others and its great
    2. download macromedia flash mx 2004 (its legally free now)
    3. search some tutorials on youtube

    there you go

  27. yes photoshop is 20 bucks a month but there is a photography bundle on adobe's website and it has photoshop and lightroom for just 10 bucks a month

  28. Well I have bought the best animation books you recommended all 3 and I have blender
    So I'm accepting this challenge

  29. a Wacom tablet will be the best investment that you ever make. It will be come your work horse, myself and my friends still use the first wacom tablet that we bought years ago, and they're still running .

  30. Guys, tell me quick, instead of getting a laptop and drawing tablet, can't I just get a laptop with a touchscreen that can also come off as a tablet?

  31. You didn’t talk about the one thing I needed help with which is finding a free or pay once when buying editing app which works well for animating for YouTube pls help me :))

  32. Why use a tablet without a screen, I'd like to actually see what I'm doing as I draw my characters.

  33. there is a way to change normal tablet into drawing tablet that means we can save 79 $ and there is also way to download adobe products 4 free which also saves our money that means we can animate for free

  34. hi. im from south africa 16 male really want to learn animation since im the "self learn types" . what advice can you give?

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